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Chapter 8 – A Lover forgotten or not?!

Next morning, somewhere?

A figure was seen jumping and leaping through the trees of a nearby forest. From the body structure and her graceful movement you could tell that it was a she, a woman, a young lady at that. However, from her high speed and unusual method of movement keep her face from view. She stood on top of the highest tree she could find and looked into the distance as if looking for someone.

She appeared to be about 20 years of age which was about the same age as our first dimension hopper, and moreover her beautiful bright face was proof enough. She was strange girl that Naruto called weird, Hyūga Hinata. She changed a lot after the war and the death of her cousin Neji. She grew even more beautiful and extremely womanly to the point everyone of Konoha knew it. She changed as the loss of Neji and Naruto's support made her into a deadly and respected kunoichi of Konohagakure no Sato. She trained under Tsunade with Sakura to complete her medical training along with Ino.

The wind suddenly blew as picking up her dark blue flowing hair which had in a straight, hime-style haircut and it passed her waist in length. The frontal strands that frame her face reached her shoulders. She had a rather fair complexion adding to her dazzling beauty. She had the most unique eyes you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. She had a pair the customary white eyes of her clan, which have a tinge of lavender in them. She was about 5ft 7in tall with a very womanly hourglass figure barely hidden by her lavender battle kimono which she wore now. Her triple D breasts were rather big but did not affect her movement in anyway. They were well hidden thanks to her bidding them and short-sleeved mesh shirt holding them.

She then thought back at what Naruto said as he would have asked her out if not for her clan and their village. She sighed as she thought of her love, 'I will find you, Naruto-kun!'

She activated her prized dōjutsu as her sharpen eyes and her pupils appeared faintly along with the bulging veins accompanying her dōjutsu, the Byakugan. She scanned the entire area only to find that almost all the people here have less chakra than even the non-ninja back home. However she found a pair chakra signatures that was much stronger than the rest in a close by town not far from her current location.

A couple of minutes, she reached village and stealthily entered it with extreme caution. She transformed into a skinnier brunette version of herself with dark brown eyes as her look might be a bit odd in this dimension. So far she was right as most people had hair colors ranging from the darkest black to lightest brown, almost blond and the occasional greys and whites.

She noticed that the people ignored her completely for some reason, it felt like she did not exist all as far as they're concerned. She didn't understand the reason until a stranger bumped to her making her fall on her butt. The man who bumped to her took one look at her and ignored her without much as a word of apology. She never had such behavior before happen to her from strangers rather her family in the beginning.

Surprisingly her stomach growled a bit as she had forgot to eat in her search for her loved one. She placed her hand on her stomach to stop it from further noise. She walked onwards as she remembers why she came here in the first. She heard someone call her out from what looks like a ramen stand turned to see a young mother with a cute baby in her arms. She called her over and said, "Hey you there! Yes you! Come here!"

"Yes? Can I help you?" asked the surprised but cautious kunoichi.

"You're new in town, am I right?" asked the stranger.

"Why yes. How did you come to this conclusion?" asked the disguised ninja girl as she narrowed her eyes at the older woman.

"Oh, I didn't mean anything by it. It's just that I felt you're hungry and tired from your journey. I was thinking that I might be able to help you," replied the woman truthfully.

"Why would you? Everyone was just ignoring me until you talked to me. What's wrong with this town?" asked the confused ninja girl to the stranger.

"Oh dear… You don't know about the new laws, do you? You must be from the villages in the north or something…" mumbled the strange woman.

"What?" asked the puzzled kunoichi.

"Come here. Have a seat and I will tell you everything and even give you a bowl or two of hot ramen to fill up your hungry belly," stated the strange mother.

Hinata was surprised by her behavior but nevertheless took her offer as she did not want to go to the wood to forge for food now.

Hinata ate a couple of bowls of the tasty ramen the female cook gave her but not before testing it of any extra ingredients such as poisons and the like.

"Oh by the way, my name is Fumiko and this is my cute son, Takato-chan. Say hi to the pretty girl, Taka-chan!"

The baby made a gurgling happy sound as he smiled at the kunoichi who giggled as she played with cute little fingers.

The woman coughed as she began saying, "The Tokugawa Shogunate decreed that women of large breasts would be guaranteed wealth and power as for girls with smaller breasts like yourself are not even to be considered human at all…"

Next Day, Uzumaki Compound

It was way pass noon when Naruto woke up in bed with both of his beautiful lovers in what would look like a mess of tangled bodies, limbs and sheets. He saw strands of green and brown hair over chest. He turned his head noticing that Oume was hugging his right side while wrapping her legs around his and rubbing herself against him. He then faced the other way and saw Chichi to embracing his arm positioning it in between her beautiful and enormous breasts and her smooth long legs touching his nether region sandwiching his cock in between her full and bountiful thighs. Obviously they were still in their naked glory, after all their night activities didn't finish until this very morning.

He groaned as he knew he had to go meet with Manyū Munenori for his scheduled meeting with the Shogunate. He removed himself from the bed easily but he actually had to use his ninja skills which he found amusing, quite amusing.

He then said, "No rest for the wicked…"

He wore his mask and ninja outfit along with a black hooded cloak as he prepared for his meeting with his 'father-in-law'.

Edo, Manyū Mansion

He teleported to a field close to Manyū Munenori's mansion in the Edo walked towards the gates. But the samurai guards wouldn't let him pass as the head guard ordered him, "Who are you and what do you want? State your business!"

"Who I am is none of your concern and neither is my business here," said the hooded man coldly.

The samurai were about to draw their sword when a voice rang behind them saying "Stop this now! Let him in."

It was none other than their lord and master Manyū Munenori himself at the gate to greet this stranger. He turned to the masked hooded man saying, "Son-in-law, please do come in and I would kindly ask you not to instigate the guards."

The hooded man nodded as he walked passing the gapping mouths of the guards who were shocked at what they just heard. This stranger is going to join the Manyū Clan… now they knew they have messed up pretty bad.

"Munenori-san, what about our meeting? Was it arranged for tonight?" asked the hooded man.

"Yes, we will go as soon as possible. Please follow me," said the wizen old leader not noticing or ignoring a shadow lurking about. Naruto smirked behind his mask as he could tell who it was and why its eyes are on him is.

They arrived at the stables as a young boy arrived with two horses, one black and the other brown. He handed the black one over to his master Munenori and was about to hand the other when Naruto refused. Munenori looked at him questionably and asked, "Isn't the horse to your liking, Naruto-san?"

The masked man smiled as he replied, "It's not the horse but the fact I don't need it, that's all."

The older man blinked at his word but nodded none the less, "Suit yourself, Naruto-san…"

However the old man thought to himself, 'No horse? What is he going to do run? Actually running against not any horse but my fastest Kuroma? Bakabakashī! (Stupid! Impossible!) '

The old man and Naruto moved to the gate leaving his compound towards the Shogunate's castle in the middle of the city. As they both reached the gate as Munenori driven his horse to gallop as he smirked thinking that he had left Naruto in his dust.

"Did he seriously think that he can out run a horse?" asked the man to himself as he looked back.

"Why yes," said the masked man startling him greatly. But not as greatly as the fact he was running in conjunction with his fastest horse not even out of breathe. Surprisingly no one noticed him running alongside his horse as if he did not exist, again surprising the old warrior.

However the next thing just knocked out the last of his doubts, "I already know where the castle is I will meet you there…" vanished the masked man in a blur of unnatural speed ironically leave him in the dust.

"Now I know that I have made a deal with the devil himself… that man is most certainly not human…" said the leader of the Manyū clan as he tried to gallop towards their shared destination.

Shogunate's Castle

Naruto waited as the old man caught up to him and both of them entered through front gate of said castle. The guards of the castle bowed at the presence of the Manyū clan leader as he walked in. But they were surprised by the presence of the second man, and grew suspicious.

The Manyū clan head, raised his hand as he said, "This man is with me. He has an official meeting with his lordship, Tokugawa shogunate!"

The men bowed as they lead them to the throne room of the head of the Tokugawa Clan and Shogunate.

As the two men entered the guarded room, much to Naruto's disappointment an older clearly overweigh man flirt with one of the buxom maids of his castle not giving them any attention. The maid seeing the samurai bowed as she took her leave making the Tokugawa shogunate sighed.

"Young flowers like her are so beautiful and rare, it is so hard to resist them… Plus those huge boobs of hers makes it even harder… hehehe" said the perverted leader as he made a surprisingly familiar hand gesture.

Naruto's eye brows twitched from behind his mask as he now understood why the country is as it is. It's the fault of this carbon copy Ero-sennin and he's the ruler of this country too!

Naruto was surprised when he left that another ninja was hiding and good one at that. Naruto saved that bit of information for later.

Manyū head sweatdropped at the stupid antics of his sovereign but didn't show it. He coughed into his hand as to gain his lordship's attention. The lazily stared at the two men, more at the masked man.

"Oh Manyū-dono, it's a rather surprised when your messenger told me that you would like to meet with me," said the Shogunate with a bit of interest hidden in his eyes as he stared at the newcomer.

"Why yes, Tokugawa-sama, I have something of great importance to share with you…" pointing to the masked man behind him.

"Oh? Is that so? And who is this gentlemen accompanying you, Manyū-dono?" asked the perverted ruler.

Before Munenori could reply, the masked man answered, "Uzumaki Naruto of the Uzumaki ninja clan… please to make your acquaintance."

"Oh you sound rather young, my boy. Also didn't you know it is quite rude to hide your face when giving out your name?" quipped the older pervert.

"Oh then I apologized but no one here can be trusted and I am a ninja after all. I would only show you my face if I came to trust you or you come to trust me," replied the masked ninja.

One of the present guards scowled as he shouted angrily at the hooded man, "How are dare you! Do you know who you're speaking with, peasant!?"

The masked man turned his head towards the angry samurai guard and said, "I know but I just don't care. Trust and respect can only be earned and I will not give any to just about anyone, filthy dog!" As his eyes glowed an eerie crimson glow.

The samurai was about to draw his sword when he was hit by the most unusual feeling, he felt like he was about to be killed by red eyed fox demon. He felt as if the demonic kitsune began to dig in it's claws into his body, tear him limb from limb, killing him slowly brutally and painfully. It was as if the Yōkai Kitsune enjoyed his pain, his suffering and it enjoyed it like he did warm sake after a longs day's work.

Naruto released his genjutsu reinforce killing intent as the man collapse into cold sweat and empty heaving. The Shogunate was surprised by what had just happened as he knew that samurai is one of his elite guard and for him to be reduce to this state is surprising, if not out mostly terrifying.

The Tokugawa clan head studied the young ninja as he said, "What did you do, Uzumaki-san? To reduce my veteran samurai, to a quivering mess?"

Smirking or what the leader thought to be smirking, "It's one of the many secrets of my clan, Tokugawa-san."

The Next Day, Chifusa and Kaede

After the issue with the perverted breast absorbing Octopus, the pair were on their way again. The pair lost all their money again or Kaede lost all the money. As usual the kage bunshin of Uzumaki Naruto followed them closely without them feeling or noticing him at all.

So the pair took a job in a grand department store run by the wealthy Daikokuya family. It was the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the store. The store owner was an old man coughing a bit as he stood on his stage. He began saying, "Daikokuya would like to thank all customers and workers… for all your support as we celebrate our 50th year of business!"

The crowds whistled and shouted in joy and happiness, the old man coughed a bit more as he continued saying, "And after 50 years of working here, I want…" he coughed badly as his age and sickness were getting the better of him.

He took a deep breath as he cleared his throat and continued, "To be here to support my son Takasuke, as he continues managing this wonderful store…"

He took another deep swallow of air as he introduced someone, "And as I also introduce my son's fiancée Tomi, who also has served this store for many years." He introduced a young beautiful woman with large bouncing breasts adding to her beauty.

He finally ended his speech saying, "This will be the very last time that I can be addressed as the store's owner! Please continue to make Daikokuya successful as we continue to support you!"

The old man left as he was feeling a little under the weather as he son Takasuke took his place as the presenter. He loudly exclaimed pointing towards the curtains behind him, "So without further ado, the newest product in the line of the Daikokuya fashion!"

"First is a haori crafted from Yuzen fabric sporting brocaded sleeve and collar… And the one revealing this and her glorious chest is none other than our special model…"

Chifusa walked on the stage wearing the stated haori with no undershirt. But she still covered her modesty with a highly accented black bikini top with the drawings of a golden phoenix on each cup. The cup was barely holding her very generous bust. They bounced and jumped as she stepped on the stage on her high heeled Geta shoes. She had a very noticeable blush as she held a couple of swords in a sensual dance.

"Hanyū Chifusa! A beautiful breasted warrior, unmatched in all of Japan!" yelled Takasuke.

Naruto was looking from the top of a nearby tree's branch, he almost fell from what he just witnessed. He sighed as he said to himself while his nose began to bleed, "How do you get yourself into these situations, Chifusa-chan? It's like the entire universe is against her or something…"

Shogunate's Castle

"So all I have to do is kill this Sanada Yukimura and bring back his head as proof? And you will make my clan official? However does that include his forces as well or just the man himself?" asked the masked man.

This surprised everyone including the Shogunate Tokugawa Ieyasu, as he thought this would deter or frighten the masked man into declining his offer.

During their talks, the heir to the position of Shogunate and his son, Tokugawa Hidetada arrived to observe their meeting. He then suddenly spoke, "Uzumaki-dono, you do you that Sanada Yukimura has an army and the Sanada Jūyūshi too?"

Naruto crossed his arms as he stared at the young man blankly then he replied simply, "So?"

"Sanada Yukimura has ten ninja warriors with him and an entire army! You just say 'So'! You will not be able to even reach one of them before you're overwhelmed by his army!" yelled the younger Tokugawa.

"And if I get the heads of these ten ninja and their master, what will you grant me? As I will not do extra just simple because you ordered it," said the masked man.

"I, Tokugawa Ieyasu will grant you anything you ask for, if you do it," intervened the Shogunate himself.

"Very well then, we have a deal and to show you that I am a man of my word…" Naruto removed his mask and hood revealing his face to the group, "However, if you betray me, nothing in heaven or hell will protect you from me, am I clear?" His eyes glowed an eerie crimson red as if emphasizing on his earlier statement.

"Well gentlemen, I would bid you goodbye…" stated the blond ninja as he suddenly disappeared, shocking everyone except Munenori who got used to his disappearing acts.

"Munenori-dono, how did he do that? Also where did you find this ninja?" asked the Shogunate.

"To be honest, I don't know how he does that. However, it was him who found me and he is to be my son-in-law as well," replied the Manyū clan leader surprising everyone again.

The younger Tokugawa asked, "Is he really as powerful as he says he is, Munenori-dono?"

"All I'm going to say gentlemen, is that you must not betray him or else you find out how powerful he really is," responded Munenori with a heavy sigh.

Now the Shogunate and his son were now completely alarmed by what the powerful man, Manyū Munenori just said. Hopefully Naruto wouldn't ask for something impossible.

Munenori thought to himself, 'That boy Naruto is really a demon…I hope I'm doing the right thing to protect my clan's future…'

Hattori Hanzō appeared beside his lord, as he was about to call him. Ieyasu asked, "What do you think of this, Hanzō-dono? Do you think he will make it?"

"Master, I think…No I'm sure he will make it. I felt a great deal of strength in him, both spiritually and physically. However, please do take caution when dealing with the man. He seems the kind that will not take kindly to any form of betrayal," replied Hanzō with a cold stoic tone.

City of Ōsaka

Naruto just appeared outside of the city of Ōsaka where his spies told him Sanada was last seen. 'Now for the easy part, sneaking in and killing eleven dangerous people,' thought the ninja to himself.

Ironically for the blond, he was already sensed by one of the ninja of the Sanada Jūyūshi. To be more specific, it was Sarutobi Sasuke the leader of the Sanada Jūyūshi. He was sitting in tea house just by the gate of Osaka. He sensed someone of incredible strength pass by him and his curiosity got the best of him as he followed the stranger. Not knowing that the stranger knew who he was and was targeting him.

The stranger walked to a clearing and called out, "Oi! I know you're following me since I entered this city. Now come out!"

Surprised at getting caught the young man revealed himself to the hooded stranger, saying, "Oh seems I have slipped up somewhere…"

"Who are you?" asked the masked man stoically.

"Hey! It's rude to ask someone his name before stating your own!" replied the younger monkey like man waiting for the masked man to reply.

Seemingly ignored the monkey ninja yelled, "Oh whatever! If you don't want to tell your name then fine. However my name is Sarutobi Sasuke…"

The stranger disappeared the moment he heard the man's name. He appeared in front of him and stabbed him through the torso with a black Nodachi. The man then said, "It's nothing personal Sarutobi-san, I just need to take your life. My name is Uzumaki Naruto, remember it on your way to Yomi…"

He ripped out the sword and Sasuke was dead before he hit the ground. Naruto began to process the body as he severed the head and sealed it in an empty scroll. Then sighed saying, "One down, ten to go…"

A day later, City of Ōsaka

"Katon: Gōka Messhitsu!" shouted the masked ninja as he released from his mouth in a massive stream of intense hellish flames that began to set entire vast area of the Osaka Castle ablaze, engulfing the remains of eleven targets in a veritable sea of flames.

Naruto sighed as he just finished his mission. He held with him a scroll containing the eleven people he was assigned to kill. The first was the leader Sarutobi Sasuke who he just happened to stumble upon. Kirigakure Saizo was next along with Miyoshi Seikai, Miyoshi Isa, Anayama Kosuke and Unno Rokuro who were drinking together and were drunk. Kakei Juzo, Nezu Jinpachi, Mochizuki Rokuro, Yuri Kamanosuke and their lord Sanada Yukimura were having a meeting regarding future attacks on the Tokugawa Shogunate. Naruto killed them all using a surprise attack and his kage bunshin.

What was left was the army, and for that he need use one of those army killing jutsu. He stood in front of the embarked army, ready to release it, only for a squad of samurai saw him. They attacked him immediately to which he engaged them in a short and lethal kenjutsu bout.


A squad of six samurai saw Naruto and attacked him. Four of them attacked him at the same time while the other two stood back for a chance to engage him if necessary. The four samurai slashed at him from four different directs to box in Naruto and to kill him if possible.

One of the samurai who was in front of Naruto managed to stab him in the left arm before he could defend himself. This allowed the others to stab him as well. Due to the injuries they made the samurai naïvely relaxed their guard, only to be surprised by stabbing a wood log covered in the cloak of the intruder. The last thing they saw was a flash of light before their heads fell off the bodies severed cleanly.

This terrified the two samurai that remind, one of them said, "Takato! You go run inform the guys of this! I will try to hold him off."

The terrified Takato nodded as he ran for his life.

"Che! I have to catch him before he blows my cover…" whispered Naruto to himself.

"Oi! You son of a bitch! You'll have to get through me to get my friend!" shouted the remaining samurai in a show of fake bravado.

Naruto sighed as he disappeared into the surrounding darkness, only to appear behind the samurai saying, "It's brave of you to try to protect your friend so I will give you a swift and painless dead. Farewell samurai-san…" Naruto slashed his neck so fast that his brain didn't register any pain and everything when dark.

Naruto cleaned his sword by flinging the blood off it and burning the residue with his chakra. He sheathed the sword and went to pick up his cloak and said, "This is one of my favorite one too… Ah, oh well… I have to go catch that guy before I have an entire army on my ass."

Naruto disappeared in a flash of speed as he caught up to the last samurai. He was up on the branch of a tree as he jumped on the fleeing samurai stabbing him in the head with his sword, killing him without a sound.

Naruto then said, "Phew… That was really close had he reach them I couldn't destroy the army with one move and I would have to fight them all. What did Shikamaru usually say? Ah, it would be troublesome…"

Naruto cleaned his weapon again before going to the barracks where all of Sanada's army were stationed. As he tree hopped over to the barracks, saw a couple of guards around the perimeter. He created a dozen or so kage bunshin to silence them as he reached the wall of the barracks. He waited for the memories of the clones to verify their success which he was certain of.

The minutes went by and memories from the clones came. He nodded to himself as he began to concentrate his chakra, moving it to his lungs, kneading it into fire. He jumped up well over the trees as he formed the Uma hand seal released it, as he mental stated, 'Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku!'

He expelled an enormous torrent of flame that almost lit up the sky into a crushing tide wave of liquid white fire which washed over the entire barracks and the walls included. The fire burned hotter than any flame as it razed the entire structure leaving behind a few pieces of blacken burned wood and grey ash in its place.

{Flashback Ended!}

Next Day, Tokugawa Residence

Tokugawa Ieyasu's eyes were wide with shock and fear at the present the young shinobi name Uzumaki Naruto brought him. The heads of the most dangerous adversary and his companions, namely Sanada Yukimaru and the Sanada Jūyūshi.

His son Tokugawa Hidetada, was not doing any better along with Hattori Hanzō, the man Naruto felt presence but hidden during their last meeting.

Ieyasu however smiled as he stood up and finally said, "I, Tokugawa Ieyasu decree that you Uzumaki Naruto are granted the status of a loyal clan to the Tokugawa and thus recognized as one of our allies. Here I officially state that the Uzumaki clan has been established, with you Uzumaki Naruto as the head and founder of the clan."

Naruto then stated, "I, Uzumaki Naruto accept this and will protect you and your clan as well as the peace of this country."

Hanzō walked over to the younger ninja and said, "Welcome and it is an honor to call you an ally and a future friend, Uzumaki Naruto-dono."

Naruto smiled as he replied, "No the honor is mine, as a great ninja as yourself accepts me as a friend."

Tokugawa Hidetada walked over to Naruto. He bowed his head in apology as he said, "Uzumaki-san, I apologize for what I have said earlier. I have belittled you and your strength, and for that, I am sorry."

"It's alright, Tokugawa-dono. There is no need for an apology as I am aware of the difficulty of the task that was given to me," replied Naruto with a smile.

"Actually it was near impossible…" whispered the younger Tokugawa.

"Anyways, gentlemen, let's finish the documents and then we celebrate!" yelled the Shogunate causing a sweatdrop to form on the back of the heads of the other three men.

A few days later, With Hinata

Hinata was working ramen restaurant that Fumiko-san surprisingly owned. There were no customers today so it was a rather dull and boring day to the kunoichi. That it was until she thought she heard a familiar name, she heard the paper boy yell, "Read all about it, a new and powerful ninja clan joined the Shogunate called the Uzumaki Clan! Read all about…"

"Hey! You there, boy!" cried out Hinata.

"Yes, Onēsan! Do you want a paper?" said the happy boy as he had finally found a customer.

"Yes, so here you go," replied Hinata as she gave him her money, a couple of gold coins.

"Here you go, Onēsan! Thanks!" said the happy little boy, went to look for another client.

Hinata smiled as she thought, 'Finally, a clue about the whereabouts of Naruto-kun!'

She began to read the paper and said to herself, "So he's in Edo…"

To be continued…