This is a crack fic that I thought of... While thinking about the bee movie...

Disclaimer: I do not own pooh, if I did it would probably involve pooh getting hurt...

WARNING: NOT for pooh lovers

One day

Pooh got shot

And fell to the ground

With a grunt

He passed out

And his honey

Was stolen

By bees

Who wanted their honey back

And they got it

And poor pooh woke up the next day

Without any honey

He was very sad

He cried all day

Then got punched by tigger

Tigger told him he was acting like a girl

Pooh fainted in shock

Tigger shrugged bouncing away

With Pooh's last honey jar

That the bees forgot to take

Soon Pooh woke up

To pee

And then he stormed out of his house

To get his honey back

Once he got to the bee hive

He grabbed a huge stick

He cried

And whacked the hive

Yelling "FOR NARNIA!"

The bees grew furious

They all flew out of the hive

And pointed the stingers at Pooh

And ate Pooh

Yelling "die mutha fucka!"

And a few other things that shouldn't be heard

I wrote this through fb messaging so thats why its like this. So yeah... If I get enough reviews I might make more... My friend aishachase97 came up with a few things in the fic. Please review for Pooh! Or Tigger!