To Win a War

How much are we willing to pay to succeed?

Ok I am back. Sorry I was really busy for the past few weeks as well as having to write for my not so serious story "Ask the Kirby Characters". Thanks to everyone for reviewing this, I really helps out a lot (and it's nice to know what people think about what I write). I was requested to do a chapter with more Meta Knight so the majority of the chapter will focus on him and the GSA.

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Meta Knight's POV

The heavy atmosphere inside of the command center matched the heavy rain falling outside; even nature was morning the lost. We had sent roughly a thousand new recruits to their deaths for what? A half drowned planet that didn't even have a name; that is what we were fighting for, a useless planet? We had won, but had the price been fair for what our victory was?

The head officers were whispering to each other in thin, strained voices as they continued to glace at Sir Arthur and I as we sat at the raise podium in the center of the room. We were the ones that had given the order to send those troops out, against both of our better judgments we had both issued the command. Sir Arthur was too busy looking at the new maps and transport locations the strike team had found in the base after the invasion to see the looks we were being given. Those maps had been the only thing of any value that we had found in the enemy base. Everyone was told that the maps were of great value but one simple look at them would tell the truth, the maps were old, outdated, not containing any additional information we hadn't already known.

I continued to face forward; the mask prevented anyone from seeing the constant flickering emotions on my face, not a bad thing considering the emotions ranged from rage to an icy calm. For once my eyes remained the same shade of gold constantly, whatever power possessed them to change was too stunned to even comprehend the brutality of the information I was hearing. From the various scout reports as well as the medical team's report painted a truly graphic image. For every hundred soldiers that had entered the fight, only two or three made it back to base ALIVE, and even then a good portion of the soldiers rescued were in critical condition or died after returning.

"What is the worth of war" I thought darkly, "the potential of peace? Nightmare grows stronger by the day, and I am not sure how much longer we can keep this up. We are running low on supplies and troops and the attacks Arthur has been issuing have become desperate. How much time do we have left before we lose everything?"

"Meta Knight did you hear me?"

I snapped out of my thoughts at the question. The whole Council of Warriors was staring at me and I felt my face go red under my mask. "No sir" I responded quickly, not wanting to seem any more out of it that I already was.

A few chuckles drifted form those assembled, I saw Arthur visibly cringe at my day spacing. "Allow me to repeat soldier" Arthur sighed "I said that there is no longer a reason for you to stay here, please leave use so we can converse privately."

"Yes Sir" I muttered to the table in front of me, I was just as experienced as the rest of the warriors here, the only reason I wasn't a part of the council itself was…that.

I quickly rose and took my leave, there wasn't a reason to stay anyway, and it wasn't like they were going to say anything I didn't already know anyway. As I exited the building a shadow detached itself from the wall where it had been leaning not two moments before and fell in step with me. As I cast a glance at my new companion I couldn't help but roll my eyes, people were very easily frustrated with me but at least I wasn't eavesdropping on the meetings when I wasn't wanted. "How much did you hear" I asked as we rounded the bend and continued on toward the barracks.

My companion smirked and raised his hand over his head and stretched. "I heard it all" he yawned "really sucks, too many good kids died out there today."

"Its war" I signed "life is downgraded to make room for glory and honor."

My companion snorted in response to that and grew silent. Finally as we went our separate ways I spoke up, "they say all is fair in love and war" I said as I turned the corner and faced him again.

"Yeah so" he said raising an eyebrow and the random quote I made.

"If that is the case" I replied "how much do we all lose in the attempt to win that we can never get back?" and with that I tuned and left to go to my cot for some much needed sleep.

Short, short, short. I really did mean for this to be a lot longer but a lot of the original version I edited out as I felt as though it was unnecessary. Anyway, Meta has some conflict about the way things are being run in this stage of the war with Nightmare, and you will see more of that conflict later on as the "War" reaches is final stages. On a random side note, because I didn't come out and say it, props to anyone who can guess who Meta is talking to at the end of the story. Enough with the rant (it was a long one) and I hope you enjoyed; please review and tell me what you think as well as any suggestions as to what the next chapter should focus on.