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"Detective, have you considered my generous offer?"

"I have."

"And your decision?"

"Your on; you clear my name, give me the Carlton family, I'll make sure you can go back to your business without interference." Jane spelled it out.

"I was sure you'd see the obvious benefits to the arrangement, but a smart business woman doesn't trust a verbal agreement alone. You understand I will need to know I can trust you to look after my interests; I'll need some insurance."

Jane was silent.


"What the hell do you want me to do?" Jane snarled.

"A small task; I simply need you to complete the Weis assignment which was so abruptly abandoned."

"And what exactly was the assignment?" Jane asked impatiently.

"Not over the phone Jane, I will send you all you'll need at Dr Isle's residence. This must happen tonight, I've wasted enough time."

"Send it." Jane consented quietly, hanging up the phone.


Jane felt like some kind of cheese ball cat burglar from a pink panther movie; kitted out in her all black clothing; her hair bundled up inside a woollen ski mask. Jane's black leather gloved hands held the flat head screwdriver and began prising apart the edge of the window from the frame.

The Weis family would certainly have a top of the range security system and Jane winced as she anticipated the sounding of an alarm, but it had already been deactivated as Veronica's instructions had assured her.

Jane was usually clumsy; her mother said she would always thump around the house like a grumpy rhino, she didn't move gracefully, she didn't posses the natural grace and finesse of say one Dr Isles, you could always hear Jane coming. But not now; tonight she crept in through the window and across the darkened room taking full command of her long limbs.

Jane couldn't help wonder fleetingly what Maura was doing right now, was she safe? Was she worried? Maura had made Jane promise to call her as soon as she could, only when she had finally accepted that there was no way that Jane was going to allow her anywhere near this place.

"Do you think she'll be expecting a double cross?" Maura had asked nervously.

"I think she'll be prepared for it." Jane said honestly.

"So how far exactly are you willing to take this Jane?" Maura quizzed, twisting her ring around her finger in another nervous gesture.

"As far as I have to." Jane stated as she re-read the instructions again; committing them to memory.

"I suppose I'd be wasting my time if I asked you again; not to do this? To leave it to Korsak and Frost?"

Jane had responded with a dark, determined look and Maura sighed; defeated.

"You'll be careful? You won't take any unnecessary or foolish risks?" Maura asked quietly.

"You worried about me Doc?" Jane teased happily as she took out the weapon that Veronica had provided and studied it; getting used to the feel of it in her hand; should she need to use it later.

"Immensely Jane; a night time breaking and entering in possession of a dangerous weapon can incur a sentence of life imprisonment in the state of Massachusetts." Maura said, breathing erratically.

Jane crossed to Maura, placing her hands firmly on Maura's shoulders to anchor the anxious Doctor.

"I'll be okay, I just need to make this look good, I need to get more evidence; get closer to the truth, I haven't got much time." Jane explained rubbing her hands comfortingly up and down Maura's arms. "Nobody's going to get hurt."

Maura's was taking slow measured breaths now but looked sceptically at Jane.


Jane made her way carefully to the precise room she had been ordered to target and as she slipped inside she immediately came face to face with Mr Weis. Jane recognised him instantly, she had seen him before; watched him from a distance for hours at a time, but had only really been in his company once before at the party here and she had managed to avoid speaking with him then. Now faced with him, he seemed strangely more human; he looked older, more real and vulnerable.

Jane raised the gun in both her hands and pointed it steadily at him as she ordered him to sit. Jane had missed her gun, the way she felt with it at her hip, the power it gave her; the respect it commanded. Tonight this weapon felt foreign; it felt like a bomb that might go off and cause a catastrophe at any moment, it felt all wrong.

"I don't keep money in the house." Weis said quickly, putting his hands slowly into the air in a display of surrender as he moved carefully to the chair Jane had indicated. "I don't have a safe here, it's all kept elsewhere, take my watch; take whatever you want." He said trying to stay calm but the hint of a tremble in his voice gave him away.

Jane took the duct tape from her kit and saw Weis' eyes bulge with fear.

"I'm going to cover your mouth, so you don't shout for help; try to stay calm." Jane's voice was firm and measured and Weis nodded but as she closed in on him so did the panic.

"Please…." He begged.

Jane put a steadying hand on his shoulder. "Everything will be fine if you co-operate." She tried to communicate the sincerity of her words with her eyes, before quickly placing the tape down over his mouth.

Jane placed her hands around his wrists and applied some pressure as she gave him a meaningful look. "I'm going to tie your legs together next, you're going to need your hands free but I swear if you try anything…." Jane gritted her teeth as she spoke; her jaw set hard. "If you fuck this up in any way, I'll shoot you in the left hand first so you can still use the right, understand?"

To illustrate her point Jane held the gun over Weis' left hand barely an inch from the skin, Weis nodded slowly; his eyes burning into Jane. Jane clapped him on the shoulder as she knelt down in front of him and tied his legs together tightly at the ankle.

"Good." She said when she didn't meet any resistance.

Jane crossed to the large oak desk behind them and picked up a laptop which lay open and on standby. The moment Jane touched the keys, the screen lit up obediently and she unplugged the power cable, delivering the machine to Weis' lap. Jane moved behind him to watch the screen closely over his shoulder.

"Open your email." She ordered and watched as he obeyed.

There were several new messages in his inbox but the three at the top of the list were the ones Jane had expected to see there; all three from different public servers, sender listed as unknown.

"Open em up, print the attachments." Jane said gruffly. "Then you need to compose a new message to all shareholders and senior staff informing them of the new arrangements. Copy this. Jane said placing an unfolded and creased sheet of paper in front of him on the keyboard. Jane just wanted this over with, she wanted out of here with evidence; something she could take to the police.

The printer began to whir as it spat out sheet after sheet of Veronica's contracts. As they printed Jane read sections of them over Weis' shoulder. They looked like legitimate contracts for deals with three separate companies, although Jane figured they all led back to Veronica. Weis was signing over almost all of is business to the power hungry bitch.

Jane was so busy devouring the information on the screen that it took her a second longer than it should have to register the other body entering the room. A figure dressed in an outfit almost identical to Jane's.

Both Jane and the figure held their guns aloft in the same moment ; they stood pointing them each at the other, Weis placed between them in his chair had gripped the arms of his seat and leant as far back into it as he could.

"Who the hell are you?" Jane growled. This had not been a part of the plan Veronica had given her and the last thing she needed were complications.

"She sent me." The figure said and Jane noticed with some surprise that the voice was female and also that there was something vaguely familiar about it.

It seemed the voice was familiar to Weis also as a muffled gasp escaped from him the instant he heard it. Jane's eyes narrowed suspiciously but she continued to hold her gun in place. It had occurred to her that Veronica would send back up, someone to make sure she did the job, someone to take care of things if she didn't. It was a large part of the reason she had decided to come tonight in the first place although she hadn't mentioned that to Maura.

"Really?" Jane posed the question to buy her some time and prompt her new accomplice to speak again.

The other woman nodded. "To make sure this got done." She mumbled.

Jane believed this much, but she didn't understand why this woman had shown herself now or why she seemed to be sending nervous glances back and forth between Jane and her prisoner, Jane's gut was telling her there was something more going on here.

"Get the papers." Jane instructed, trying to assert her control of the situation, she noted the way the woman hesitated and then barely took her eyes from Weis even more than Jane as she collected the print outs and brought them back to Jane.

Jane passed Weis a pen for him to sign the papers with and watched as he shakily complied, he took a long moment to look across at the other woman in the room as he did so. Jane decided to test a theory.

"So Becky, which one of us is going to blow his brains out?" She asked casually.

Weis' body jerked and he held up his hands, waving his open palms at Becky, his fingers splayed and head shaking urgently, he tried to speak but his words were useless; lost against the tape.

Becky had given a start too and had directed her gun at Jane again; standing firm. "That wasn't part of the plan." She said; now in a clear voice.

Jane smiled beneath the ski mask; she took up her gun and casually waved it in Weis' direction. "You have a problem with me finishing this?" Jane asked.

"Drop it!" a yell came from the window and Jane turned in time to see her brother who had just shattered the glass with a rock and who now pointed his weapon through the jagged whole he had made.

"Frankie!? What the fuck?" Jane cursed.

Frankie had his gun trained on Jane, Jane's gun was levelled at Weis and Becky shifted her aim from Jane to Frankie and back again. For a moment each of them looked nervously around the room and then Jane decided it was about time she ended the stand off.

Jane held her gun up high to show she was giving it up and then dropped to the floor, placing it by her feet.

"Frankie, stay out of this it's not whatever you think it is." Jane warned pulling off the ski mask and unveiling herself. She blew out a breath back into her face against the heat.

"Becky." Jane said holding her hands up honestly. "You didn't come back here to ruin Weis; did you? You came to protect him." Jane put all her faith in this hunch and put her own and Frankie's life in the hands of this woman that she didn't know but wanted to trust.

Becky stood trembling, looking frantically at Jane and Weis before slowly lowering her gun, Frankie dropping his own in response.

"We all want the same thing." Jane explained. "We can do this together, we can take down Veronica." Jane moved closer to Becky. "Can I count on you?" She asked looking Becky in the eye.

Becky removed her own mask and nodded silently before looking past Jane to Weis who was transfixed by the women.

"Okay." Jane said with a nod and a brush of Becky's arm with her hand, she turned to her brother. "Frankie, you idiot, call Korsak and Frost; tell them we're coming in." Jane yelled given him a wry smile.

Frankie looked bewildered, but shrugged and did as she asked.


Becky gave them everything they needed to take down Veronica. Jane had to give it to Miss Hastings; her empire spread to the upper echelons of money and business not only in Boston but across the state and then some and included not only chief executives but also congressman and women. Veronica would be facing charges of fraud, economic espionage and blackmail, and wouldn't be making it to her high profile wedding.

Becky assured Detectives that whatever Veronica was; she hadn't killed her sister. Becky had never seen Veronica kill anyone, she had other people do it for her if necessary. However Becky had been with Veronica when she had heard of Debbie's death, Veronica had received a phone call and she was shaken; even upset for a brief moment. Becky had known Debbie for years and Debbie had spoken to Becky a couple of days before her death to say that she was sure that someone at work was on to her. Debbie was breaking into networks and computer systems and stealing information for her sister and she confessed that she was scared that her life was in danger. Becky was sure that someone from E-Co Enterprises had killed her friend.

Korsak was following up the information on Debbie and was sure they would be able to track down the killer now that Frost had managed to get into Debbie's work computer and was re-tracing her tracks.

Jane had given Frankie a stern talking to when she had finally managed to explain everything to him; he looked no clearer on what had happened following her lengthy explanation and she shook her head before punching him playfully in the arm.

"What were you doing showing up like that, you could have been hurt." Jane admonished.

"I've been following you since you went to see the Carlton's; I have some Detective skills of my own you know." He said defensively. "I'm not a kid anymore Jane."

Jane studied him for the first time in a while and saw the truth of his protest.

"Thanks for having my back little brother." Jane conceded.

"Always Jane. I really thought you were going to do something stupid, I just wanted to stop you."

"Gee thanks… I think. Look, you don't have to worry about me anymore Frankie, I'm not looking for trouble, I swear to you." Jane said seriously.

Frankie nodded. 'I know it." He shrugged; looking at the floor, before Jane finally pulled him in for a hug.


Maura was sat at her desk her head bent; hair falling over her shoulder as she studied a lab report. Maura had come into work when Jane had called her to let her know she was okay, but she had kept out of the Detectives way since her arrival. Maura had always striven to keep work and her personal life completely separate but that had become increasingly difficult since Jane Rizzoli had come into her life.

Jane watched Maura from the open doorway. "Isn't it a little late to be working Dr Isles?"

Maura's head snapped up and she smiled at the sight of Jane. "I confess; I wanted to see for myself that you were safe." Maura reasoned.

Jane spread her arms wide as she swaggered into the room; presenting herself to Maura. "I'm fine; see?"

Maura came around the desk and leant back against it when Jane met her there. "Mmmmm you really are." Maura agreed as she placed her hands on either side of Jane's waist; feeling she needed some physical contact as confirmation.

"Frankie told me they arrested Veronica Hastings and that Becky is going to testify against her."

"In exchange for her own immunity, of course." Jane smiled crookedly.

"You did good work today Jane." Maura complemented.

Jane's smile was sincere. "Thank you." She said wrapping her arms around Maura's waist and pulling her off the desk and in toward Jane's body.

"And you really think the Carlton family will leave you alone from now on?" Maura asked.

Jane frowned. "We still have some unfinished business; but I'm sure you'll be safe." Jane said casually; considering the only thing that really mattered.

"I shan't need your protection any longer?" Maura enquired.

"No." Jane confirmed trying not to sound overly regretful and unconsciously holding Maura slightly more tightly against her.

"So if you come home with me tonight; it will be because you want to be there?" Maura put a hand up to cup Jane's jaw as she spoke and delivered a lingering kiss. "If you stay; it will be because you want me?" Maura issued the challenge.

Jane responded by pushing Maura back against the desk so she was slightly off balance and supporting her with the thigh she slipped smoothly between both of Maura's. Jane's kiss began crushing and heated but became slower and more deliberate, as she dropped soft kisses across the skin of Maura's neck.

"Isn't it obvious that I want you Doc?" Jane whispered into her ear.

Maura pushed Jane back; just an inch and caught her breath.

"Obvious is just a word that refers to an individuals personal perceptions and mine may be vastly different to yours." Maura said seriously.

Jane flashed a crooked smile as she ran her fingertips up the inside of Maura's thinly covered thigh; all the way until she reached the hot centre and then pushed her palm firmly against it, bringing her hand away slowly; to join with her other hand in pushing Maura panty hose down her hips and thighs; just enough so that she could return her hand to it's goal, this time meeting the damp material of Maura's panties. Jane slid one finger gently under the edge of the material and dragged it along the soft welcoming woman she found waiting. Maura gasped and arched her back, gripping onto the table behind her and pushing herself forward and down against Jane.

"Some things are just obvious Dr Isles." Jane stated in a ragged voice, trying to keep her cool even as she saw Maura loosing hers. Jane withdrew her hand and stood back.

"Shall we go?" Jane asked cheerily, placing her hands firmly into her pockets.

Maura looked desperate; but fought to regain some semblance of composure as she straightened up her clothes and hair and quickly followed Jane out of the office.

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