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The Prophecy Of Never

Chapter Ten

"We lost," a gray she-cat with dark sapphire blue eyes murmured.

Along with her, many other cats nodded sadly in shame.

"How could we have trusted such a young weak apprentice?" A dark brown tom with mossy green eyes asked sadly.

Angered, the golden she-cat dappled with silver spots protested angrily.

"Not all is lost!" She argued. "Never is on her way to saving the cats!"

The gray she-cat shook her head.

"But that's because Tigerstar told her to!"

"Why though? Why does Tigerstar want to save them?"

The other she-cat shrugged helplessly.

"But he's always up to no good."

The golden warrior hissed in defiance.

"You lost hope many times and always the cat fufills the destiny! You, Bluestar deserve less then you are treated for!"

All of StarClan was in shock.

Sure maybe Bluestar did lose hope alot of times but she was one of the most respected cat in StarClan!

"But StarClan was always there!" Bluestar answered angrily. "Now StarClan is nothing but a bunch of dead cats! Dapplewish sometimes you're to hopefull!"

Dapplewish bit back a reply and answered with this instead, she walked of, leaving the others shocked by her recklessness.

"Where are you going?!" Bluestar shouted after the golden she-cat.

The warrior replied.

"Searching for Tigerstar!"

All of the cats gasped in surprise.

"He'll kill you!" They cried out.

Dapplewish smirked.

Not if I was his mate.

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0

Neverpaw POV

"Are you sure about this?" Palepaw asked shyly for the hundreth time!

Neverpaw grunted and answered in impatience.

"What is wrong with you!" The apprentice cried out. "I said StarClan said so, so you either come or leave!"

Palepaw nodded quickly and moved closer towards her sister while Speckledpaw glared at Neverpaw.

"What?" Neverpaw asked, her tail twitching.

"Stop being so mean to my sister! Just because Alwayspaw always bullied you and now that he's gone doesn't mean you can bully Palepaw!" Specklepaw practically shouted.

Neverpaw blinked, surprise.

When she replied her voice was all shaky and her eyes seemed watery.

"I didn't mean to bully Palepaw! I just want to save my brother, and Palepaw kept slowing us down! Alwayspaw may have teased me but he's still my brother!" Neverpaw then took a long deep, shaky breath. "You don't understand because at least you have each other! Appledrop treats me like the plague and blames me for Alwayspaw's capture! Alwayspaw's at least not always mean and he's my only sibling left!"

Specklepaw didn't feel a bit of pity.

"What about your dad?"

The other apprentices looked at each other nervously. Nobody knew what happened to Neverpaw's father and nobody asked.

Neverpaw didn't reply the question.

"I thought you were my friends!" She wailed after a tense silence. The silver she-cat then ran of before the others could reply.

"Follow her!" Thornpaw shouted.

They didn't need a repeat and immediatelly followed their friend.

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0

Adreline pulsed through the small she-cat as she ran up the mountains.

Neverpaw cried as she ran and the tears flew past her.

How could she?

Neverpaw was so deep in thought she didn't see the eagle before it was to late.


The eagle dove straight for the small she-cat.

"Ah!" Neverpaw cried as she ducked out of the way.

The small apprentice unsheathed her claw and reached for the eagle.

The eagle gracefully dodged the deadly claws and swooped down once more. It's golden talons glinted as it made way for the apprentice.

Neverpaw frantically scanned the area for a place to hide.

There was a small hole near a faraway bush. Though it was far it was Neverpaw's only chance.

"Here's goes nothing," Neverpaw muttered and waited right when the eagle was about to snatch her.


The silver she-cat ran as fast as she can and dove for the hole. She landed right before it but before the apprentice could crawl in, the eagle swooped down and captured the small she-cat.

"Help!" Neverpaw cried out as she struggled against the strong talons.

Suddenly a russet flash seemed to pass and head straight for the predator.

It attacked with such fury you could have believed that Neverpaw was the flash's daughter.

The eagle faltered a little and dropped down one foot lower.

Close enough.

The small she-cat closed her eyes slightly preparing to jump when suddenly the eagle fell from the sky.

Together the flash (It was probably a cat), Neverpaw and the eagle falling, heading for the ground.

Neverpaw closed her eyes completly and waited for the impact...

"Seriously? Open your eyes!" Came an unfamiliar impatient voice.

Neverpaw peeked.

There was a medium sized russet she-cat with had emerald eyes looking down at her.

Neverpaw quickly got up and scanned the area.

She was on a uncomfortable feather nest in a small, dark wet cave.

"Where am I?" Asked the curious apprentice.

The russet cat rolled her eyes and flicked her tail towards the ceiling cave.

"In a cave!"

Neverpaw resisted the urge to growl and hissed instead.

"I know I'm in a cave!"

The other russet she-cat once more rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath.

"Who's so grumpy today?"

Neverpaw almost screamed in frustation and actually was about to when the other cat answered.

"Your in the Tribe's Of Rushing water camp and my name's Rose's Thorn On a Cliff but you can call me Rose, I'm a to-be but everyone can see that your in BIG trouble."

Neverpaw was puzzled.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because the new Stoneteller hates clan cats."

"How do you know I'm a clan cat? And what does he do to them?"

"Your scent's pretty obvious you know and he kills them OR if your lucky, becomes a slave for the tribe."


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