Jace was a well-known mind mage and planeswalker. He's the leader of the Infinite Consortium, an Interplanar organization, and he was one of Nicol Bolas's difficult enemies.

As an academic-oriented mage, he prefers dealing with his problems with an analytical eye and logical thinking. Things like emotions and relationships do not interest him. It's rare for him to exert effort in improving his social skills and communication.

He doesn't like fighting much and he prefers staying away from trouble. It was rare for him to come into his own defense when needed compared to running away to avoid them. If he had any emotional loose ends, he preferred to not deal with it and let it be.

That was all in the past though.

Now, he's a known ally of Gideon Jura in their quest to save the Multiverse, he was a reluctant friend of Chandra Nalaar due to their past encounters, he was also a past lover of Liliana Vess before their falling out after the Consortium's initial destruction, and he was once Tezzeret's pupil. And he's Sorin Markov's lover.

There wasn't anything special about the last part, but it was one of the things that helped him come into terms with all the crazy shit that happened in his life.



"Kallist." This time, he wasn't running away.

Kallist smiled sat down, Jace mirrored his actions. They were in a dream of sorts, the sky was above them and the sea was beneath their feet.

"How's life?" Kallist asked. Jace shrugged.

"Not bad, but I couldn't ask for anything better."





"You're welcome."


Notes: Ah, I finally finished a story, which is a good milestone on my part. Yay!

The sequel will be coming soon once I'm done with chapter 1! Yay!