Arms of an Angel


"Why can't you just listen to me, Jacob? I asked you not to make a bonfire without parental supervision!" Sara Black was exhausted with everything. With three kids at the age of thirty was tiring. She was constantly on her feet and was ecstatic that her and her husband would be heading to a cabin to be alone at the Makah reservation.

"Fine, Mom! I'm not a baby! I can take care of myself!" He crosses his arms, pouting.

"No, you can't. You can't until you are the middle of your twenties and maybe not even then, mister!" Jacob huffed as Bella watched Jake and Sara driving to the stop light. Her co-angel, Angelina, flew over to her as she watched her human boy and his mother.

"Even angel's need breaks, Isabella." Bella shook her head, running her fingers through her strands.

"Not me. I enjoy watching over him. He is such a happy human." Angelina groaned, placing her hand on Bella's shoulder.

"Isabella today is the day. The spirits have already decided you will watch over Brady Littlesea when he is born this afternoon. Jacob Black will die today with his mother, Sara Atera. You need to face this." Bella shook her head, complete stubborn.

"No, I cannot let this happen. Jacob is MY human. I will never let him die." Bella scowls heavily at her friend as Angelina tries to get Bella to see reason.

"You know there is only one way to change the Spirits plan. You will have to hand over your wings and become a fallen spirit. You will be damned to walk the Earth for all eternity and you will watch him die one day. You cannot fight fate forever.

"You know you have feelings for this human." Bella nodded with a silent sigh. "But, he will die one day. He is only human. You have had thousands of humans. What makes this one so different?" Bella's shoulders slouch with defeat.

Jacob was different. He was special. He could do what no other could. He could light up a room with one smile. He could, with one word, end someone's depression. He was a very bright, pure soul.

"He is Jacob. That is what makes him different. I love that child. He is himself. I will sacrifice my immortality for him to have a full life. He will get married, have children, and grow old with the woman he loves with all of his heart. He will have a career he loves and be the same for all of his mortal life.

"It will be sad to watch him die an old man, but I will deal with it. He is worth giving up immortality for. He will make some human girl very happy one day and he will make a wonderful husband and father.

"I will spend my eternity watching over him and his family. I will not change my mind. I knew what I would do the moment he took his first breath. He is worth dying for, Angelina." He looked over at the angel beside her, seeing the defeat etched in her face.

Angelina was beautiful. She had long, spiral, black hair with an ivory complexion. Her wings were small since she was new. She was a god-send physically, but held nothing to Bella.

Bella had long, wavy chestnut hair with sheet white skin. Her eyes were a deep chocolate that made all the male angels want her as their mates. She never paid them mind. She was never interested in them. She knew she could not have an angel mate.

She wanted a human life and, before Jacob was born, she wanted to give up her wings for that, but, since Jacob was born, she knew she would save him and give up her dreams for him.

"I cannot change your mind, Isabella?" Bella glanced at Angelina and lightly shook her head. "I will miss you, my friend." Bella gave her a bittersweet smile and reached for her hand.

"Same to you, Angelina. Same to you." They watched as Sara drove through the end of the yellow light and Jacob gasped, seeing an eighteen-wheeler coming towards them.

"Mommy, watch out!" He pointed, but it was too late. The vehicle slammed straight into his mother's side of the vehicle, killing her on impact, and dragged the vehicle with the eighteen-wheeler that flipped, scratching against the asphalt. Jacob gripped to Sara's arm as he screamed, feeling the window break and the cement scratched along his side with the gasped.

Both vehicles slammed against the side of the 7-11, stopping.

Bella didn't expect it to happen so fast. How could this be happening? She could hear his heart fading her head, which made it throb.

"Please, Spirits, save my human boy, Jacob Black." Her and Angelina felt the wind go through their hair like a storm.

"You know what you ask, Angel." Bella took a deep breath as she saw Jacob's nearly lifeless body in his mother's car with people surrounding them.

"Yes, I do, Spirits. He cannot die."

"Give us one good reason to save this defiant child." Bella felt her blood tears fall from her cheeks.

"Because he is too important. I will do anything to save him. You want my wings? Take them. I will be too devastated to continue my work if he dies. I will continue to watch over him. Just please, I beg you. Do not take him away." She felt an intense pain go down his spine as she heard his heart give out. She gasped and hit the ground, her wings getting bigger, black and dripping blood. Her gown turned from the bright white to the pitch black of a fallen angel.

When the transformation from a guardian angel to a fallen angel is complete, she looks over to Jacob's body being dragged from the wreckage and watched him, looking for any sign of life. She felt her blood tears well in her eyes as she gripped to the ground.

"Please, don't let him die!" She screamed at the Spirits.

"Your proposal is acceptable." She sighed as she sees Jacob's eyes open and him gasp heavily. She lets out a sigh of relief. She crawls over to him and looks down at him as he looks back at him.

"You're alive." She did not know that Jacob could see her and studied her face. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but he shrugged it off as a hallucination.

"This one is alive! Someone call 9-1-1!" The human on the other side of Jacob yelled as Bella attempted to hold on to his hand even though her hand just went straight through his. She had a tear fall as he turned his face to look at the woman on his other side.

"Wer…Where…" The human man by his side rubs the blood from his face, revealing a thick gash on his cheek.

"Everything is going to be alright, little man. The paramedics are on their way. Just hold on a little longer." Bella released Jacob and stood up, backing away. She made it to the edge of the forest and watched him.

She watched as the paramedics transferred Jacob to the hospital. She stayed outside for the next two weeks until Jacob was wheeled out in a wheelchair with both arms and legs in casts. She can sense the sadness and pure grief that radiated from this once happy child.

She knew Jacob well enough. She knew he felt guilty for the death of his mother. If she could have, she would have saved his mother, too, but she couldn't. That was not possible. One angel can only sacrifice for one human. No other angel had ever done what she did. She was the first to give up being a guardian angel to save the life of a mortal human.

She knew she would spend her eternity watching after Jacob Black and any family he would create. She needed to watch after him. She had never felt her duty calling to her as strongly as it had with Jacob. He was important to her, but she had no idea exactly how important he would become.

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