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Trina's PO:

It's Christmas day. The day I have to tell them. My parents and Tori. I'm dreading it, though every time I open my mouth to say something it clamps shut and I put on a fake smile. But I have to tell them now, because if they find out later it'll crush them. Especially Tori. My baby sister, my best friend.

"I have to tell you something" I say, quietly but they all hear me and stop what they are doing, to look at me.

I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

"Is it good news or bad news?" My dad asks, and I can't help let a small tear trickle down my cheek.

"Bad news, dad. It's bad news" I admit, looking him in the eye. We seem to have a whole conversation with our eyes.

"How bad?" He asks, with his eyes.

"Very bad" I say, with mine.

"Okay, then Trina. Tell us" My mum says, I look at Tori who has something I can't detect in her eyes. It looks like. Confusion?

"I'm... dying" I blurt out, looking at my hands. Immediately I feel a strong pair of arms around me that I recognise as my mothers.

"Are you sure?" My dad asks, I nod.

"The doctors say... I have a brain tumour... I don't have that much longer to live" I admit, I look over at Tori.

She still hasn't said anything, but I know she's hurting I know the ins and outs of her.

"How long?" My mother asks, holding me at arm's length. Her eyes are tear stained, and she seems like she's aged ten years in ten minutes.

"The end of the year" I admit, again she pulls me in close and all I hear is footsteps pounding up the steps and the slam of her bedroom door.

Tori's POV:

I couldn't bear to sit there after hearing the news, so I went up the stairs and slammed my door. Burying my head in my pillow and sobbing until, I ran out of tears.

I have no idea, what I'll do without her.

Trina and I were more than sisters, we were best friends. I told her everything, and she told me everything.

She was there when I got in trouble for getting drunk at my parent's anniversary party, she stuck up for me when I was being bullied, convinced my parents not to send me to boarding school because my grades were down but most of all convinced them to let me sign up for Hollywood arts, so I could fulfil my dream of being an actress, singer, song writer.

But now what would I do when I needed someone to talk to, when I was crushing on someone who didn't want me?

"I'm sorry" Trina says, I hear her walk in and sit on the edge of my bed. I sit up and look at her and all of a sudden I feel myself hugging her tightly.

"I don't want you to die, Trina." I said, Trina nodded.

"Neither do I" She admitted.

"Why did it have to be you? Why not me?" I say. Trina holds me at arm's length, looks me in the eyes and says;

"Don't say stuff like that Tori! You have a whole life ahead of you; I want you to live it, okay? Do you promise?"

I just nodded and pulled Trina in for another hug and let more tears run down my face.

"I promise" I whisper, and Trina just comforts me until I fall asleep.

I wake up alone and hope that it all was a dream. Yeah it has to be, Trina couldn't really be dying, could she?

I mean that was crazy, she was only 18 and well… it couldn't be true. I stepped out of bed and ran down the stairs hoping I'd imagined it all.

"Hey, Tori how are you feeling, love?" My mum asks.

"I'm fine… it's Boxing Day!" I state. She stares at me then looks at my dad.

They seem to be conversing without actually speaking.

"Are you sure?" My dad asks.

"Of course… I mean I had a terrible dream last night, and I know it isn't real… it was just a dream, right?" I say, hoping that they'll agree.

"Tori… I know this is hard for you… it's hard for all of us" my mother tells me, as she hugs me tightly.

Wait… did that mean?

I push her off of me, and my eyes start to well up with tears.

"Wait… it's true? Trina's really dying?" I ask, my mother nods.

"Yes sweetie… it's true" She says, trying not to cry but apparently it doesn't work because soon her eyes are filled up with tears and she runs back upstairs.

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