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Chapter One

It Begins Again

Eric could see and feel the tension radiating from his youngest child as she paced aimlessly in their private chamber overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Eric sighed as he watched Kara processing whatever visions were being shown to her as she wore a path in the hand knotted Persian rug. By now he knew better than to interfere when she was in the midst of a vision so he didn't move a muscle other than those in his eyes as he followed her movements back and forth before the floor to ceiling glass windows. He knew that when she was ready she would seek his council.

He studied her face closely waiting for her pupils to return to normal and focus back on the present. Eric could not help but reflect back over the decades at how far his youngest child had come. The control she now had over her visions was astounding. The handmaidens that had been loyal to the old A.P. that continued on with Kara had commented that even Py had not held so much control over her visions and body until she was centuries older. The handmaidens all appeared to not just respect Kara because of her gift but genuinely liked her as well. While Eric radiated power that caused people to shrink away from him, Kara radiated peace and calmness which drew people to her. There was no doubt that her handmaidens were fully devoted to her.

Eric became aware of footsteps approaching and he quietly rose from his seat at the edge of the bed and opened the door slowly as to not disturb Kara. Eric could feel through his bond that it was Godric coming to check in on them.

Eric slowly and carefully turned the door knob to minimize the noise and met Godric in the hallway. He put his finger to his lips to alert Godric to not disturb Kara and the two vampires walked silently down the whitewashed stucco corridor.

When they were a considerable distance from the bed chamber Godric finally spoke in hushed tones. "Is everything alright Eric? Kara is usually in her office by now and the handmaidens are becoming concerned".

"Just the handmaidens?" Eric countered with a smirk.

"Obviously I am concerned as well child" Godric said more forcefully.

Eric bowed his head in deference before answering. "The moment Kara rose she had a vision. She began pacing shortly there after and has been in the thralls of visions ever since".

"Did she tell you what she saw upon waking?"

"She hasn't said a word".

"Do we need to intervene to pull her out of the vision?" Godric asked, the concern evident in his voice.

"She is calm and relaxed through our bond Father otherwise I would have helped her immediately" Eric replied. "We just need to wait this one out".

Godric nodded but continued to appear uneasy.

"Tell her handmaidens that all is well and we will join you as soon as Kara is ready" Eric said. "Do not worry, she is fine".

"Very well my child. Go back and be with her and I will relay the message".

Eric watched Godric turn and soundlessly disappear done the long hallway. He slowly made his way back to their room and once again carefully turned the knob to avoid any startling noises.

Eric tentatively opened the heavy, arched wood door and entered the large room. "Kara?" Eric called as she was no longer pacing by the window.

Kara emerged from the adjoining bathroom fully dressed in a flowing, white, knee length sundress. As she walked towards Eric she reached up to put her long her in a messy bun. "We need to return to the States immediately. There is a problem that requires our direct intervention".

Eric's eyebrows shot up to his hair line as he waited for her to elaborate further.

"Come, I will fill you all in at once. We do not have a moment to waste" Kara ordered as she grabbed Eric's hand and moved to leave the bedroom.

Eric tensed his shoulders but followed his petite child silently back through the corridor, up a flight of stairs via the back spiral staircase and into the large receiving room where Kara received visitors.

"Summon Godric, Pam and all the handmaidens" she requested of one of the tall male guards the moment she entered the room.

Historically the island had only been inhabited by women because the old A.P. had insisted that only females attend to her but that all had changed when the baton had passed to Kara as Eric and Godric were immediately brought to the island. Kara did not believe in the old traditions of forced celibacy of the handmaidens and gave her attendants much more freedom. Many had continued to keep their vows insisting that it had been their choice but others welcomed the change. As a result, Kara did not hesitate in hiring men if they were best suited for the job. In this case, two Britlingen males were by far the best guards that money could buy. Eric himself was relieved that the Britlingens were on hand around the clock. There could be no better daytime protection.

Kara sat wordlessly in her over stuffed, cream colored winged back chair that was positioned so she could preside over the room but still have a view of the sea. Eric sat to her right with his back to the window and waited impatiently as the room began to fill with those that had been summoned.

Eric actively struggled to maintain his composure as he knew that whatever they were about to face would be a monumental challenge.

"We are all assembled" Kara announced as the room immediately went silent. She rose gracefully from her seat and hesitated slightly as she chose her words carefully.

"There is trouble brewing once again in America" she began slowly. "I have been shown multiple outcomes but it is clear that we must intervene to avoid a supernatural war".

Eric heard a sharp intake of unnecessary breath from somewhere in the room which drew his attention momentarily away from his child. He turned back quickly to Kara as he studied her face carefully. He did not see any signs of stress other than a slight tensing of the muscles in her shoulders. That was enough for him to know that this was a serious threat.

"I am sure that all of you recall the chaos that was unleashed when the demon posing as Lilith obliterated the American vampire authority back in 2012. It was a miracle that war had been able to be avoided".

Kara glanced at Eric and gave him a grateful nod as he had been instrumental in sending the demon back to the underworld along with Godric who she sought out next.

Eric followed Kara's gaze and met Godric's eyes. Godric was standing near Pam with rigid attention. Eric could tell that Godric was already trying to formulate a plan even without having all the information.

"It is unclear to me if it is the same demon that has returned or something even more sinister".

Eric felt an unfamiliar prickling of fear as he could not fathom something worse than the Lilith demon. He could recall with great accuracy the moment that he watched one of the last remaining chancellors drink the vial of what he had convinced himself was the true blood of Lilith. He could remember the vampire expelling blood in great volumes and then finally exploding into goo. Then the horror of the blood reforming, the man being reborn as the demon's actual child. The original maker's bond permanently destroyed. It was something out of a science fiction horror movie and that night still haunted Eric.

It was only by the grace of the true god that they had been able to return the demon spirit to its rightful plain in hell. That and that Godric had understood what it meant to straddle both plains of existence. It had been Godric that had been able to leave this realm long enough to send the demon back and close off its access. It was still unclear to Eric exactly how Godric had been able to manage that feat. More importantly, Eric wasn't entirely sure that Godric would know how to repeat his actions for a second time.

The cost to them both had been great and both had barely survived.

"I do believe that we have some time to prepare however the new Authority has already been compromised".

Eric's attention had come back to the present the moment Kara had become speaking again as the questions whirled in his mind. He waited for Kara to continue but she did not.

"Compromised in what way?" Eric asked.

"Once again there is chancellor who believes in the literal interpretation of the Book. He does not believe in the peaceful existence between vampire and other races. He wants to finish what the demon had planned on starting and he has been biding his time over the decades".

"Why didn't you see him before?" Pam asked.

"As you know Pam the visions come to me in their own time" Kara answered patiently having had the discussion with her sister on countless occasions over the years. It was inconvenient that visions did not occur when they would be most easy to deal with but it was not up to Kara to challenge her gift. They were lucky to be given any warning at all.

"Can we just take out this chancellor and be done with it then?" Pam asked.

"Unfortunately the outcome I see does not change with the elimination of that one chancellor. The demon has much strength and will just find another pawn to manipulate and I cannot be sure that I will be shown who that will be. I would rather face an enemy I know".

Eric nodded agreeing with his progeny whole heartedly. They were better off knowing which of the Authority members could not be trusted.

"What do you suggest we do first?" Godric asked.

"We need to contact Nora. She had a hand in the appointment of a many of the new chancellors and I believe she will be able to guide us".

"Guide us in what way your grace?" one of the handmaidens asked reverently.

"I do not want to trust my visions alone. We need Nora as our spy in the Authority".

Eric looked at his watch. "The sun has not yet set in New Orleans".

Kara nodded. "Leave us please" Kara asked as she rose. The handmaidens and the guards exited immediately. The handmaidens to go about their duties and the guards to stand outside the heavy doors. Godric, Pam and Eric knew that they were the "us" that Kara had referred to and stood silently as everyone else filed out of the room.

The foursome moved to a set of large overstuffed pillows on the floor and all sat at once in a small circle facing each other. Eric was on Kara's right, Godric to her left and Pam directly across.

"I would like us all to be together when the call is placed to Nora" Kara began. "I do not want to say much over the phone however and would like permission to see her in person, this night if possible". Kara looked at Godric who nodded instantly as it was his power of teleportation that would facilitate the in person meeting.

"Nora has been loyal over the years and I trust that she will guide us well on whom on the council we will be able to trust. She also needs to be made aware of the threat. When violence had broken out in New Orleans after the Lilith demon took on her new form it greatly impacted her queendom. She is sure not to want to see anything like that ever again.".

"Nora will help us" Godric said with certainty.

"What did you see exactly?" Eric asked Kara.

Kara frowned slightly before answering. "It was not as clear of a vision as usual Eric. I saw a demon covered in blood as the Lilith imposter did and I saw humans at war with the entire supernatural community".

"Did you attempt to evoke more?" Godric asked softly but already knowing the answer.

"I did but I could not see anything else at this time. I just saw the same vision over and over again".

"How do you know that we need to involve the Authority then?" Pam chimed in.

"The demon took the form of Chancellor Jessica".