The Problems They Face

Everyday, the Lake Trio have their daily bout of doing their work or whatever they do.

Azelf usually gets in trouble pranking others' or playing her video games.
Mesprit is usually scolding Azelf, or separating her from Uxie before she destroys her. Or mulling around Celebi.
Uxie is usually solving something, or arguing with Azelf about something; brains vs. brawn type fights.

Of course, they do have their problems...

Problem 1 – Size.

Being small means being agile, but in a place where two-thirds of your 'co-workers' are massive, it's not so good. The Lake Trio are the utmost smallest and lightest of all legends and almost the smallest and lightest in the world.

"Oy watch it! You almost crushed me you pillick!" Uxie yelled at Kyurem, who was quelling another fight between two legends.

"I'm sorry, it's not my fault you're a foot tall and hard to see!" He yelled back, still trying to quell the fighting between Ho-oh and Lugia, which had somehow started over cheese.

There are also the times where size effects what their limit on what they can is...

The legends were putting up decorations for a party for Palkia, the large legends were doing the big stuff like streamers and ceiling décor and the small legends were doing menial work like cooking or setting the table.

...Or if your the lake guardians, you would be doing something idiotically out of your league; which they were.
They were tasked with setting the large legendary table as none of the others' were open to do it, and size wasn't helping as the plates were about seven-times their size. Not even their psychic powers' were helping as much as they thought they would.

"Ok... *pant* this... *pant pant* is... *pant pant* too... much... *pant pant* work..." Azelf said as she lay on her back fanning herself with Uxie's tail, to which the one attached to it was out cold from exhaustion. Mesprit was off again on one of her violent mood swings on the party organizer, Arceus, about their job.

Problem 2 – Luck

If it's something the Lake Trio is known for, it's bad luck. Striking time and time again, usually messing them up but doesn't keep them from trying...

...well actually, it does.

"Hey Uxie, what're you doing?" Mew asked quizzically, as Uxie fiddled with her laptop.

"It's quite simple really, I'm just-" As she explained, an arch of electricity sparked onto her tail and... *ZAP*

"Want me to teleport you to the infirmary!?"

"...n-noo...ju-just get Me-Mesprit"


Their bad luck can strike when they least expect it as well...

"Mesprit, are you sure that it's safe for you to handle that?" Asked Celebi as she held a couple bobby pins.

"It's fine, I've trained myself to sew. It'll be easy... hopefully..." She then started up the machine and not even three seconds after it started, it blew up in Mesprit's face, leaving her burnt to a crisp.

"*sigh* I'll go get the ointment..."

"*cough cough*A-and..."

Problem 3 – Personality

The personalities of the Lake Trio are also troublesome, particularity Azelf's...

"When the cherry-bomb goes off, it will set of the trap, which would make a thousand balloons filled with paint fall onto the everyone in the meeting hall! It's perfect!" Azelf said as if she was a mad scientist.

"Can I do the honers'?" Mew asked, wanting nothing more than to cause trouble with his best friend.

"Go right ahead."




"Who did this!"


"Awesome." Holding up her fist.
"Totally." He said pounding it, before they get pounded into the floor.


Mesprit's personality problem stems from the fact that she has violent mood swings, a downside of being the Giver of Emotion.

...but it does make for some funny scenarios...

Mesprit floated over to her sister Uxie, who was reading a book in an armchair twice her size, to ask her something.
"Hey Uxie... can I ask you something?"

"Wot?" Uxie looked up from her book, as if her eyes were open, and looked straight at Mesprit.

"Well... uhh..." Suddenly before Uxie's... closed eyes, Mesprit's face contorted into one of pure anger.
"Run. Run or you're de-." Before anything further could be said, Uxie had silently slammed the book unto Mesprit's head, making her normal again.

"Di-did I change again?"
Uxie just nodded, as if it was (and it is) an everyday occurrence.

"Is there a way t-"

"Nope. As the Being of Emotion, mood swings like that are a given. It's a wonder that anyone besides my and Azelf hang out with you." The only response Uxie got was a dictionary to her face.


Uxie's personality is the most sane of the three but her accent and different vocabulary messes everyone up short of her own siblings, who live with it.

"Oy, Jirachi, can you make some tea?"


"Tea, make some tea?"

"Uhh... I'm sorry, I'm just getting used to the new accent and faces."

"Ugh-" "She said she wanted a tea." Mesprit said as she entered without even batting an eye.

The small legends in the kitchens were surprised when Mesprit answered for her without pausing.

"Hey Mesprit, you understand that gibberish!?" Celebi asked the Emotion Giver.

"That 'gibberish' is proper English you pillick, get with the times."

"Tr-Translation?" She asked sheepishly.

"It's not gibberish, it's proper English. Don't insult her. Like you don't insult me for my mood swings and Azelf for her idiocy, you shouldn't do it to Uxie because of something trivial like that..

From far outside the kitchen: "I'm not an idiot!"

At the end of the day, the Lake Trio, despite whatever happens that day, be it explosions, pranks, violent mood swings, getting crushed or their bad luck; the three of them go to bed knowing one thing.

They have each other, unlike almost all the legends, as siblings with a close relationship that can stand anything short of their deaths.

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