The Expert On Being Sick Is Back

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Third person: 8.00AM Sunday

The Kamiya's apartment was quiet, the stormy night they had was obvious due to cold raindrops dripping down off the roof of the building, orange and brown leaves scattered around outside, any trees in sight where completely bare. Tai was sleeping in his room, the cream covers only covering half of his body, the other half extending over the mattress. Had slept in his cloths last night due to being exhausted from the night before, he didn't even take off the goggles. He gave out a loud snore as saliva dripped down out the right side of his mouth and onto a miniature pool that he had created overnight.

T.K on the other hand was sleeping in a more quieter fashion, once again the blankets covered every bit of his small figure except for his head, his blond hair was a mess due to tossing and turning for most on the night. Sora was the only one awake, she had not slept since she had sung T.K back to sleep after he had a nightmare. She hadn't asked what it was about, she thought that he would tell them when he was ready. Same with what had happened to make him run out into the rain, bye a train ticket to come all the way to Highton View Terrace and catch a ride to Tai's house.

So, after she had gotten the small boy back to sleep, she had gone back to bed and thought to herself, lots of thoughts had sum in her head. Some were of the situation at hand, others where about school, but most of her thoughts were of her beloved friend Biyomon. How she missed her, not a day went by without one of her thoughts being of her pick feathered friend. She had pushed the thoughts out of her head, fearing that it would just make her unhappy. By the time the sun rose, Sora had gotten out of her dressing gown, took a shower, and put back on her cloths from the night before. She had just put on her hair clip when a sudden noise startled her, she snapped her head around the the source, only to sigh as Tai made another loud snore. The girl shook her head as she made her way out the door as quietly as she could and made her way to the kitchen, she shivered when her bare foot made contact with the cold wooden floor, it slightly creaked in the process. She shot her glance back to the bedroom door, no noise could be heard except for Tai's snores. Some things never change she thought to herself as she continued onwards to the kitchen.

Tai's POV:8.40AM

I tried desperately to open my eyes, they felt so heavy, like someone had replaced them with bricks overnight. I tried again, oh god my eyelids need a workout! After one last try my eyes opened, everything seemed fuzzy, I rubbed my eyes a bit and opened them again, much better. My arms felt heavy as I stretched them out, I looked to my right and saw another pool of saliva, oh no, please tell me Sora is still asleep! I jumped from my bed and climbed the small adder up to the second bunk, empty, why do always need to sleep in? I looked around in the room, yep definitely awake, her folded night gown was lade flat near her bag next to the door.

"Sora!" I called out.

"In the kitchen!" she called back.

I started to make my way out the door, but as soon as I made it to the hallway, I smelled something. I inhaled deeply, trying to take in every detail, what ever it was it smelled great! I made a mad dash out to the kitchen, we're I saw the most beautiful thing in the world, PANCAKES!

"Oh please tell me those are for me, because I'm starving" I asked as she finished up and put a plate of them on the table, about six of them. She then put some butter, lemon, sugar, maple syrup, jam and even chocolate source near it if we wanted any toppings. I swear that if I wasn't such a self controlled person (bullshit) I would have possibly eaten the hole thing without a second thought.

"Yah right, sorry but me and T.K are eating these all by ourselves while you starve" she said with a playful smile.

(Tai's face) 0.0

Third person

Sora saw the face her friend pulled and soon all she could do was laugh. She laugh so hard that a small tear came to her eye. After she wiped away the tear and stopped laughing she took another look at him to see that his face was bright red.

"Tai seriously, do you think that I would really do that to you?" she questioned him. Tai took another moment to think before he realised that she was using sarcasm and his face became even more red.

Sora laughed again, but stopped to save him even more embarrassment. Tai then looked around, turning his head back satisfied that whatever he was looking for wasn't there.

"T.K isn't up yet?" he asked Sora with a questioning look.

"Not yet, I'll go wake him up" she answered as she started to make her way down the hall only to be stopped by Tai.

"Nah it's alright, I'll do it, you just set up the table" he told her.

"When did I become your waitress?"

"That's not...i...oh! Not what I meant"



"That was sarcasm again" she stated with a playful smile as she turned back towards the kitchen.

Tai blushed as he turned around and quietly walked down the hall, he made his way to the cream coloured door and quietly opened it to reveal the sleeping boy quietly sleeping under the covers. Tai walked over to the bed and started to think of a way to wake him up, when he got his idea there was no way to stop him, that idea then popped into his head and he evilly smiled. He moved his hand over to the cover and yanked it away, which surprisingly didn't wake him up, Tai let go of he covers and gently poked him in the stomach, lips curled into a smile as he rolled to his right. Tai wasn't planing to stop there as he poked him in his left side, getting the small boy to let out a giggle. He then moved his finger into his armpit and wiggled it, which got him laughing as he tried to move away from him.

"Heeeesttopp! hahahahhaah" he said through his laughter, he rolled away from the finger and opened his eyes to see who was his attacker (didn't know how else to put it). When he saw Tai he tried to glare at him but all that did was make him giggle even more.

"Morning buddy, to think Sora said that me waking you up would be unpleasant" Tai stated with a grin.

"It heehee was" T.K replied as the tickling sensations still ran through his body.

"Really, you seemed to have enjoyed it" Tai laughed "come on, Sora's just made breakfast, hope you like pancakes" Tai then started walking towards the door, T.K sat up and started crawling to the side of the bed and hopped down from it. As soon as he started to walk, he began to wobble and stagger and let out a surprised yelp as he started to fall over, But Tai had seen this and quickly caught him.

"You alright there, I know your tiered but still, maybe we should start calling you jelly legs" he joked as he got the small boy to sit down for a sec. T.K shook his head repeatedly before before answering, a dazed expression on his face.

"I think I'm fine, I just feel really dizzy" he stated as he tried to get up again, only to fall back down into Tai's waiting arms. The older boy thought to himself for a sec before getting an idea. He pulled T.K up and over his head so that he was resting on his shoulders.

"Comfortable up there bud?" Tai asked as he started to get up.

"I told you I'm fine, you don't need to do this for me, I can walk" T.K replied in a slightly annoyed voice, the child clung to Tai as so not to lose balance. Tai adjusted to the extra weight as he moved towards the door, the soft green carpet muting all noise his footsteps would have made.

"If I remember correctly, you tried to walk, and ended up falling over, twice" he stated as the two made there way out to the hall, T.K pouting all the way. As soon as they got to the kitchen, they found Sora had made two more pancakes and was adding them to the pile that was already there. The girl looked up from her fine work and saw the two boys come in, giving them a raised eyebrow. Tai saw this and began to explain.

"Seems that our guest has caught the dizzies" Tai stated as T.K glared at him "I told you I'm fine! Now can I please get down?!" Tai complied and gently took him off his shoulders and set him down on an already pulled out seat. It was pretty average, all wooden with the exception of the bottom which was a stuck in soft green cushion, it was fairly squashed in from years of being sited upon. T.K took a moment to get comfortable and turned to look at the work Sora had accomplished.


Ok, so let's see if i've got this straight, one of my friends can sing and cook incredibly and I never knew? Acutely I should probably taste them first. I turned my head to see Tai and Sora sitting down to. Sora passed out the the knifes and forks and we set them out on ether side of our white plates, then she grabbed another fork that was next to the plate of pancakes and impaled one of them and put it on my plate, then did the same with Tai and herself. I looked down at it, it was a complete golden brown pancake that looked like someone had drawn it, somehow made it come out of the paper and made it real, then sprayed it with the best pancake smell in the hole entire world! I looked back up and saw tai reach with his right hand and take the butter, then used his knife to spread it across his perfect pancake, his mouth drooling with anticipation.

"Thank you Sora" I thanked as Tai put the butter back were it was before, Tai remembered he hadn't and quickly followed up with his own thank you.

"Don't thank me yet, for all I know they could all still be completely horrible" she answered with a simple smile.

I took that as a sign that I could eat and with my left hand, reached across the table and only just managed to grab the butter. My hand felt a bit shaky, like Puppetmon had used those strings of his to reach into my hand and pulled them every time I held something in an attempt to make me drop it. I quickly put it down and spread the butter across the pancake, my hand still shaky but I try not to show it, please don't notice, please don't notice...

"You alright there bud, you hands are shaking a bit?" Tai asked.

(Homer Simpson doh!)

"Oh, yah I'm fine" I lied. To tell the truth it isn't just my hands, it feels like the world is spinning around me, and I feel so tired, like someone came up and took all of my energy away. It's a miracle that there only noticing my shaking hands.

"So are you two just gonna sit there and talk or are you going to try my pancakes" Sora cut in, thank you, and with that I pinned the pancake with my fork and cut a piece off with my knife and brought it into my mouth, and chewed...



Third person, Nancy's apartment: 8.30AM

Nancy hadn't slept all night since her sons disappearance, she had looked all over the building, asking anyone who would listen if they had seen him. All replied no, save one, who had seen him run into the subway station. This at first exited her, but then she realised that was hours ago and that he could be anywhere bye now. She thought that he might have headed to Matts, but if that was the case he would have called. She was considering putting up posters, but that would make him seem like a criminal. She finally decide what to do, something that she never thought she would need to do, but she would do anything to get her little boy back, anything...

She picked up the phone and dyld, and now, she waits.

Back to the Kamiya's apartment, 5mins since they began eating, still third person.

The two had literally screamed with delight when they had first tasted Sora's pancakes, to them it was like a little piece of heaven had come down and grassed Sora's cooking skills and that was what brought them these amazing pancakes. Tai had literally started to shove the food down his thought with as many toppings as he could get on it, only to end up nearly choking himself to death. T.K took a more civilised way of eating it, using his knife and fork, though he still ate it a bit too fast, which resulted in him going into a small coifing fit, but that didn't last long. Even Sora was amazed with her work, but didn't eat as fast as the boys. They were on there second pancakes when T.K asked a question.

"Hay Tai, how come Kari isn't here?" he questioned as the older boy finished off another mouthful of pancake.

"Wait a sec, you only noticed that she wasn't here until now?!" he replied.

"Well I thought that she had gone to bed already, because I came here pretty late last night" he answered as Tai took in the information and then nodded in agreement.

"So where is she?"

"Why don't you ask me yourself?"

T.K yelped in surprise at the voice behind him and literally jumped out of his seat, which also caused him to fall off his chair and land on the floor with a thud. They all laughed a bit at the sight, letting up just a bit to see that he was rubbing is head.

"Sorry about that, you alright?" she asked with a bit of concern in her voice, she bent down and extended her hand. T.K too it gratefully and started to get up again, but it seamed that it's not as easy as it looks.

As soon as he started trying to up, he just ended up flopping back down onto the floor. Tai got up quickly and picked him up again, carefully making shore that he wouldn't wobble and fall back down. It was becoming more evident that his cold was getting worse, Kari didn't look surprised by it, Sora and Tai explained to her what happened last night to get her up to speed. Kari looked over to T.K, who was finishing off his last pancake, then turned back to them.

"So exactly what happened to make him come here?" she questioned her two older friends.

"We don't know, we never asked, but we are planing to" Sora replied, taking a glance at the young boy.

"Why don't we just ask now?" Tai asked, earning a small glare from the two girls.

"Seriously? We can't just walk up to him and say "What happened to make you come here" that would be insensitive and at the very least rude" Kari angrily replied.

"Oh... Right, anyway, I just remembered that I'm gonna need to got grocery shopping, where nearly out of food" he stated as he took a glance at the pantry and fridge.

"I noticed, there was barley enough ingredients to make breakfast, I used the last of them up for the two that you sure when you brought T.K out. That reminds me, Kari, if your hungry, you can have the last two" Sora said, Kari nodded and turned to look at the young blond haired boy, and apparently coming to a decision.

"Look, seeing as Tai is gonna need to get a lot of stuff, why don't you and him go to the grocery store and I'll stay here and take care of T.K, and before you argue that I can't, I've bin sick more times then I can count so I know a lot about what to do if someone gets sick. Also, I think that I'm a bit more responsible then my brother so it's not like I'm gonna burn the house down, I also know both of your phone numbers so is there's an emergency, I'll call" She told them.

"She has a point Tai" Sora stated, looking to the messy haired boy.

"Hm... Alright, but if there's any trouble, you need to call us straight away, I go get some bags and we'll leave" Tai agreed, heading back towards the pantry.

This will be an interesting day, Kari thought to herself as she looked back to T.K.

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