Authors note: Hallo everyone, I'm taking a brake from bakugan for a while and moving to my favourite anime, Digimon. Give me a brake if you think that is stupid, it can't be anymore stupid then any of your likes, and if you don't, thank you for not judging my likes. Now for the sad part, I... I... I DON'T OWN DIGIMON! There, I said it, now on with the story. Oh, almost forgot, this story is taking place in autumn after the events of season one and this story will be mainly about T.K primarily, Matt, Nancy ( mother),Tai, Kari and Sora. Other Characters may have small parts, now on with the story.

This story will begin simply, it was a Autumn, the days were beginning to become colder, the leaves on the trees had ether turned orange or fallen to the ground, a bitter cold wind blew all across the city. People that were out side dressed in winter cloths due to it feeling like it was winter already, though most people were inside anyway thinking that it was too cold anyway.

Inside a small but roomy apartment, sleeping soundly in his room, was T.K. All but his head was covered by the big blue blanket, the covers were stoping most of the cold from entering into the young boy, making his sleep pleasurable. He rolled onto his left side, his head moving off of the soft baby blue pillow and onto the next. His room was pretty average, emerald green painted walls, a soft creamy brown carpeted floor, his bed was on the right side of the room with a small wooden table on the left side of the bed with a lamp sitting on it, a small clock hanged on the left wall. There was a brown box full of toys that the child had gotten from years gown by, some were plastic modals, others were trains or trucks, but all were still fairly intact, there was a small wardrobe on the right side of the door, it was wooden and a creamy white colour. There was a small little yellow box on top of the wardrobe, inside it contained most precious item, his digivice from when he and his friends had entered the digital world and were he met his most cherished friendship Patamon, a digimon which was his most loyal, trusting and cheerful friend. T.K and the others had to leave there respected digimon in the digital world, but T.K made a promise that he would see him again, and he would, but until that day came, he had bin living a normal happy life, with the exception of the occasional bad day but the boy believed in every day being a new day.

The child rolled again, but this time to his right, so he was back with his head facing up towards the ceiling, he slowly opened his deep blue eyes and gave a big yawn, as he stretched his arms out wide, making the blanket start to come off, he shivered as the cold reached his skin but didn't mind. He leapt off of bed and ran to the bathroom which was just opposite to his room, he quickly got out his toothbrush and tooth paste and did his teeth, he drew so water into his mouth that was on the right side of the sink and mirror which he was standing in front of and garaged, he then spat the water and paste into the sink and washed off the paste that didn't make it to the drain. T.K then ran back to his bedroom and locked the door so that his mum wouldn't come in to find him changing. T.K opened the wardrobe and picked out the clothes he wanted, he loved wearing the clothes that he was in for that fateful summer, he wore it every chance he got, with the exception of when they needed to be washed, it wasn't that he didn't like his other clothes, but these ones brought back so many memories. He quickly took off his blue and white clouded PJs (he's 8, and it reminds him of Patamon, deal with it) so that he was only in his undies, and then put on his clothes, he took his favourite shoes and opened a cabinet under the wardrobe, inside we're his socks and undies, he took the yellow socks, put them on, then presided to put on his shoes. He looked himself over. One thing left, he thought to himself. He stood on the tips of his toes and took the hat off of a rack, he put the hat on his head. T.K smiled to himself and unlocked the door, today is going to be great! Or so he thought.

T.K opened the door to discover that his mum (Nancy) was standing In the door way in a black sleeveless T-shirt, brown jacket tied around her waste, blue jeans and brown slippers, she looked angry and was holding a piece of paper in her right hand.

"Morning mum, howe'd you sleep?" T.K asked, to cheerful to notice the stern look he was getting.

"Fine honey, until I looked at the mail we got" she said with disapproval in her voice as she held up the paper to the little boy "care to explain what this is?!" she nearly shouted.

T.K looked at the paper closely, it was his Maths test from last week, obviously the school had mailed it out to everyone, though he still didn't know why she was so mad. "Its my Maths test" replied, though he was starting to get worried now, he didn't know what he got on it, and if it was lower then a C+, Nancy got mad, Really mad.

Nancy flipped the page to the back, T.K looked at the bottom with horror, right at the bottom written in red ink was a big C-.

"T.K what were you thinking! These questions were SIMPLE!" she yelled, making the small boy quiver "Honestly I don't know what to do with you sometimes, didn't you study?!" she took off to the kitchen before he could answer. The truth is he did study, right before summer camp, he had wanted to get it dun because she said that he couldn't go if he didn't do it. But after the events of in the digital world, on his first day back at school when the quiz was happening, he completely forgot his studies and most of the questions were really hard. Nancy came back with a lode of books in one hand, pressed to her chest so as not to drop them. "You are now going to go back in your room and fix all of the questions that you got wrong!" she said snatched his arm and dragged him back into his room, she dumped the books onto the bed and let go of arm and walked to the door.

"But I..." T.K was cut off.


And with that, the door slammed shut, T.K looked at the books, he sobbed a bit, a small tear coming to his eye. The boy shook his head and got to work.

Four hours later: 8.30PM

T.K had worked through most of it, at least half of it was done, he looked at the clock which now pointed to the time of 8.30 pm, he had slept in till 4.30 pm and it had taken four hours to do this much, he felt like he was never going to end up having fun today. He sighed and got off his bed and got down to his knees and opened up a cabinet in the small table that held his lamp, which was currently on as it had gotten to dark to see, inside the cabinet was his sell phone, he had gotten it straight away when he got home from the digital world because his mum didn't want him to go out writhing no why of contacting her, he picked up the grey device and dialled the numbers, he knew one person who he could always call. The phone rang, he held his ear to the phone, still ringing, the phone stopped and a voice spoke through the phone.

"Hallo?" came the voice.

"Is that you Matt?" T.K asked back. The person laughed at the other end.

"T.K, you rang my phone which I keep with me at all times, who else do you think is gonna answer it, Santa" Matt laughed at his own joke, this made T.K smiled at his older brothers humour, he always new how to make him smile, even when he wasn't even trying. "So what's up" he asked knowing that T.K wouldn't call unless it was ether an emergency, someone was mad or he felt lonely, usually it was the last two. "Mums made at me" he said in a small voice.

"What did you do this time" he asked.

"I got C- on a maths test and mum told me I can't come out of my room until I fixed every one of the questions I got wrong" he answered bitterly. "Really, that's it? Honestly mum is way too strict sometimes, I can understand her bing disappointed, but you and me and the others were out saving the world, you did tell her that, right" he questioned.

"I tried but she yelled at me again and slammed the door, and now I'm never gonna get to play today because these questions are too hard!" he cried as he flopped onto his bed, making two books fall off in the process. He got up again and walked over to the wardrobe.

"Well um..." Matt thought for a moment before a light clicked on in his brain, all the while T.K had gotten the yellow box off the wardrobe and opened it to revile his digivice "why don't I help you" face lit up at the words "REALLY MATT!" he almost screamed the words "calm down now, you now what happens if mum finds out" oh he knew alright, T.K wasn't supposed to call his dad, let alone Matt, though he secretly called him from time to time. He closed his mouth and then whispered into the phone a ok and thank you.

"Good, now let's get started, what's the first question?"

Half an hour later: 9.00PM

He finished the last question, sighing with relief in the proses. He looked at the answers that Matt had helped him with, the only thing that was stoping T.K from doing them himself was that he couldn't understand the questions, but Matt had fixed that easily.

"See, it's easy once you've got the hang of it" Matt praised him over the phone.

"Yah, I guess your right, thanks a lot Matt" he said, happiness flowing all over him from the gratefulness he we was trying to express to his brother for helping him with this, but as soon as he finished that last sentence, the door flew open. T.K turned to he his mother as she snatched the phone away from the child, she took a moment to listen to who was the other side, obviously Matt didn't know and continued to congratulate him, but as soon as he didn't answer he new something was wrong. Nancy hung up the phone and in a fit of rage, through it across the room were as it hit the wall, it broke into lots of pieces that fell down the side of the bed and hit he ground with a thud, Nancy then turned to the 8 year old boy on the ground, who at this point, was about to burst into tears.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL HIM! She yelled at the top of her lungs at the now quivering boy. She saw in is right hand was the device that he had had since the day before the digimon attacked and he to brothers had gone "back" to the digital world, Nancy had always suspected after the two boys came back from there adventure that they had gone to the digital world and that was why there summer camp was closed early. She stomped up to him and before he could react, his mum had her grasp on his digivice.

"NO, MUM NO!" T.K screamed as he tried to take it back, but his mother was already at the door, he turned on her foot and before the child could reach the door, it was slammed shut. The young boy stumbled as he tied to stop his feet but he fell and slammed into the door head first, T.K fell to the floor, not even trying to move for 20 seconds. The boy started to quiver, then the quiver was added with slight sobbing as tears started to form in his eyes, sobbing turned into crying and the forming tears turned into a stream flowing off his now red cheeks. He got up and brought his knees to his chest as he continued to cry, this continued for 6 minutes until he started to calm down. He sniffed as he to up and went to the only window in his room, T.K opened the window, the sky was definitely dark now, but the moon and the stars that he would look at every night before going to bed. The blond haired kid turned to his left and saw what he was looking for, a medium sized pipe that led all the way to the bottom. He and his mum lived on the second floor, falling in the worst case would be death and best case would be broken bones and a really sour head.

T.K came back in and moved to his bed, a determined look in his eye. He dropped to his knees and looked under the bed, he reached with one arm and palled out his back pack. He hadn't used it since his time in the digital world except to use it for a hiding place for his candy, the blond then turned to the cabinet under the wooden table and opened hat, he pulled out his piggy bank which (obviously) was in the shape of a pink pig. T.K moved his small hand under the pig and twisted a nob, it opened an all his money dropped to a pile on the floor, he had bin saving up for a game that he had wanted, but right now he only wanted enough for a train ticket. He grabbed 5$ 60c and put the rest into the smallest part of his bag. He then opened up the largest part which held a torch, a lot of candy (a LOT) and a picture of his dad and mum, him and Matt all together for a family photo. He cherished that photo seeing as he was too young to remember, he shook his head and closed the bag and put the straps over his shoulders. T.K moved back to the window and stuck his head out the window, small drops of rain had begun to fall, there was a small ledge hanging out from we're the metal of the window stopped, he pulled his body out through the window slowly, holding on to the left side of the window for balance. He put his shoes on the ledge, the rain getting stronger all the while, T.K was now completely out the window and wobbling on the edge, his hand still clutching to the window, desperately trying to maintain balance. The blonde boy swung his right hand so that it reached the pipe, his back was now face out into the rain, he felt some drops of water manage to get past his cloths and onto his skin, he shivered then let go of the window so that both hands were clutching to the pipe, he swung again and started to slide down the wet metal. It only took him a minute to lend on solid ground, T.K looked around, amazingly no one had seen him, he took another look just to be safe, then once he was satisfied the child made a dash out to the side walk, there was one place that he knew how to get to. The subway station.

Exactly one hour after T.K left: 10.00PM

Nancy was ashamed at herself for the way she acted, the reason she was so angry was that work wasn't well, working out well. All of the meeting she had were canceled, she had a rapport due today which she hadn't got done, and to top it all off, T.K called Matt. That was bound to get her miffed but enough to break his phone and take one of his most cherished possessions? How am I going to make this up to him? She thought to herself with a sad look on her face. She looked down at the device she held in the palm of her hand. Well for starters, saying sorry and returning this couldn't hurt. She thought again as she made her way to room. She quietly opened the door.

"T.K?" she called into the room, no answer.

"T.K I'm sorry, I just had a really bad day, look Ive got your digivice, you can have it back now" she said, still no answer.

"T.K?" she called again as she walked into the room, empty.

She started to panic, Nancy walked over to his bed and pulled back the covers, not there. She got down to her knees and looked under the bed, not there. She got up and ran over to the wardrobe and opened the doors, not there. She dashed into the bathroom, not there. She ran all around the apartment, shouting out his name in hopes that he might reply, no such luck. She went back into his room again, Nancy was in tears now, her little boy was gone, and all because she had bin in a fit of rage and yelled at him, he was only 8 and he had once told her he hated it when people yelled at him, or anyone else. "Yelling never leads anywhere good, only to fighting" he had said. She cursed herself for not remembering and then sat down on the greenish brown coach. She didn't know what to do, where would he have gone, she questioned herself as she wracked at her brain for answers. Nothing came.

3 minutes later, subway station: 10.15PM

T.K had managed to run all the way the the underground subway without stoping though he got drenched in the process, he was now paying for the ticket, the boy didn't know we're he was going to go, but anywhere was better then home. The young blond was only now starting to feel the consequences of running all the way here, his feet and legs were killing him, and his back wasn't feeling faring any better with his bag on his back. He slotted in the money and pressed on the number 1 button. The machine clanged a bit and out came the small cream covered ticket. T.K turned around and looked at the map, he had no clue as to what it said or what it was showing, he sat down on the seat that was under the map. He felt miserable for not thinking of we're he would go and what he would do when he got there, he longed for his bed back at the apartment, but there his raging mother would be waiting, and no doubt in his mined could say that she wouldn't be even more angry. Then, apparently a light switched on because he had an idea, he'd just go they way Matt took him back, after they came back from summer camp and there first trip into the digital world, when they separated to go back home until they found the 8th child, Matt had taken his little brother on the subway back home, even though that also turned out to be an adventure when he and Patamon had a fight so they needed to go look for him and as that happened, they ran into Pumkinmon and Gatsumon and they went on a wild goose chase all over town. T.K sighed at the good memory's and got up, he headed down the stone steps. The train had just come in as he mad a mad dash for the open doors. He just made it in as the doors began to shut, the train started moving with a slight screech of the tracks, T.K looked around, the cart was empty, no one but him was in there, the child turned to one of the seats and took his heavy bag of and dumped it onto the seat, then proceeded to do the same. His body felt heavy as he sat down on the cold leather seat, the exhausted boy rested his head against his bag and quietly, fell into slumber.

The conductor didn't think anyone had gotten on so T.K was left to his dreamless sleep, 7 minutes went by and by then the train had arrived at Highton View Terrace, the voice box went off ands voice spoke through.

"Highton View Terrace, we have arrived at Highon View Terrace" the voice announced.

eyes shot open as he heard this, he had apparently rolled onto his left side while sleeping with his head against his backpack. He jumped off the seat and bolted to the door, T.K stopped when he relished that his backpack was still there, he turned back and dashed into the train again, he had grabbed his bag when the door began to close. He made a brake for it, he got to the door and managed to squeeze through, he stumbled a bit as his left leg was nicked by the closing doors, holding it for just long enough to make him lose his balance and fall to the ground, grazing his right knee in the process. He tumbled for a bit until he landed on his back with a thud, the train screeching off while this was happening. T.K laid there for a moment, there wasn't anyone in the subway so no one asked wether he was ok or not, and frankly, he wasn't. He pulled himself to his feet and limped over to one of the seats that people would sit in to wait for the train, (I know it was only a graze, but he's 8 and he's just had a traumatic day, give him a brake) T.K sat down in the cold steel seat, he inspected his graze, it was really stinging and there was a bit of blood coming from it. He started to sob as he pulled his legs to his chest, tears started to stream down his cheeks again as he began to cry. He was soaking wet, tired, hungry, thirsty, hurt and had nowhere to go.

"A... Achoo!" he sneezed, apparently he was starting to get a cold from being out in the rain. He kept crying with the occasional sneeze, but by that time, someone else had entered the station.

End of chapter 1

Authors note: you like it, do yah, ha. Anyway, just a couple of quick things, I really am sucked into this story and I'm probably finish this story before I get back to bakugan again, but don't stress, I will finish it. Seconded, I know most of you are going to hate me for this, but I'm going to almost completely ignore season 2, like how Sora went with Matt, or Mimi with Izzy or Joe, but I promise I'm keeping the T.K and Kari logic, but I'm making there relationship a bit older, as in this didn't start when they were teens, it's not that I didn't like season 2 but I really hated the time skip. And lastly, T.K and Kari's relationship is going to be complexes seeing as there 8, firstly, no sex or making out, but the occasional firework making kiss is definitely going to happen, and cheek kisses will definitely be happening, oh but I'm spoiling you guys, your gonna need to read on for more, till next time, best of luck with everything you all do :D