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Chapter Five: New complications

Aragorn was tired. In fact he could easily just lie down on the hard ground and be asleep with seconds. But he couldn't. He had to stay awake so that the orcs wouldn't get in and kill Legolas and himself. He quickly chanced a look back at Legolas, his worry increasing.

Legolas was simply sitting there, head resting on his knees, which were pulled up to his body. Turning back around, Aragorn flipped his unruly hair out of his eyes and continued keeping watch. It had been almost five hours since they had made it too the cave, but the orcs still attempted suicidal runs for the cave.

Legolas lacked the energy to do anything else besides sit against the wall. He could feel the man's worried gaze on him but he was just so exhausted. The elf's eye's suddenly closed, but he jerked the open again when he realized what he had done. Refocusing his attention, he listened carefully to what the orcs were doing, the evil little things were up to something and he had a sneaking Suspicion what it was too.

Praying that he was wrong Legolas listen for another second before having to force himself awake yet again. This was a common occurrences lately, and the concussed elf found himself doing this several more times before Legolas finally had prove that conformed the worst. Staggering to his feet, the elf was glad that he was only a few feet away from Aragorn. He groaned softly, clutching his head in his hands as he went.

"Aragorn, the orcs… the orcs…," Legolas gasped desperate to get the news to the man, but in his hurry and confused mind the words came out all wrong. Aragorn jumped slightly, quickly turning and catching Legolas by the arms.

"What do you mean? Legolas speak to me." the human demanded gazing intently into the glazed and diluted blue eyes. Legolas took several deep breathes trying to calm himself down enough to tell Aragorn what was wrong.

Aragorn waited patiently for Legolas to calm, or at least, his appearance he was calm, inside his heart of throbbing painfully in fear for his friend.

"The orcs…" Legolas began again. "The orcs are going to block the entrance of the cave."

"WHAT!" the ranger shouted. Then he seemed to calm. "Legolas," he said gently "They cannot get close to the cave, how are they going to block the entrance." Legolas shock his head in frustration.

"I can hear them." Glancing behind him at the orcs Aragorn quickly bent down and put sword down so that he had full use of his hands. Using his free hand, Aragorn touched Legolas brow, fearing that Legolas's head wound had become infected and caused him to hallucinate the story about the orcs.

The ranger found Legolas skin cool, and breathed a sigh of relief. At the man's action's Legolas realized that he must not have explained himself well enough and tried again.

"They are above the cave," Legolas said, using his index finger to point above them. "They are preparing rocks and preparing to cause an avalanche of them. I can hear doing it." the weak elf's voice shook slightly and Aragorn reached out to steadied his wavering friend, out of natural reaction. Legolas didn't protest against it, just stared into space.

The orcs would trap them, and they would die. They would not be able to leave the cave, there were too many orcs still outside meaning that they would never make it. But….if they stayed they would be trapped. Legolas though dismally

"How long do you think that we have?" Aragorn questioned, snapping his fingers in front of the elf's face to get him to focus.

"Not too long," Legolas whispered, his eyes snapping shut as his light headiness increased.

"Sit down Legolas before you fall down." Aragorn said softly, knowing that Legolas was not going to be able to stay standing for much longer. "We may be here for a while." The ranger then guided Legolas to the ground, helping him sit against the wall, the man's worry mounting when Legolas did not protest against his help.

The elf felt despair filling his mind and heart. He knew before he even went to Aragorn that they would never leave the cave, but now that Aragorn had said it, it made it reality. He sighed shakily, what a way to die, in a cave.

Aragorn, hearing the sigh, placed a hand on Legolas shoulder in support. Making sure that no orcs were going to attack, he crouched down next Legolas and took the princes face in his hands forcing the elf to look him in the eye.

"Legolas, mellon-nin listen to me. We are going to be just fine. We will get out of here, don't worry, you hear me!" Legolas nodded slowly, but Aragorn could tell that the elf had not truly believed a word he had sad.

"I will be fine, Estel." Legolas said softly, eyes downcast.

"Yes, you will!" Aragorn began but was cut off when ominous shifting sound came from above. Glancing up, the human eyed the cave ceiling wearily. "Legolas, listen, I swear I will get us out of here. I will dig us out if I have too!" he vowed, not realizing how close to the truth that was, and grasping Legolas firmly by the shoulders.

Abruptly, another menacing sound came from above, and Aragorn pulled Legolas forward into tight hug, hoping to comfort his friend. With one hand he covered one pointed ear, pressing the elf's other against his chest. There was no reason for Legolas to have to sit there and listen to the orcs; it would only dishearten him more.

A single large rock crashed to the ground in front of the cave, making both Legolas and Aragorn jump. Legolas pulled away from Aragorn, giving him a sad smile.

The prince was just opening his mouth to speak when the pebbles began to fall, closely followed by the larger rocks.

Aragorn was immediately on his feet, comprehending for the first time that they were both far too close to the entrance. Right were all the rocks were going to be in just a matter of minutes. Grabbing Legolas by the arm, the human hauled the elf to his feet with one hand with the other he grabbed his fallen sword.

Pushing the elf back against the farthest wall, Aragorn clamped his hands over his ears, trying to block out the ear-splitting noise of the rocks falling. He glanced at Legolas, hoping to see some sign that Legolas was not in the critical condition that Aragorn suspected he might be in. However his hopes were dashed when he saw that Legolas was simply standing there doing nothing to protect himself. The human opened to his mouth ready to shout at Legolas to something but dust immediately attacked his lungs, sending him into a coughing fit.

Pain flashed through Legolas consciousness, the tremendous noise that the rocks were making as they hit the earth was ear-splitting, for someone without a concussion. For someone with a concussion AND elvish hearing it was pure torture. Legolas attempting to bring his hands up to block his ears, but at the moment all he could concentrate on was one thing; not passing out. He stood there almost in a daze fighting blackness for a long while unable to move till suddenly the noise abruptly stopped.

Legolas opened his eyes, noticing for the first time the harsh coughs which were racking his thin frame. His balance, which was already thrown off by the effects of the concussion, abandoned him completely and he lost all power to stand of his own free will.

Aragorn was very glad indeed when the rocks stopped failing. His ears hurt and he could not even began to understand the pain the elf must be in. Still coughing slightly he reached out and gripped Legolas biceps tightly, just in time too as the elf's legs suddenly seemed unable to support their master.

Struggling to keep the elf up and on his feet for a moment, Aragorn realized the foolishness of this and instead helped Legolas sink into a sitting position against the wall of the cave. Crouching down near the elf, he waited for the coughing to die down so that they would both be able to talk in full sentences.

Fear suddenly rose in his heart as Legolas let his head lolled to the side. Gently Aragorn placed his hand under the elf's cheek holding the elf's head steady from him. His eyes gazed intently the elf waiting for the crystal blue eyes to reappear from behind their closed lids.

"Legolas, speak to me!" Aragorn commanded as soon as the elf stopped coughing. Legolas face scrunched up in pain as the ranger's 'too' loud voice broke into his mind. He became aware of Aragorn's callused hand against his face and brought his head up, wondering when it had gone down in the first place. Opening his eyes, Legolas was immediately surrounded by darkness, and a heavy weight seemed to bear down on him. His heart rate went up and he began to panic.

"What do you want...me to say?" Legolas said a very forced smile on his lips, however he was forced to stop halfway through his sentence to start coughing again. Aragorn's face screwed up with the intense worry he had for his friend, head injuries were not something to joke around with.

"Anything...except that you are fine." Aragorn added as an afterthought, attempting to see the elfs face in the blackness of the cave. Everything was pitch black, except for the small amount of light given off from the elf. Even with that, though, Aragorn could only see a few feet in front of him.

"It is dark…there is no light." Legolas whispered, his voice growing softer and softer. Aragorn frowned; this was not good, really not good.

"Legolas―" Aragorn began

"There's no way out!" Legolas abruptly said, his panic raising a notch. Here he was, in a cave, with no way out. His words were beginning to slur together and Aragorn's heart began to beat faster. No...Don't do this to me Legolas Thranduilion! He thought desperately.

"Legolas...please stay awake. Do it for me. We will find a way out!" Aragorn pleaded, groping around in the dark he searched for the elf's hand. When he found it he squeezed in gently in reassurance.

"No…way…out" the elf muttered incomprehensible, sounding terrified. Aragorn knew that they were in trouble. Normally, Legolas would not have acted like this…normally the prince would have been uncomfortable yes, but downright scared, no.

Reaching out he did the only thing he could think of―he slapped the stunned elf sharply across the face. Legolas gasped, his eyes widening as his face snapped to the side. Eyes slipping closed his breath caught. The shock of more pain brought back a sense of reality for the elf however and he breathed deeply. After a moment he, the elf reopened his eyes face bearing a guilty look.

"Forgive me Estel," he began glancing down at his lap."I was not myself." his voice was soft, but the human heard him clearly. Aragorn shook his head,

"Do not ask for forgiveness, it should be me asking you that." reaching over Aragorn clasped Legolas shoulder, gripping it tightly.

Legolas shot a pointed look at the human, wondering at the meaning of those words but before the elf could ask, Aragorn rose to his feet. Legolas to the humans surprise held fast to his hand, stopping his movement.

"Legolas…" he said, prying his fingers away from the elf's weak grasp. "I'm not going anywhere, I've just got to get some water...we could both use it." with that he pulled away, swinging off their pacts. Fishing out a water skin, Aragorn first helped Legolas drink some before gulping down some as well. The dust that the rocks had caused stuck to his throat. Sitting down next to Legolas, Aragorn pulled out the herbs he had found earlier.

"Take these…they should help with the pain that I know you are in." Legolas obeyed, chewing the leaves to a pulp. Aragorn smiled slightly as he felt Legolas's tense body relax. Wrapping his arm around the elf shoulders, he took the moment to rest and reclaim his breath.

The day had been a trying one and his body was finally demeaned rest. Sitting there next to his wounded friend, the ranger knew that he really should be working on getting out but as he felt the elf trembling slightly next to him, Aragorn decided that it could wait for just a moment. Legolas needed his companion, not the heavy weight of the darkness and being alone in it.


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