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Chapter One: what's a story without orcs?

The tall trees weaved together gently in the light spring wind. Winter was over and spring had just begun, the birds flew back and forth, their sweet songs filling the air. Along with the noise of the animals and insects came the soft musical laughter of an elf, along with the less soft and musical laughter of a human.

"So, I said to him, that 'tis so, I am Estel, and Béma goes No, your Strider!" Aragorn related to his companion. The human was telling the elf about incent that had happened to him when he was with the rangers that winter.

"You, evil human," Legolas spluttered out in-between laughter. "You were messing with the poor man's mind. He had a concussion, by the Valar. Whendid he finally realize that you were both Estel and Strider?" Legolas asked pushing his horse, Alagos, into a faster pace.

"Well, he did not for a while. In fact I actually had to tell him who I was, because after he got over his concussion, I had to convince him that I was both Strider and Estel, for he then believed that I was Estel and that Strider had never excited." The human finished trying to keep from laughing, but ended up just making rather undignified noises. This in turn caused Legolas to laugh all the harder.

Soon their laughter turned into a comfortable silence, each one enjoying the other's presence. They were making their way to Rivendell, Aragorn, who not been home all winter due to bad weather, had stopped off at Mirkwood to see if Legolas could come up with –HAD- any urgent news for Imladris that the elf wanted to bring. After Legolas had been cleared of his princely duty by his father, he had agreed to stay a few months in Imladris with the three brothers.

It was another hour before Aragorn broke the silence,

"Do you know of any good place to stop for the night" he asked, turning to face the elf.

"Why? Is it too dark for the human with such poor eye sight to travel any father?" Legolas mocked, all bark and no bite.

"No, I could travel for hours more on foot, but my horse on the other hand…" Aragorn instantly replied.

"Right," Legolas replied in a knowing tone, letting a wide grin brake out across his handsome features.

"Ha ha your sooo funny, rihta le." Aragorn muttered, saying the last part under is breath, tapping the horse's side, he gazing ahead for a good place to stop.

"You have been spending too much time with the rangers, Aragorn. For you forget that I can understand elvish as well. I also happen to have elvish hearing!" the elf said grinning from ear to ear, as he followed the ranger off the path into a secluded clearing.

"Aren't you in a merry mode tonight," Aragorn commented as he dismounted, pulling his horse further into the clearing where he began to unpack for the night.

"Do you prefer me in an unpleasant mode" Legolas shot right back also unpacking Alagos's burdens.

"Yes, if it means that you will stop insulting me!" Aragorn said, giving a death glare to the young elf. Legolas merely smiled, before they went about setting up camp.


The next morning found Aragorn leaning against a tree, drinking a hot cup of tea. This is going to be a great day! He thought happily. For there was only about two more days of easy riding left till they reached Imladris, they had already been traveling for a couple of weeks. He was very anxious to see this father and brothers; the human had missed them terribly in the last few months. Aragorn glanced up when Legolas 'magically' appeared right before him.

"Ah, the human is finally awake! I thought I might have to wait until tomorrow before we could be on our way." Legolas greeted the human, smirking down at him.

"It's not that late!" Aragorn stated. "Besides you would have awakened me long before tomorrow, and most likely in not that pleasant of ways, if you get my meaning" Aragorn said, glaring back at the elf.

"True!"Legolas admitted before turning serious, "Well, now that you are up, we can be on your way." Legolas spoke to the human over his shoulder as he began to pack up the camp.

"Come on Legolas, we have all day" Aragorn argued lazily, as anxious as he was to get to home it did not have to be in such a rush. "What's with all the hurry anyway?" He said, clambering to his feet. Legolas glanced back at Aragorn before answering

"Estel, not to alarm you, but there are a large group of orcs—no not RIGHT by— but close enough that if we should stay where we are, it could be trouble" Legolas spoke calmly to the human.

"Why on earth did you not say so in the first place!" Aragorn turned disbelieving eyes to the elf's face.

"I thought it best not to alarm you, before you were fully awake." Legolas said stamping out the fire.

"I thank you for consideration" Aragorn said sarcastically "I prefer to be fully awake before any nasty surprises." The human spoke hurriedly as he began to gather up his belongings, throwing them carelessly into the pack.

"I can see that you woke up too early this morning!" Legolas said to the grumpy ranger as he swung at top Alagos.

"Not so, it is just that I am really not looking forward to dragging you back half-dead." Aragorn replied also mounting his horse. Legolas just rolled his eyes, before kicking his horse to a fast walk. Aragorn smirked the two friends began to banter as they fled, grateful to be back together again.


A large orc paced back and forth yelling insults and orders at his orcs. He was boiling with rage and anger, no one, elf, man, dwarf, or orc had better not get in his way. How dare the other orcs disobey his orders. Of course they had all been beheaded as soon as they started rebelling, but there was now a certain discontent in the orcs. This orc needed to find something fun for his men to do. Preferable an elf, but a man or a dwarf would do just as good. He looked up when a scout rushed into the clearing,

"Up 'head, elf and man are traveling alone!" Perfect. The leader thought greedily.


"How fare are they now…" Aragorn asked breathlessly, all this running was tiring him out. Both the elf and the man had been forced to run next to their horses while leading them along the rocky trail, it was slightly too dangerous to ride them at the moment.

"About a mile or so, Aragorn they will catch us if we cannot move faster." Legolas said, his voice full of warning…and confusion. How in the Valar did the orcs manage to catch up to them so quickly? The elf had figured that with the amount of time between them and the orcs would give them plenty of time to get away. But the orcs were steadily gaining on them. The only conclusion that Legolas could come up with was that the orcs must know the layout of the land very well and therefore kept taking shortcuts, and were now gaining on the two lone travelers.

"Legolas, we, or at least I cannot go faster, what will we do?" Aragorn whispered brokenly as his body demanded oxygen in-between words. He knew that Legolas could go faster than him, anytime.

"We will think of something, do not despair Estel!" Legolas said, clasping the humans arm, trying to lend support and optimistic. They carried on for a few more minutes before Aragorn suddenly gasped.

"Legolas! The Tára pass!" Aragorn spoke excitedly snapping his fingers.

"What, by the Valar, do you mean the Tára Pass." Legolas said in bewilderment, raising one eyebrow in the perfect imitation of his father.

"The orcs might not know about it! If we can go over it the top then it will provide us a shortcut!" Aragorn said excitedly, turning to his companion in hope that this would be their way out. Legolas stared at Aragorn, weighing their options. For a mere second hope flittered across his face before turning into one of despair.

"The horse would never be able to do it." He said glumly.

"The horse, THE HORSES !" Aragorn exclaimed, "We can do something with the horses I am sure. I don't know what, but which is more important the horses or us?" He said glaring at the elf.

"Estel, give me a second. Let me think!" Legolas replied, ignoring the glare the man was sending his way.

"Wait, Legolas! Listen, we could let the horses go on ahead, No, listen" Aragorn said holding up one head to stop Legolas from speaking. "The horses would be able to travel faster, without riders and no supplies. The horses know the way home…I think." He muttered the last part under his breath.

"I must admit, Aragorn, it sounds possible. " The elf began hesitantly

"Sounds possible, You elf, it IS possible! You just don't want to admit that a human thought of a better idea than the elf" Aragorn said, grinning like a fool, despite their urgent circumstance.

"Whatever," Legolas said rolling his eyes at his friends antics "If we are going to do this, than we had better get started, and we must do it quickly" Legolas said moving over to his horse and pulling off the necessary gear, such as a little bit of food, all the water they had. The weapons would obviously come as well. But that was about it.

"Do you have everything?" Aragorn questioned, shouldering his own pact.

"Yes, are you sure about this? Shortcuts rarely end well." Legolas hesitantly said, not completely sure that this was the smartest thing to do, but still making sure that his quiver was secure on this back along with his knives. Aragorn simply nodded.

"Well, then we have wasted enough time, let us be off." Turing, Legolas whisper a few words in elvish to Alagos, telling him to go straight to Imladris, and stay with Aragorn's horse. Stepping back, he slapped Alagos in the hunches, snorting, the horses took off at a slow run. Legolas and Aragorn watched the horses go, almost sadly. Then Aragorn turned and clapped Legolas on the back.

"Come Legolas, were you not just stating the need for hurry?" Grinning Aragorn stepped off the path and into unfamiliar territory. Legolas, never doubting, followed.


The orc sniffed the air, the elf and the human had gone this way. Looking up, he saw that the horse's tracts kept leading forward. Turning to face his men, he cried in his orchish voice,

"The elf is only a little 'head!" He growled, before beginning to run, insulting his men to keep them going. Rushing on, he suddenly stopped, he had lost the track. Sniffing the air, he back tracked smelling for the scent of his prey. About forty feet back, the orc began to catch it again. Looking off the path, he realized that the man and elf knew that the orcs were after them. They had tried to escape! Snorting with laughter he turned to his men,

"Follow me," Instead of following the path that the man and elf took, he too a different path, but one that was in a similar direction. This orc know this mountain like the back of his hand, and he knew a better shortcut. He would be there to catch his prey when they arrived and he so hoped they survived because a dead elf was no fun to play with.

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Oh and Elvish Translations:

Mellon-Nin- My friend

rihta le: You jerk. (I had a hard time coming up with an insult in elvish.)