I got a prompt for a correct guess on Isolation Is Only In The Mind, and have been very bad in actually getting around to writing it. So here we are. Prompt is at the bottom, for any perceived spoilers you may see.

For D.H. Spy :)

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A series of extracts from Kurt E. Hummel's appointments diary:

25 August, 2012 – New York City!

1 January, 2013 – First (and definitely not last) New Year's in Times Square.

12 February, 2013 – Blaine's 18th. Flying back to surprise him.

2 June, 2013 – Blaine's graduation. Driving back – two tickets there cost too much to fly back too. Gas prices are going down anyway.

14 June, 2013 – Blaine in New York! Finally.

21 July, 2013 – Day for ourselves. Absolutely nothing planned.

21 July, 2013 was a remarkably hot day for late July in New York. Blaine, still addicted as ever to coffee, had insisted on dragging Kurt around a five mile perimeter of their apartment and making a catalogue of coffee shops with ratings and personal opinions from both of them.

Kurt still hadn't finished making fun of him. But Blaine, good humoured as always, just took it silently, smiling fondly at Kurt all throughout his mocking and carrying on with his catalogue. It was going into their eighth shop – not that Kurt was counting or anything – that a surprisingly familiar face stepped out.

"Sebastian?" Blaine asked, the shock completely apparent in his voice.

"Isn't this a surprise? The great Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel… You know, I got a great many aggressive texts that November… mainly from two charming ladies called Mercedes and Snix, but there it is. Still together, then?"

Blaine nodded, the surprised expression quickly morphing into a grin. "We are. What about you? Any guy, or are you still gallivanting?"

"I did not gallivant. But yes, there is a guy. Engaged, actually."

"That was quick," Kurt couldn't resist from saying, with a slight snip in his tone.

"Well, you know. Life's short, and all that." Sebastian glanced down at his watch. "Better be going. It was nice seeing you both, out of Lima and all that. Nicer to see Blaine than Kurt."

"Sebastian…" Blaine warned, his hand darting out to catch Kurt's wrist and restrain him if necessary.

"I'm joking. Mostly, But I really do have to go. See you around, maybe? Send me a text, number's the same, give me your address. I might just invite you two to the wedding. Bye!" Sebastian turned around and sped in the vague direction of Broadway.

"He was nicer," Blaine said after a minute of stunned silence, turning to look at Kurt. Kurt just nodded numbly. "Coffee?"


An extract from Kurt E. Hummel's appointments diary:

23 July 2013 – Go visit SS & fiancé Luke at their flat. SS seemed nice before when we bumped into him? Could be a trap. Maybe he's been possessed.

A/N: Short drabble is short. But I am rather proud of that last line.

Prompt: Could it be a future fic? So, like, Kurt and Blaine are in New York, together ('together' said like Kurt in The First Time. :) ) and then they run into Sebastian, and Sebastian's all nice and happy and actually in a relationship and then they talk and maybe make plans to catch up or something. Is that ok? Sebastian is one of my favourite characters and I'm glad he's nice now and yeah.

I did fill everything, didn't I? He's a little less nice & happy than maybe you anticipated, but I refuse to believe that Sebastian was putting on the vindictive act. There's light and dark to everyone. :)

Imogen xx