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Chapter 1 – Where am I?

A man suddenly woke up with a start and winced at the awful pain that gripped his body. It was so dark that he could not even see his hand in front of his own face. Thankfully, his eyes gradually adjusted and his vision returned as he commenced on the exploration his current location. As he looked around, he found himself in what looks like a large ancient cavern. There were seal arrays written on the floor where he laid. He slowly stood up; though, an even worse pain as another jolt of electricity coursing through his whole body welcomed him warmly.

Then in a moment of clarity, he remembered everything. The fact that his life was ruined and that the one he called a very dear friend, no a brother had betrayed him along with the entire village he used to live in. He also recalled how his childhood crush laughed at his honest words of love and spat at them. How she said that he was not human, therefore he was a monster and was beneath them as she spat at him. She said that she could never love him as she was in love with his so-called brother. He was finally about to be Hokage too. However, the people of Konoha refused to take him seriously saying that their weapon, their Jinchūriki cannot be their Hokage and leader. Their words stung even now, as they called him a demon. He was no longer a human as a consequence will never be Hokage. After all, now that the war was over and his usage was concluded, he had been reduced to nothing but a mere slave demon- a weapon for Konoha to play with and command like a chained dog.

To avoid getting a headache, he pushed the morbid thoughts away in order to properly look for the cave's exit.

Two to three minutes later

There was a pale light at the end of the tunnel. The hooded masked shinobi in the cave shook his head in an attempt to remove these horrid memories but it was of no use. He walked out of the cave as he noticed that it was at night and a full moon shined its lovely pale light on the forest that surrounded the mouth of the cave. He was a tall young man in his late teen or early twenties. He was about 6ft. 2in. tall, which was very tall and had a perfectly muscular build that fit his height and profession. Therefore, he was muscular but not over the top, more like his muscles looked condensed giving him twenty times more strength than the average shinobi back in his home. He was wearing a crimson kitsune facemask and had covered his head with the hood of his coat. He took off the mask and hood, as did not need it anymore.

The young man had golden blond hair and the sharpest, most brilliant sapphire foxlike blue eyes you might have ever seen. He had three whisker-like lines on each side of his cheeks as well as pearly white sharp teeth, fangs and a strong jaw giving him an even more animalistic look. He also had long shoulder-length hair, with his bangs seeming like they could hide his eyes behind them if he wanted to. He wore a black hitai-ate across his forehead like a bandanna, keeping his long bangs from obscuring his vision. It consisted of a metal plate with symbol of a leaf with a spiral engraved in the center and long durable black cloth. It had a slash on the symbol that showed he was a nukenin. His attire consisted of a long-sleeved, hooded black coat. Underneath the coat was standard ANBU Black Ops uniform consisting of black and grey armor covered by a black flak jacket, metal arm guards, fingerless metal plated gloves, and black Shinobi sandals. His arm guards glowed a lit blue color as special seals similar to the ones in the cave appeared over them, causing them retract and change into a simple, but shiny, metal shackles around his wrists. He was also wearing two weapon pouches on his back-waist and a large scroll attached to his lower back. He sighed as he remembered his battle with his parent's murderer, the Masked Man.


It was the third night of the Fourth World War and had already reached the peak of it. A young man of the age of 16 or 17 stood with two older men in front of a uniquely masked man. This man was the one responsible for ruining his life. The masked man had a unique and annoying skill as he could not take any physical damage and was a master in Jikūkan Ninjutsu. Naruto had defeated him but that came with a terrible price. Hatake Kakashi, his sensei had died protecting him and unleashed his anger making his unstable chakra even more unstable causing an unprecedented chain reaction. His chakra was already potent due to the help of his lifelong companion, Kurama the Kyūbi. He was there from the moment his mother had him to the moment of his birth as his he was sealed in said mother also known as Uzumaki Kushina.

Then again, his parents Namikaze Minato and his mother sealed Kurama in him on the day of his birth as to protect both Konoha and Naruto from the masked man. However, what they did not know was that the child of a Jinchūriki happen to be partly demonized as an aftereffect of the bijū potent chakra during their mother's pregnancy. Meaning that if said child was to be the next Jinchūriki, he or she would have more of the bijū's characteristics and therefore become truly demonic in nature.

This made his body and chakra is much stronger than the average ninja to the point that people would say that the Kyūbi demonized him. The factor that helped in the transformation was strangely his Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai that he did not even know he had. When Naruto had mastered his control on Kurama's chakra, it had triggered the transformation and slowly but surely, his DNA along with his body had been forever altered. Just when the masked man was about to land the killing blow, the blond genin activated what looked like a new dōjutsu, which released Kurama who helped him, which released the demonic fox long enough to help him strike at the masked man and successfully destroy his body. Normally, his eyes change color due to the use of Kurama's crimson chakra. However, the new dōjutsu was the same pair of eyes except he can turn them on whenever he liked and did not need Kurama's chakra for them to work.

Then Naruto released the external part of the seal setting Kurama free surprising the demonic kitsune. He told that he would not have his nakama in prison for something that was not his fault and that he had already taken his hate with him. Kurama thanked Naruto, promised to protect what Naruto held precious, and then vanished. Naruto returned to the village and kept Kurama's freedom a secret from everyone.

After a while, Naruto returned Uchiha Sasuke to the village and completed one of his goals. Naruto had to train in secret as to control his demonic urges and new dōjutsu as to not harm his friends and comrades. These eyes even had a set of abilities following the characteristics of a kitsune like creating powerful illusions, reading the mind of people, controlling people, and even enticing females, and making them fall in love with him. He named them Kitsunetsuki (Spirit Possession) because they can control people just like who a kitsune possesses young women in legends. He can even change and control reality. Then he made it to chūnin and was granted access to his family techniques therefore the Hiraishin no Jutsu and Uzumaki ninjutsu and fūinjutsu. He even learned the famous Chakra no kusari jutsu (Chakra Chains technique) that his mother had and found it easy to learn, as he did not have Kurama's chakra messing his control. His control skyrocketed to that par of Sakura and Tsunade. Therefore able to use Iryō ninjutsu (Medical Ninja techniques)without a hitch but the problem was with the reading part that he had to suffer a lot Tsunade-Obāchan was a slave driver and was nothing like that Jiraiya was.

By the age of 18, Naruto had become a jōnin and by 19, he became an ANBU Captain alongside friend Uchiha Sasuke even Tsunade had named him as her successor in the event something would happen to her. During his appointment as the next Hokage the Village, Sasuke found out about the Kyūbi sighted around the central mountains of the land of Fire. He went directly to Village Elders and told them, which they tried to apprehended Naruto for treason. He escaped and took everything he own and sealed it the large scroll he had and ran. Let me say it one more time, they tried. Sasuke tried to capture him along with Sakura along with members of Konoha no jūichinin (Konoha 11) but that failed obviously but he had to fight all of them in order to escape. They caught him about west of Konoha almost at the ocean and they had surrounded him. He certainly didn't want to be caught; by answering their questions to buy himself time, he kept them distracted and ultimately managed to surprise them with a technique of his own. He laughed as they struggled to get free and he told them that these chains were the same chains that held the Kyūbi himself so they could not break them at all.

He said, "Chakra no kusari is a jutsu only certain Uzumaki can do like my mother Uzumaki Kushina who was the wife of our Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato and also my father. Also unlike the Uchiha-temē, I am not a person who seeks out revenge; I have already forgiven the village for what they had done to me. However, none of you will ever see or hear of me ever again so this goodbye, my friends."

He sighed sadly, as he looked at Hinata "Also, Hinata-chan. I do hope you can forgive me, seeing that I can't stay. However, you should be aware that it wouldn't work between us, but please... Enjoy your life. You'll find someone who will return your love, one day. But I'm not the man for you."

He walked over to her, removing his kitsune mask and kissed her delicately on her forehead, and smiled. "By the way, I am a kage bunshin and boss had already arrived at his targeted location. So Sayōnara mina! (So long everyone!)," said the now revealed smirking bunshin as it bowed and vanished in a puff of smoke as it heard Sasuke's screaming in anger.

At the same time, Uzu no Kuni

Naruto was working on a huge complex seal array he was making in a shrine in the ruins of Uzushiogakure no Sato. This specific shrine was a hidden laboratory for the study of Jikūkan Fūinjutsu. He found out about this place from Ero-sennin's information scroll he had inherited from the pervert old-timer. He had finished the seals array and was only going through with a final check. He was going to attempt a new form of Jikūkan Fūinjutsu and it had to be perfect or else he was a goner. Then he flinched as he received the memory feedback from the clone he had left to delay he pursuers. He had sure that the self-destruction seal was ready as well. As he did not want anyone to duplicate this array and use it for whatever purpose it is that wanted. He made sure one last time and then started with the experiment. He prayed to Kami-sama to help him, as he did not want to die. He wore his mask and hood to allow him to concentrate on his certain work.

He stepped to the center of the large complex seal array and sat on the ground in a lotus position as he started to relax himself first. When he knew that he was ready he whispered, "Okay, here goes nothing…"

He started a couple of hand seals, which in turn activated in a bright white light as he waited and whispered in a calm voice, "Fūin o kassei! (Seal activate!)" He then began to perform the necessary hand-seals at a rapid pace and as he reached the final seal, he yelled "Jikūkan Fūinjutsu: Jikū ni yoru yusō! (Space-time sealing technique: Transportation through time-space!)"

The white light brighten so much that Naruto had to close his eyes, as he still needed them. He started to hear a ringing sound followed by pain. Not simple injury pain, oh no it was the most excruciating pain he had ever had the displeasure of feeling. He felt like his body torn to pieces and crushed back together all at same time. When he could not take any more pain, his mind fell into unconsciousness to save him of the pain.

{Flashback ended!}

Naruto now needed to know where he was so he needs to find humans if there are any in this dimension. He sat down in the usual position for meditating, the Full Lotus meditating stance. He began to slow his breathing and heartbeat rate and concentrated on his inner balance. He felt the usual warm rush of power signifying Sennin Mode was active. He began to show signs of entering the Sennin mode namely his golden yellow irises, horizontal bar-like toad pupils, and reddish-orange pigmentation around his eyes. There was an abundant amount of Shizen enerugī (Natural energy) here almost the same as back home. Since he was not in the middle of battle, he can sense every living thing for over 50 kilometers away. He sensed a large city filled with hundreds of people about 30 or so kilometers away south of his current location. He sensed a smaller town half way. He got up and started to do a bit of stretching exercises so he can lumber up his still pain-filled body. He then said, "Kami-sama, Thank you for giving me this new chance on life." What he did not know was the fact that he was going to love this place.

Checking his body before leaving the cave, noticed that the damage was equally distributed meaning that his entire body even to the cellular level almost like what his Fūton: Rasenshuriken does. Thus, he could not use chakra for a while. He was lucky; it could have easily killed him then again his demonic powers that kept him alive. His body had been under a lot of gravitational force due to the dimensional barriers between his home world and here. All he will need to do is sleep while his body heals itself using his chakra's healing property.

He placed his mask and hood on, jumped to trees, and began his journey tree hopping at full speed to the closer village first.

Ten minutes later

He landed on the ground with a silent thud as he closed on the entrance of the smaller village. He found the village streets empty of life however there were lit candles in the house meaning that the civilians had entered their homes for the night. The empty streets looked even eerier due to the Moon's pale silver light, nevertheless he could see as if it was in the afternoon simply thanks to his demonic gifts. He walked the hollow streets of the town but he could feel eyes on him and could sense a lot of movement all around the little town. He ignored it as he kept walking, though he stayed alert in case something was about to happen. He did not know anything about this place and would need to be careful as to not be surprised.

As he reached the center of town, he noticed that he found himself surrounded by what looked like bandits. They had cleverly blocking his way from every direction. Then the leader or more likely the strongest idiot of the gang stepped forward and shouted, "Good evening Mishiranu-san (Mr. Stranger). Welcome to our humble town and please hand over everything you own and we might just let you live with the clothes on you back!"

Naruto sighed and thought, 'At least they speak the same language as me.' He then said rhetorically, "And if I refuse…?"

The leader smiled as signaled his men to take out and ready their weapons, which they did. However, this did not even faze the masked man. Then Naruto pulled out a sheathed katana out of thin air scaring the bandits. It had a black saya (scabbard) with a black tsuba (crossguard) has four prongs bent out to form the shape of the manji while the tsuka (hilt) was wrapped in a black and crimson cloth finished with a black metallic kashira (butt cap).

Naruto place the sheathed sword on his shoulder as he said, "I will give you guys to the count of three to get you filthy, ugly faces out of my way or I will slaughter all of you!" as the eyeholes of his mask glowed an eerie scarlet burned through the so-called leader's skull. He did not want to fight now as he was very tired and body was still in pain from the dimensional jutsu. Therefore, Naruto reasoned to scare them and he released a concentrated freezing amount of killing intent to the leader freezing him in place.

The terrified man could not even lift a finger as Naruto suddenly appeared in face scaring the other gang members. Naruto released a potent blast of killing intent that had overridden their logic making them flee like headless chickens. Naruto had grabbed the leader by the neck as he activated his dōjutsu and began to interrogate him while reading his mind to get accurate information on this world.

Naruto laughed as he knocked the criminal and began to think about what he had just heard. Who would have thought that there would be a world like this, any perverts dream world.

He shook his head as he mentally had a debate with himself, 'Seriously, what kind of world is this? Women with large breasts are guaranteed wealth and fortune while the people condemn women with small breasts. Ero-sennin would have loved it here but I will have to do something about this. This is fucking ridiculous. All this because of this ruling made by this Tokugawa shogunate, breasts mean everything.

There is even a clan of ninja that protect this rule, who secretly are ruling this country Japan, and they are the Manyū Clan. The larger city I sensed earlier seemed to be Kyoto; however, Edo is the capital city and therefore, the Manyū main residence would logically be there. Which in turn can help me find their hidden village.'

He sighed as an evil smirk appeared on his hidden face, 'New world or not, I'm still in need of money. Fortunately though, I know -how- to obtain some.'

Naruto walked out of the smaller village with a rather large smile plastered on his masked face. He used the demonic dōjutsu to see and read the mind of the stupid leader; he found that they had hid all the cash and valuables in a nearby hideout. Naruto was surprised at the amount of money and took a very large chunk of their ill-acquired wealth, which actually meant all of it. He then sealed it his trusty sealing scroll. 'What to do when I reached the city Kyoto?' thought Naruto as he began to jump and tree hop to the much larger city.

City of Kyoto

The way to the city of Kyoto was uneventful and he entered the city rather easily. He reached the city in 20 minutes after leave the smaller one. Of course, he had to run at high speed while ignoring the pain aching from his injured body.

He noticed that there was night guards at the gates and therefore walking in is impossible, as he cannot you any ninjutsu yet. He jumped up the wall from the tree he was on and began to run roof to roof silently. He continued until he reaches what looked like business district and saw an open inn called the White Lotus. The innkeeper who was a young woman in her mid-twenties welcomed him in. She had brown hair in a particular style with identically brown eyes, a kind smile, and appallingly beautiful face. Then came the surprising shock, she was as big as Anko-san in the breast department as she wore an emerald kimono that revealed a lot of cleavage. He mentally shook his head out of the gutter. He had not removed his mask or hood yet causing the woman to be curious as to what he had to hide.

"Excuse me miss, but do you by any chance have a room available for the night?" asked the masked man.

"Certainly sir. We do have one room left that should be enough for your visit."

He nodded as he pulled out a small pouch and paid for the week along with the meals for said week. He asked about the bath as one of the staffs an ordinary girl, black hair and eyes with a mid C-cup breasts that showed him the way. He noticed that the people here have rather plain shades of hair like black, brown, and grey. He patted himself on the shoulder for not lowered his hood yet. He would stick out more than a sore thumb and he did not need that type of attention now.

After taking a warm bath, he went to his rented room and found his dinner ready for him. He ate his dinner that involved a medium sized bowl of plain white steamed rice, a dish of meat, with a bowl of miso soup and pickled vegetables. A humble and filling meal as he could tell but he would have love if they had ramen.

'Oh well not everything in life is given to you so easily,' thought Naruto as he hit the sack but not before closing and securing the room and placing several security seals. Naruto slept with thoughts of what to do, now that he had escaped Konoha and is in another world.

To be continued…