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Lucy the Celestial Dragon

Chapter 1: Leaving

Lucy's POV

Lisanna has been back for two months. I mean I get why everybody fawns over her, but still, I've been going on solo missions for like, six weeks. I'm not mad at her or anything, but seriously. I guess I really was just a replacement for Lisanna.

(Next Day)

I walked into the guild, and as soon as I sat down, Natsu and Lisanna ran up to me holding hands. "Lucy, guess what?" he shouts excitedly. "What?" I reply dryly. "Me and Lisanna are dating!" I feel tears well up in my eyes, but I push them back and force a bright, fake smile. "That's great! I hope you two are happy together." "Oh, and Lucy?" "Yeah?" "Well, we kind of want you to leave the team for Lisanna. You know, because she was here first, and you were just a replacement for her." "Plus, you can go on solo missions and become stronger. That's what you want right?" Suddenly, my hand shot out and grabbed his scarf, pulling him close to me. "Listen, you little bastard. I've been going on solo missions for six weeks, ever since Lisanna came home. You all were too busy playing with your new toy." I turned to Lisanna. "No offense to you, I actually have no problem with you." She nods, eyes wide. She looks terrified of me. "Him, however…" I turn back to Natsu. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I shout. " Asking me to join, pretending to be my friend, when all this time I was just a replacement for Lisanna? The next time I see you, I will make your life a living hell. Thata's a promise. And anyone who knows me knows that I never, ever, break my promises."