Two Years Ago, I thought about doing a Kingdom Hearts/Pokemon after I watched a Let's Play of the first game on youtube. Last week, I decided to start it while I was watching Hellfire Commentaries' Kingdom Hearts marathon. Since Dream Drop Distance recently came out, I think it's a good time to begin this story.

Please no flames if I make a mistake. I'm not a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fanboy. I've played KH1, CoM, and KH2 back when they first came out, but I have seen let's plays/playthroughs of the spin-off games.


"Friendship. A part of us that makes us human. A pond of light that keeps flowing within our hearts. A pond that makes us strong."

Pallet Town: Ash's House

Ash's POV

Stars of the nighttime sky were replacing the daytime sun temporary as I was lying on the grassy yard of my house. The calm breeze blew through me, making my messy black hair blow with the grass. As the stars were sparkling, my mind was recapping the events of my life. It had been four years since I began my life as a Pokemon Trainer.

"We've sure did a lot over the years, Pikachu." I turned to my partner.

To my left was my yellow mouse partner curled up in a ball. His little face was covered by his long lightning bolt shaped tail as I heard him sleep like an angel. I gave the sleeping pokemon a gentle stroke on his back.

I gazed back at the sky, returning to my thoughts. It had been three months since I returned from my seventh journey of being a Pokemon Master. I had traveled through five regions on this beautiful world. Each journey's goals were similar, but the pokemon were all different as the friends I made. From Gym Leaders to Coordinators, I made some of the greatest friends a trainer could have.

Remembering some legendary pokemon like Arceus and Deoxyx suddenly made me wonder more about my life. Since Arceus created the universe and Deoxyx is a pokemon from outer space, could there be other pokemon not from this world? Are there other worlds inhabitant with other pokemon?

"That would be cool." I said to my thoughts.

"Maybe a pokemon out there would come to our world." I replied.

"Ash, bedtime!" My mom called out.

Pikachu awoke from my mother's call as I got on my feet. Feeling the grass crunching beneath my white socks, I turn around and began to head towards the back door. Pikachu jumped onto my right shoulder as I opened the door, still half asleep.

"Time to us to hit the hay, Pikachu!" I said to my buddy, entering the house

"Piiiikkaaaa..." Pikachu yawned.

Sinnoh: Celestic Ruins

Normal POV

The sound of rocks fell as a team of four diggers tore down a piece of the northern wall. A gray haired man with a laptop went to the the destroyed wall, hoping to find some secrets about either the three guardian spirits of Sinnoh, Dialga, or Palkia. With the laptop the man scan a the inner wall.

"What the..." The researcher said.

"A keyhole?" He wondered all confused.

Suddenly, the keyhole in the center of the room began to glow, making the famous pokemon expert stare at it.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" The diggers screamed.

The researcher quickly turned around as he saw his workers freeze in fear, watching four weird dark pokemon emerge from the ground. The creatures were about the size of a Squirtle who looked like large shadow ants. Their eyes glowed yellow as they stared into the souls of the diggers.

"What kind of pokemon are they?" The researcher said, snapping pictures with his built in digital camera.

The beasts charged at the diggers, knocking them down onto the cold floor. One by one the four workers began to glow as their hearts literally rose out of their bodies. The researcher's eyes bugged out because of not only he was recording the horror on video on his laptop, but he knew he was going to be next.

"I need to get back to Molly!" The scared father cried, slamming his laptop.

He ran past the shadow creatures as fast as he could out of the ruins and jumped into his car. With his little girl safe at the pokemon center in Celestic Town, he drove off like the wind.

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