Author's Note: This is a story based on my already completed Pokémon White Nuzlocke run. My character's name is Hynden (named after the person who voices Starfire and Princess Bubblegum). I couldn't pick a name, so I went with one of the first names I thought of. So, I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon.

It was an early September morning. As I awoke to the bright spring sunlight, I rubbed my gray eyes and looked at the calendar next to my bed. The 13th was circled and read "16th Birthday and Pokémon journey today!".

I eagerly hopped out of bed, brushed my mid-back length dark brown hair, put it in two low pigtails, and topped it off with my green and purple colored cap. After searching my closet, I put on my slightly baggy dark blue jeans, purple and magenta colored shirt with a Pokéball crested at the top, maroon colored sweatshirt, and mint colored sneakers.

I grabbed my silver shoulder-strap backpack with a gold colored Pokéball on it, and made my way to the door. When I opened it, however, I saw my friend Cheren standing in the doorway.

"Good morning, Hynden," Cheren greeted, "and happy birthday."

"Thanks, Cheren!" I said. "Are you ready to finally get your Pokémon?"

"As soon as Bianca gets here."

"I wonder what's keeping her?"

Then, the door burst open, and Bianca bolted into the room trying to catch her breath.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" Bianca said, frantically, "I didn't mean you keep you all waiting!"

"No need to apologize!" Cheren assured, "Just make sure to be more punctual next time!"

"Okay! Before we open the box, I think Hynden should get her Pokémon first, since it is her birthday!"

"Of course. It would only make sense after all!"

I walked over to my bedroom table, and lifted the pretty blue box cover with a green ribbon on it. Inside of the box were three Poké Balls labelled "Oshawott", "Tepig", and "Snivy". I closed my eyes and randomly picked one of the Balls. The minute I pushed the center button on it, a small, orange and black colored pig-like creature came out of it.

"Hi there!" it greeted.

"Wow! So this is a Tepig!" I shouted, excitedly. "You're so adorable!"

"Aww, thanks!" the Tepig replied. "What's your name?"

"I'm Hynden, and I'm gonna be your new Trainer!"

"Cheren," whispered Bianca, "Why's Hynden talking to her Tepig?"

"I'm not sure," replied Cheren.

Just as I was getting to know my new Pokémon better, Bianca quickly walked up to me.

"So, Hynden," she said to me, "Do you wanna have a first Pokémon battle?"

"Sure thing!" I replied.

"Hold on a second," Cheren interrupted. "Bianca, don't you think it's a bad idea to have a Pokémon battle inside of someone's bedroom?"

"Oh, come on, Cheren!" Bianca assured, "Don't be such a party pooper! What's the worst that could happen?"

Bianca and I stood face-to-face with each other. She sent out her new Snivy as the first move. Instinctively, I sent out my new Tepig.

"Snivy, use Tackle!" Bianca yelled. The attack gave my Tepig a bit of damage, but he looked like he was still ready to fight.

"Tepig, you use Tackle too!" I commanded. Tepig managed to knock Snivy against my lamp table, almost knocking it over.

Minutes later, Snivy was knocked onto the ground, defeated. Bianca returned Snivy to its Poké Ball, and shook my hand as she remarked on how fun the battle was. However, I looked around my bedroom, only to see it nearly destroyed. I could feel my eyes grow to the size of dinner plates, but I quickly composed myself.

"Sorry about the mess, Hynden," Bianca said, "I could make up for it if you want!"

"No, it's fine," I sighed, "You guys don't have to do that."

"Alright, now it's my turn to battle you, Hynden," Cheren said. "But first, let me heal both yours and Bianca's Pokémon."

After my Tepig's wounds were healed, Cheren sent out his Oshawott. Knowing that Fire-types have the disadvantage against Water-types, I had to be very thorough with this battle.

"Oshawott, use Tackle!" Cheren said.

"Tepig, dodge and use Tackle too!" I shouted.

Oshawott put up a pretty good fight, but my Tepig stayed strong. Suddenly, a burst of flame shot out of Tepig's mouth, and sent Oshawott flying against my wall. After falling to the ground, Oshawott was rendered unconscious.

"You make quite a worthy opponent, Hynden," Cheren said to me.

"Thanks man," I replied.

"Now if you'll excuse me, Bianca and I have to go apologize to your mother about the mess."

"Alright, I'll be down in a bit!"

The minute the door closed behind them, I rushed downstairs. I heard Cheren apologizing to my mom about the mess in my room, but she didn't seem to be very angry.

"Don't worry about the mess, kids," Mom said, "I'll have it cleaned in a jiffy!"

"Okay, then," Cheren and Bianca replied.

"Also, shouldn't you children be off to Professor Juniper's by now?"

"Yes, thank you! Excuse us, if you will."

When Cheren and Bianca were gone, I walked over to Blaze (my mom's Typhlosion) and Fergil (my dad's Feraligatr) to say hi.

"Hey guys," I greeted.

"Hello, Hynden," Blaze said to me, "Happy birthday to you!"

"Yeah, happy bearthdeh, lass!" Fergil greeted me in his Scottish accent. "So, how was yer first official bahttle?"

"It was awesome!" I said.

"So what kind of starter did you choose?" Blaze asked.

"I chose a Fire-type. You know, in case I encounter any Steel-types?"

"Ha! I told you she'd chose a Fire-type! In your face, Lizard-Lips!"

"Lahff it up, Fuzzy. Ah bet it won't be as mooch of a crahnk!" Fergil retorted.

"Whatever, Fergil," Blaze growled.

"Guys, come on, don't fight on my birthday," I insisted. "Besides, I hope one day to be as strong as my mom!"

"I'm sure Ritsu would love to hear that," Blaze said.

When I finished talking to Blaze and Fergil, my mom walked up to me. Her smile looked calm, but excited at the same time. She noticed my Tepig was a little hurt, so she gave him a Super Potion, and he felt better right away.

"Happy birthday, honey!" Mom said. "I see you've chosen a Tepig. It's so cute!"

"Thanks, Mom," I responded, "I just know Piko's going to be the best Tepig in the world!"

"Piko? You've already named it?"

"Yep, that's his name! By the way, where's Dad?"

"He had to step out for a minute, but he'll be back in time to see you off on your journey."

"Okay. What was the first day of your Pokémon journey like?"

"Well, I got a Fire-type just like you did. I met your father on my first day of my journey. As a matter of fact, I bumped into him on my way back to New Bark Town from Cherrygrove City. I defeated him in my first battle, and he didn't take it very well. I told Professor Elm about him, and it turns out your father stole his starter Pokémon from the lab. Nico ended up keeping the starter, of course, and I ended up running into him more than once during my entire journey."

"What was Dad like when you met him?"

"He wasn't exactly the nicest person. In fact, he was quite the opposite. He didn't believe in treating his Pokémon nicely, but I eventually taught him some sense. And over the years, he stopped being as much of a jerk."

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"Anyway, before I start rambling on and on, here's your Xtransceiver! You'd best catch up with your friends before they leave without you!"

"Thanks, Mom! I'll see you before I head off, okay?"

"Wait," Mom said. "Before you go, I need to tell you something very important."

"W-What is it?"

"Lately, I've been hearing reports of Pokémon dying in battle instead of just fainting. They call it 'Nuzlocke Syndrome'. There's a chance it could happen to your team. I'm not saying all of them might die, but it's possible that some will. Promise me you'll be extremely careful, okay?"

"I-I promise I'll be careful, Mom," I told her.

"Okay, then. Don't worry too much about, though. You're a very strong girl, Hynden. I believe that you'll be the best Trainer there ever was!"

"Thanks for believing in me, Mom."

"One more thing. Take your lucky necklace just in case!" Mom added as she handed me my cherished necklace with a gold circle surrounded by a silver rim, which I held close to my chest and bowed my head somberly before placing it over my head.

"...Thanks. I'll be on my way now!"

"Alright. Bye Hynden!" Mom said as she waved goodbye to me.

Pokémon obtained: Piko the Tepig, Male, Calm nature, Loves to eat.

Deaths: None.

Author's Note: That's the end of the first part! If you guess who Hynden's parents are, then kudos to you! Hynden was actually born and raised in Johto, but moved to Unova 2 years before the start of her journey. Her parents have those names because that's what I named them in my other Pokémon game. Here are my Nuzlocke challenge rules:

1. Catch the first Pokémon you encounter in the wild. If you run or kill it, then you don't catch it at all! (Only exception is if you already have it, you can keep trying until you have a different one)

2. If a Pokémon faints in battle, it has died and you have to release it.

3. Nickname EVERY Pokémon you capture.

P.S.: I will try to make it a little more darker later on in the story (kind of like in Madoka where it was happy and cheery at first, but the rest of the series is much more terrifying). This is a Nuzlocke story after all! Also, Hynden's necklace is supposed to be symbolic (heart of gold, soul of silver).