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Chapter Nine: Everything is better!

The first thing Legolas realized was that his head no longer hurt as much, though it was still quite painful. He let out a soft moan as he turned his head to the direction of far-way voices. The prince was stunned to find that his head rested on a soft pillow, more than one in fact. Legolas left hand curled into a ball, lightly grasping at the silky sheets and blankets. They must have made it back to Imladris, though he could not remember traveling there.

"Mellon-nin?" A voice suddenly questioned. Was someone talking to him or someone else? "Legolas..." the voice spoke again. Definitely him, unless there was someone else with the name of Legolas in the same room. "Open your eyes," the voice coxed. Opening his eyes to mere slits, he immediately squeezed them shut again when harsh, bright, light brought sent a stab of pain to his head.

Aragorn and his brothers were all gathered around the bed, taking softly until a soft moan sounded from the bed. It took several seconds of coaxing before Legolas blue eyes flickered open, almost immediately shutting again. The brothers shared a glance before deciding to let it slide.

"How are you feeling?"Aragorn asked, as he took Legolas's hand in his own.

"A lot better," Legolas admitted, slowly opening his eyes and give them time to adjust to the noon day light. At last the room and other things he was seeing were not spinning around him.

"A lot better is different than being well again." Elladan muttered, knowing the elf well enough to know what Legolas was thinking. Legolas pretended that he had heard nothing that the older twin had said and instead attempted to pushed himself up. All three brothers jumped to their feet and grasped the elf, not allowing him to do any of the work.

"Lay off..." Legolas mumbled, pushing their hands away and reclining against the pillows. He began to rub his brow, careful of the bandages, trying to massage the added pain away.

"This might work better," Aragorn smirked, handing the elf a cup of tea.

"There are no sleeping herbs?" Legolas instantly questioned, taking the cup.

"No, mellon-nin," Elrohir said a smile breaking out across his face, his friend was has been fooled one too many times. Only then did Legolas raise the cup to his lips. Sniffing it carefully, he hesitantly taking a small slip and finding nothing suspicious, he downed the cup. To his surprise he found that the cup was shaking in his hand.

Aragorn desperately wanted to reach out and hold the cup for his friend, as it was obvious that any moment Legolas might drop the cup. But a swift kick from one of his brothers stopped him. Aragorn frowned knowing that his brother was just stopping him from frustrating Legolas further…but that didn't mean that Aragorn had to like it.

"So...what did your father say about― "Legolas started but Aragorn interrupted him.

"Here we go again, no, you are not getting out of bed, yet." he said firmly. Elladan and Elrohir laughed lightly at shocked expression the younger elf wore. Sitting on the bed next to Legolas, Elladan loosely wrapped his arm around the elf shoulder still chuckling the older twin joked,

"You and your habits. Of course Estel knew what you were going to ask about,"

"I mean...I always do." Aragorn said, allowing a self-satisfied smirk to cross his face.

"No, you don't!" all three elves cried at once.

"Remember the time that you..."

"The last time you were here you just HAD too..."

"You filthy human!" all three voices shouted at once, covering each other's up making the many words difficult to understand. Aragorn stood up and clasped both hands against his ears, blocking the others out.

"I'm not listing!" Aragorn shouted loudly drowning out the other's voice.

"Well, I'll make you listen..." Legolas said in a mocking tone. Quickly pushing aside the blankets he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and placed his bare feet on the floor. Instantly, he was the one being bombarded with voices, he caught many variation of

"If you dare touch the floor, you will be murdered and then forced to stay in bed." Legolas rolled his eyes but scooted back to lay against the pillows, secretly glad that they were there to cushion his aching head. Aragorn grabbed the blankets that the elf had pushed off and tucked them around Legolas, ignoring the angry look the said elf was sending his way for hovering. Sitting down again on the bed, Aragorn pulled a mock hurt face when Legolas slapped the human on the shoulder.

"You don't." Legolas simply said.

"What," Aragorn questioned, confused before realization appeared in his gray eyes, "ahhh."

"I also made you listen." Legolas said allowing his own smirk to grace his fair features. He slidly glanced out of the window, wishing he was outside with his friends instead of inside in bed. His eyes slowly began to drift close, the concussion effects still affecting him. Legolas snapped his eyes open again when Aragorn and Elrohir attempted to lower him flat on his back.

"Im...awake." He mumbled.

"Right..." Elladan whispered next to him before running a hand over his friends blonde hair, soothing him as his brothers laid the archer flat. They had been surprised to look over at Legolas and find him practically asleep, but knowing that Legolas injured body required more rest then usual they weren't too worried. Legolas struggled against the pull of sleep for a few minutes longer but eventually gave in.

"I swear that that elf can be so...so impatient at times." Elrohir commented as he pulled the bedspread the rest of the way up to Legolas chin.

"Tell me about it, the second he's injured and put to bed to rest he immediately thinks he's healed and should be back up." Aragorn complained, while tenderly holding Legolas hand in his own and rubbing small circles in the palm.

"Not just then, either. Legolas fights every second to get away from having to be healed. Rather stupid actually." Elladan also voiced his thought while still stroking Legolas hair.

Elrond stood at the doorway listening to his son's conversation, they all loved the Mirkwood prince as his he was just another brother. Such friendships were hard to come by and he was glad that these four friends had each other. He turned to leave, realizing that Legolas would be taken care of but not before hearing Elladan's last comment. "A bucket of ice-cold water might do him so good..."


Legolas gasped in shock as freezing cold water was suddenly dumped over his head. It trickled down his hair and into his tunic, electing a shiver for the elf.

"EL!" He cried out at the top of his lungs, not quite sure which twin has seen fit to try and drown him. Guessing from the cry of rage from his left, Aragorn had just received the same treatment. From the shadow of the tall trees that were part of Imladris garden the twins walked in wearing far too innocent smiles.

"You called your majesty?" Elladan asked, giving the prince a mock bow.

"Perhaps you could shed some light on why I'm suddenly soaked." Legolas spoke from where he sat cross legged on the ground with his arms folded across his chest to show his displeasure.

"They can but they won't." Aragorn disgruntled answered, pushing his soggy hair out of his eyes. Before slowly rising to his feet and.

"Stay down human..." Elrohir warned, holding up a another bucket of water which had magically appeared.

"I'm already wet..."the human told the elf laughing slightly, while quickly flashing Legolas a look. Legolas almost smirked but stopped himself in time before going into action while Aragorn confronted his brothers. One his hands and knees Legolas crept closer to the younger twin. He quickly raised a long finger to his lips when Elladan caught his eyes, mentioning with his hands what he planned to do. The older twined gained a look of utter amusement as he realized what the prince had planned grinning like a fool he nodded enthusiastically.

"You are going to know what it feels like to be a fish!" Elrohir promised, he raised the bucket ready to dump it over the ranger's head. However, Legolas beat him to it. Grabbing the end of the bucket he pushed it back so that it upturned over the younger twin. Elrohir just stood there in shock for a moment before turning to look first at his twin, who was laughing hysterically, then to Legolas who was grinning from ear to ear.

"You are going to die," Elrohir promised moving in menacingly on the elf, watching as Legolas scuttled frantically backwards. Taking advantage of Legolas being on the ground, Elrohir divided for him just as Legolas jumped quickly to his feet; maybe a little bit too quickly.

The speed at which he had gained his feet sent a wave dizziness assaulted his senses, reaching out blindly the prince just managed to grasp Elrohir's arm. The younger twin just caught sight of all the blood draining from Legolas's face right he crashed into him, but still desperately tried to keep the younger elf on his feet.

Aragorn and Elladan, who had been laughing loudly, saw what was happening and rushed forward to help at least Legolas.

"Whoa...easy there, Legolas." Aragorn whispered, grabbing the elf by the arms and pulling him away, allowing Legolas light weight to rest against him while he helped him over to a tree. The humans eyebrows knit together in concern as he helped the elf sit down. In the background Elrohir lost his balance pulling his twin over with him.

It had been almost a week since the four friends had arrived back in Imladris; two day ago Elrond has given into Legolas pleas and allowed him out of bed, warning him to be carefully, as he was still not fully healed. What had just happened proved the older elf correct.

"I'm fine." Legolas spoke up seeing the concerned glances at his friends were throwing his way. "I just stood up to quickly,"

"I'm sorry, we didn't mean for it to turn out like this." Elrohir said sorrowfully, as he placed a hand on Legolas shoulder.

"You certainly didn't mean to get wet." Elladan piped up covering up a small chuckle.

"There is nothing to forgive." Legolas said sincerely, Elrohir ignored him, however, as he turned to face his twin.

"you're the only one still dry, we can easily remedy that."

"It wasn't supposed to work out like it did..." Aragorn muttered grumpily, before his eyes widen horror.

"that's right; Estel." Elladan spoke in a voice of mock shock watching with amusement as Aragorn made frantic hushing signals. "You were only supposed to get Legolas into the gardens... Now why did you go and get yourself all wet." Elladan said clicking his tongue with sympathy.

"I have a feeling that you are all going to die. " Legolas muttered pushing off Aragorn's hand before slowly rising back to his feet. Glancing at his friends faces he was surprised to find them all staring at as if he was about of fall over.

"What!" he demanded.

"Just remember what ada told you," Aragorn cautioned. The elf was still slightly pale and shaky on his feet. "No exerting yourself,"

"That includes getting revenge!"

"Your head could be easily re-injured." Aragorn continued, glad of his brother's interruption, for once,

"Aragorn... I've heard this a thousand times just this week. Relax..." Legolas said shaking his head at his friends hovering. "I'm going to change into dry clothes..."

"I'll come!" Aragorn offered, "I also need to change." before hurriedly catching up with his friend. Legolas rolled his eyes but allowed the man to come along. The man was insanely protective sometimes.

"Your insane, Estel," his brother's hollered walking in the opposite direction.

"You know Legolas never listens to a healer's instruction,"

"He'll murder you as soon as you get around the corner where there are no witnesses!"

"How do you live with your brothers?" Legolas questioned, Aragorn however frowned and asked a question of his own...

"Why do you never listen."

"Listen to who?" Legolas question, confused,

"To us, to healers." Aragorn clarified.

"I do..." Legolas said, making face as he did so when Aragorn snorted.

"You don't listen to me when I told you to stay in the cave and rest. You got up and started fighting orcs." Aragorn pointed out, as they neared the front doors of the Rivendell. "I could have handled them on my own. Why did you do it?" Legolas paused with his hand on the doorknob, and raised his eyebrows in surprise, distinctly remember the orc that was about to smash Aragorn when he had come along, but decided to ignore it. Instead, he replied in seriousness.

"For you, mellon-nin."

The End

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