Pallet Town

Ash's POV


Our keyblades clashed in a duel between me and the auburn teen, Kairi. Her face towered in sight as I felt her strength pushing against me. I gave a smile to my opponent, knowing that my idea was good. I hated to see my friends weak. Like training with my pokemon, I wanted to train with Kairi to improve both our skills.

"Not bad, Kairi." I smiled.

"You're pretty good for somebody who just got a keyblade a few hours ago." Sora's friend said.

"Did it took you some time wondering how to wield one?" She asked.

"I had a strange dream where some voice gave me a keyblade to fight some Heartless in some odd realm. I didn't have Pikachu or my other pokemon so I assumed the keyblade is a sword." I added.

"You mean the Station of Destiny?" Kairi mentioned.

"The what?" I blinked.

Suddenly, my mind flashed to a familiar hot air balloon coming towards us. Inside the emerald basket were the three same group of mediocre thieves with one of them being a cat. Through the auburn hair, I could see my best buddy on a tree branch eating an apple.

"Pikachu! Team Rocket's coming!" I warned my buddy.

"Team Rocket?" Kairi repeated.

The teen pulled back and jumped a foot backwards away from me. She gave me a confuse look on her face, wondering who I just mentioned. I was about to explain to her who the trio were, when a large mechanical hand rushed above us and snatched Pikachu off the tree. I quickly turned around and found the large hot air balloon floating above us as it reeled my buddy into a large cage.

"PIKACHU!" I cried.


"Are they Team Rocket?" Kairi wondered.

"Listen, is that a voice I hear?" said a woman who probably was in her mid 20's. She had a red "R" on her chest, sapphire eyes, long purple reddish hair that went down to her back and was curled up a little bit.

"It's speaking to me loud and clear." said a man with green eyes, short blue hair that went down to his shoulders and also had an red "R" on his chest.

"On the wind!"

"Past the stars!"

"In your ear!" said a talking cat pokemon with a yellow jewel on his forehead.

"Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace."

"Dashing hope, putting fear in its place."

"A rose by any other name is just as sweet."

"When everything's worse, our work is complete."


"And it's James!"

"And Meowth, now dat's a name!"

"And Pete, let's start this ga...GAH!" A big fat cat said.

"Pete?" Kairi exclaimed.

"Fancy meeting you too, Princess!" Pete greeted the teen.

"Wait, you know that pokemon?" I gasped at

Out of all the pokemon I had encountered over the years, I had never seen a large black furred cat pokemon before. His appearance seemed like a cartoon character to me as he wore some kind of general's clothing. Clothing from a general that you would see in a fantasy video game. And why did he called Kairi a princess? Was Pete a pokemon that Kairi wanted to capture?

"I'll explain to you in Sinnoh, Ash, but now we need to get Pikachu back!" Kairi answered.

"Not so fast!" Pete said as he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a large group of Heartless were summoned out of nowhere. Not only we had to dealt with more shadow monsters, but there were more fat bodied and flying ones. The same types I fought hours ago surrounding Kairi and I.

"These guys are the last things we need!"I gasped.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" A woman's voice screamed nearby.

"MOM!" I cried.

The desperate cry for help made me want to rush to my mom's side for her protection. Just the thought of her and Prof. Oak being attacked by these demons gave me cold feet. I wanted to help them, but I didn't want to lose sight of Team Rocket. I also didn't want to leave Kairi either. If she died, Sora would seriously kill me. Nothing is worse than breaking a promise to a new friend.

"I'll go help your mom!" Kairi said.

"You sure?" I turned to the teen.

"Here! Take these!" She said, handing me two gemstones.

The redhead ran off into Professor Oak's Lab, leaving me to fight Satan's children. I put the stones in my pocket and stared at my foes. Against a small army, I knew it wasn't going to be easy with no help. Then, it dawned on me, making me feel so dumb.

"Duh! I'm with all my pokemon!" I facepalmed.

Inside Prof. Oak's House

Kairi's POV



"Mrs. Ketchum! Prof. Oak! Where are you?" I called out.

I quickly ran upstairs to the upper floor of the house, only to get surprised by a gallons of water spraying my face. The force was so strong that it knocked me back down the staircase. Step by step, my head met steel until my back felt the back wall. My body froze in great pain as I saw two teenagers coming down to check on me. The first was a man with a red headband on behind his long black bangs. He was wearing a green shirt and red shorts; which made him look like Wakka if he had orange pointy hair and puffy pants.

The teen behind him was easily recognizable after seeing the party photo back at Ash's house. It was the orange haired girl who was literately at Ash's side. The one who stood at the opposite side from where Dawn was standing. Just like in the photo, the girl had her hair tied up in a hair crunchy and was wearing some kind of yellow outfit with a blue button over her breasts.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked, grabbing my arm.

"We're so sorry! We thought you were one of them!" The girl apologized, helping as well.

"I'm fine." I said, slowly getting back up.

"Where's Mrs. Ketchum and Prof. Oak?" I asked.

"They're being evacuated to Mrs. Ketchum's house." The boy informed.

"Are they being escorted?" I replied.

"Prof. Oak has his Dragonite with him." The boy answered.

"I hope it's a strong one. There could be Heartless roaming the town now." I said.

"Just to be safe, Tracey! Escort Mrs. Ketchum and Prof. Oak in case there's an onslaught of those Heartless." The girl ordered.

"I'll check if the other people in town need help." The boy nodded.

"Let's go, Maril!" He called his pokemon.

A small blue mouse pokemon went down the stairs and followed his trainer out of the house. A portal of darkness opened up after Tracey shut the door, leaving us with a Soldier Heartless. Before the girl could react I ran in and eradicated the beast with three strikes with my keyblade.

"Nice job...Kairi? Is that your name?" The girl guessed.

"Yes, and you must be one of the Gym Leaders Ash told me about." I nodded, reaching my hand out.

"I'm Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader!" The girl introduced herself.

"You know Ash?" She asked.

"He saved my life from the Heartless last night." I said.

"Typical." Misty rolled her eyes.

"What brings you here?" I questioned.

"The Heartless invaded the gym and nearly killed the pokemon. I saw that video on the news and became worried about Ash. So I rushed here to see if I can help." Misty explained.

"Prof. Oak said that you're the expert of what's happening to the world." She commented.

"I am! As a matter of fact, we do need some help!" I said.

I explained what problem we were currently having that involved Team Rocket and Pete. When I told the young Gym Leader the part that Ash was now fighting a small army of Heartless without Pikachu, she ran out the backdoor to help her friend.

Back Outside

Ash's POV



The ranch that was once the home for my pokemon was now a battlefield full of Heartless. Every pokemon that was outside was fighting for our lives including me. Swinging like a mad man, the evil demons were being taken out one by one by my keyblade physically and magically. Somehow, I was casting fire and ice spells with my weapon. Were the gemstones Kairi gave me magic stones?

"ASH!" A familiar female voice shouted.

I turned around and froze at the sight of an old friend. Her orange hair tied up was enough for me to identify her in a heartbeat.

"HEY, MIST...Oof!"

A Large body rammed into my side, knocking me down for the moment while Snorlax took care of it. I quickly got up as the Cerulean City Gym Leader summoned her team of pokemon. Being with her for over a year, I knew all the pokemon Misty brought with her. The first pokemon that appeared was Staryu, the star with a red gem for a face. The rest were Corsola, Politoad, a Maril, Starmie, and Misty's strongest pokemon, Gyrados.

"Gyrados, use Flamethrower!" Misty ordered.

The large serphant took a deep breath and let it all loose to all the Heartless. One by one, the shadow demons were sprayed by the burning hose of Gyrados. The heat was was so intense that I had to duck from the incoming flames. It didn't took long til all the Heartless were defeated.

"Thanks, Misty!" I cried, getting back up.


"I'M COMING, PIKACHU!" I yelled.

Another wave of Heartless suddenly appeared, making this dance number really ridiculous. I must have slayed at least fifty Heartless with the help of my pokemon and it still wasn't good enough. Must have been good for Team Rocket though.

"We'll deal with the Heartless, Ash!" Kairi said, coming out of the door.

"Save Pikachu!" She ordered.

"But how can I open the cage?" I asked, looking at the floating hot air balloon above.

"Use the Keyblade!" The auburn teen hinted.

"Well, OK!" I nodded, slashing my way out of the fenced area.

I got out of the fenced area and stood with an angry look on my face. In front of me was the source of all this minor chaos as they had my buddy inside a locked cage while they were laughing at how puny I was. Suddenly, I felt my keyblade thrusting towards where the cage was hanging was hanging. My right arm felt the magic of the key in my hand as it shot a beam of light at the lock of the cage. The keyhole glowed as the cage somehow opened up, freeing Pikachu.

"Pikapiiiii!" My buddy jumped out of the cage with joy.

"Pikachu!" I cheered.

I was more happy than shocked by what I just witnessed. Kairi knew that the keyblade could unlocked the cage; which made me wonder if it could also open other locks. It wasn't my concern. I got Pikachu back and it was time to deal with Team Rocket for the day. I caught my buddy, gave him a big hug, and resumed to my objective.

"NO WAY!" Team Rocket cried.

"You're going to pay for that!" Pete yelled.

"Pikachu, let them have it!" I gave the order.

My mouse jumped down in front of me and began to charged up for a Thunderbolt. Feeling the electric current behind me, I took a few steps back, knowing that it was going to be a godly one. Lightning flew out into the air and struck the villains. Screams of pain satisfied us as the balloon exploded, sending my foes far away from my town.

"WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket screamed in defeat once again.

"Nice try, guys!" I waved.


The sight of the large cat pokemon crashing in front of me completely surprised me. I thought the balloon would have sent him flying with Team Rocket. I guessed gravity was on Pete's side due to his fatness. The cat groaned in pain as he slowly got up, shaking away the pain.

"Very impressive, Pipsqueak." Pete said.

"No wonder why those three nimrods wanted your little pet." He replied.

"You mean you aren't apart of Team Rocket?" I asked.

"I've seen Heartless do better jobs than they ever could." The cat laughed.

"To be fair on the scamps, they did led me to the princess." He gave a good comment.

"Kairi?" I recalled.

"Bingo! One of seven, in fact!" Pete pointed out.

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