The Private Road

Michelle and the Private Road Guy as soon as I saw them together, I thought he would be a perfect Hubble replacement, or at least filler. Sadly, he has yet to return.

Michelle didn't know where she was.

She didn't know anything at all actually.

The only thing she did know was that she was crying, and her tears served as a constant reminder. She felt her heart beat thump faster and faster. Her breathing was in the form of sobs, running herself short.

Then she couldn't take it anymore.

She collapsed, falling on the ground without stopping herself. She felt the cold, hard concrete slap her cheek. She sighed and watched her breathe escape her lips, blowing into the cold, evening air.

"Are you alright?"

Michelle didn't bother to look up, "I'm pregnant, lost and have no where else to go but lay here and cry. You judge me on the emotional chart based on that."

"I would rate you as a 2."

"Whoop-dee-doo I still managed to look alive."

"Alright, maybe a 1. You still didn't answer my question, you're on my road you know."

Michelle closed her eyes, got up and dusted herself off. Still not turning around, she replied, "Who do you think you are Mr. Bigshot?"

"Bill, the Private Road guy."

Michelle jumped, finally facing him. "Grant?!"

"Please. Call me Bill."

Michelle stared before she began brushing herself off again. She grabbed her keys from the ground and stammered, "I should- I should probably get off your road, i don't want to get arrested. Again."

The last word left her lips slowly.

"You have keys." Grant pointed, "I thought you said you had nowhere to go."

"The house isn't mine, well, technically it is. My husband died, left me with everything, long story short, I can't go back."

"Why not?"

Michelle didn't recover from her frown, "I maced some kids, now I got to deal with crazy parents, a crazy mother-in-law and a crazy life."

"I thought you lived in Vegas."

Michelle stood there quietly. He had a point. She dealt with this kind of thing almost everyday. It was the type of thing where mistakes didn't matter, she could be sure that everybody would just move on. When she knew she'd hurt people, she'd leave them soon after. That was just how she worked.

But this time was different, it hurt thinking about having to leave. She built a life in Paradise faster than anywhere she'd lived in for months. She had kids who looked up to her, the same kids that she disappointed.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Michelle stared at the ground. "I don't want to waste your time."

"I've got a whole driveway of time."

Michelle grinned for the first time that evening.

"You should really get an escalator for that."

"You think so?"

"I think it would make you the wisest man of the decade."