"Aim for the Ceiling and You Hit the Floor"

"I am so stupid."

"Hey. Don't say that."

Melanie sighed as she knelt down beside her friend.

Ginny was crying. Sobbing into her small hands, her fingers coated in her tears. She slowly raised her head. Her usually bright eyes were dark and shadowed. Melanie's heart broke at the sight of her.

"Charlie's an idiot, you know that Ginny."

Melanie stroked Ginny's hair, gently caressing her cheek every so often. Ginny sniffed.

"I don't know what I did wrong."

Ginny looked her friend straight in the eye, "Am I that much of a moron?"

Melanie scrunched her eyebrows, "You are not a moron. Charlie's the moron," she paused trying to make her friend smile, "if I only could, I would shank Charlie in the head."

Melanie saw Ginny grin and she felt her heart pick up slowly. She touched Ginny's hand with her fingers.

"Ginny?" she whispered. Melanie never took her eyes off her.

"Yeah?" Ginny said, murmuring.

"I have to say something important."

Ginny smiled, she wiped the last tear that streamed from her face.

"What is it?" she turned to face the taller girl.

Melanie swallowed, arranging the thoughts in her mind. She was slightly confused, but oddly assured.

She had it all added up in her mind.

Ginny, I love you.

I love you, Ginny.

I'm a freaking lesbian and I want you.

Just say something, Melanie. You're such a freak.


"Wh-What? What?"

"You said you had something important to tell me." Ginny snapped her fingers across Melanie's face, "Are you okay?"

"Oh I'm fine. I just - I was just going to say that . . . that uhh . . . " Melanie's eyes raced across the room and tried to find something else to say.

I love you.

Just say it.

"That I love the floors. The floors are nice. Yes! The floors. They look nicer don't they? Smoother!"

Smoother than you.

Melanie scrunched her nose at the thought. Why couldn't she just let it out? What was she so afraid of?

People making fun of her?

She could care less about them.

Not being sure of herself?

No, she was sure of this since the moment she and Ginny became inseparable.



That's probably it.

"Hey, you zoned out again."

Melanie gave herself a silent face palm and faked a smile. She saw Ginny check her phone. Her smile faded.

"I've gotta go." the blonde picked her bag from the ground beside her. She rose up and stretched out a hand.

Melanie gingerly took it and steadied herself as she got up. She almost forgot to let go.

She just loved touching her hand.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Hopefully, Charlie wouldn't be there."

"I'll try to get him to pick us up without actually being there."

The shorter girl laughed. She hugged her friend and waved goodbye.

Right before she walked too far away to hear, Ginny looked back at her friend and paused. "I love the floors, too."

Then she walked out of the room.