Bunheads Jordan/Sasha


Set on episode 1x08.

Sasha decides to talk to Jordan about his family matters.


He felt a small hand close around his shoulder.

"Sasha?" He slowly shifted and saw her face staring down at him.

She sat next to him and hugged her knees. Her hand was now off his shoulder but he could still feel her fingers lingering there.

"How'd you find me?"

His voice came out small, almost a whisper.

"It's a small town, it's hard to avoid people that way."

She wouldn't look at him yet and her gaze veered off to the left, "How's your father?"

Jordan didn't look up, he cleared his throat, "He's doing better. I think the stroke affected my mom more than it did my dad."

They shared a long, comfortable silence.

"When are you coming back?"

"Back where?"

"Back to dance."

She was staring at him now. He saw an expression he couldn't name on her usually blank face. It was a mask he never saw her wear.

"Well, do I get a warm welcome back?"

Sasha smiled at him, it was something he felt honoured to see. She took his hands and held on to them tight. It was the first time they touched without having dance to help them.

"Of course you will. People miss you."

"Oh yeah?" Jordan played with her fingers, "Like who?"

"Like Madame Fanny. She had to cast Carl with Boo, you know?"

"I heard."

Jordan looked at her as she murmured something lower than a whisper.

"And I miss you."

It wasn't loud but he couldn't miss it.

Sasha stared at him for a few more seconds until her face formed to her default expression, blank eyes with a distasteful frown. She slowly pulled her hands back to herself and looked down.

"Just come back okay?"

Jordan didn't have to respond for Sasha to have her answer. She slowly got up and walked off without giving him another look back.

Jordan laughed to himself as he watched Sasha play off the conversation, sashaying to her car and driving away.

He was happy.

He had just seen Sasha Torres smile.