The Kindest Legendaries

That is right everyone. Now we will be talking about the two kindest legendaries that are at the Hall of Origins. These two legendaries are Suicune and Viziron!

How are they kind? Let me show you an example.

Manaphy and Phonie were crying because Groudon had once again bullied them. Suicune and Viziron heard the two pokemon crying and went to see them. They played with them games to cheer them up and then defeated Groudon as revenge for them. I even have a flashback to show the pain Groudon was facing.


"Ow! Okay I surrender please!" Groudon begged with tears coming down his eyes.

"Really? You kept on attacking when Manaphy and Phonie begged for mercy." Suicune said calmly.

"Yes. So why shouldn't we do the same to you?" Viziron said, equally calm.

"Um...because I am handsome and I could be your lovers?" Groudon asked with hope in his voice.

Wrong thing to say. Suicune and Viziron looked at Groudon with daggers in their eyes. Before Groudon felt extreme pain, one thought entered his head.

'Never take advice from Victini. Especially if it concerns girls." Groudon thought to himself.

(Flashback end)

Had to end it. It would be gruesome if I described what happened and I really don't want to go there. Let's just say Groudon was in the Legendary Hospital for two months.

Viziron and Suicune were talking with each other, unaware that two pokemon were looking at them from a distance.

"Hey Silver? Who do you like? Suicune or Viziron?" a Scizor asked.

"Suicune definately. She is so cool...and cute." Silver said, with hearts coming out of his eyes.

"Viziron is definately for me. She is so nice and caring." Scizor X said, also having hearts popping out of his eyes.

Unfortunately, they did not notice to angry pokemon right behind them, until it was too late.

Cobalion tackled Scizor X to the ground. Silver tried to help Scizor X, but as soon as he started to take flight, he was pounced on by Entei.

"Scizor X! Silver the Flygon! You two are NOT taking our loves, you understand!" Cobalion ordered, pointing his horn (which is still using Sacred Sword) at Scizor's chest, while Entei was threatening to bite Silver's tail off with a Fire Fang.

"Okay! Uncle! Me and Silver won't! Alright?" Scizor X said as Silver nodded in agreement.

"Fine. But this is your first warning." Cobalion said as he and Entei left us.

"You know what Silver? When we try to talk with Viziron and Suicune, lets first make sure Cobalion and Entei aren't nearby." Scizor X said.

"I agree." Silver said.