Title: Listen Up (Sequel to Hear Me Out's can be found on karomeled's FF account and tumblr.) fanfiction dot net /s/8178484/1/Hear_me_out

Authors: vkdemon and karomeled

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: rough sex, facial

The nails burned out red trails down his shoulders but the pain was quickly placated by heat pulsing tightly around his cock. The twink lost it beautifully. Dave smiled smugly into his neck, released the shrunken cock and let himself rut into the spent body. The primadonna's limbs slid down lifelessly on the mattress. Dave growled, the slight change in position was enough for him to lose the rhythm. He dropped the guy's ass on the bed and grabbed his leg under the knee to hitch it up around his girth. Dave nuzzled the cheek with his nose.

"Come on, kiss me, 'm close."

The lack of response made him him finally look up. Dave froze. "Hey, you." He turned Kurt's face toward himself and patted his cheek lightly. The guy laid inanimately under him.

"Fuck." Dave pushed himself up to sit on his heels, grabbed his cock and slid from the other man. Not caring about the condom, he hurried to press an ear to his lover's chest. He listened, swallowing nervously. The thu-thump was slow but definitely there. Dave nearly laughed out loud in relief. The guy was unconscious or asleep but, fuck if he didn't scared the shit out of Dave for a moment.

So that was it. For the first time in his two year long sex life, he fucked a guy into oblivion. A part of Dave wanted to feel smug. It wasn't everyday when he could prove that even the icy bitches were no less in need for a good fuck than common sluts. The self-satisfaction didn't last long though, preening is no fun when you have no audience.

Dave poked the guy in the ribs. What was his name, again? He sighed belligerently and sat on the bed, sweeping legs over the edge of it. His cock had enough time to wilt, the rubber stuck unpleasantly to the skin. He tugged it off his member and dropped to the floor, standing to go to the bathroom and wash himself.

He always was quick to rise. A glimpse of a bared chest or couple suggestive words and he could jump to play. But for the sake of balance in nature no thing was perfect, not even Dave's cock. His best friend didn't do well when faces with distractions; and there wasn't really much more of a buzz kill than a motionless body taking up space in his bed. He knew some guys were into this kind of thing, but he was never able to get what pleasure could derive a lover unable to respond to his words and touch. He shook the thin arm. Well, it didn't seem like tonight's guest would respond to an ambulance siren, let alone Dave's waking methods. Dave dropped down on the mattress, roughly pushing the man's arm out of the way. So much for a evening, he thought grimly and looked over at the blissed out face of his neighbour. Somehow it made him even crankier. God, all he wanted was a nice simple fuck to get him ready for another day.

And the bed was against him too. Four months of wages ensured it was wide enough for three men, so how come the little twink ended up pressed up against his side? He wasn't used to sleeping with anyone and he definitely didn't care for a new experience in this matter. Dave mumbled begrudgingly to himself.

But then Kurt stirred. He sighed contently, the small hand travelled mindlessly over Dave's chest and embraced the man. Cuddling, Dave's mind supplied. He laid still for a moment, unsure how to react. Eventually, he sat up slowly, reached for a blanket and laid the cover over both of them.

There's luck in leisure, he convinced himself. They still have the morning for themselves.

Kurt was happy. Just happy without any addendum or looming worries to weigh him down. There was no stress about the morning meal or worry about a project for class coming due. Simply put there was nothing wrong in the world. Even the ache in his muscles and his derriere was just perfect. He nuzzled toward the warmth at his side, blissful and seeking more of the skin and touch. He found a furry chest and decided it was the best idea in the world to lick it. Salty.

Blue eyes blinked ever so slowly open, too lazy to care that when waking in a strange bed with a strange man one should be startled. Instead he let the foggy memories from the night of debauchery slip into his mind, each revelation of sexual congress widening his Cheshire grin. Kurt had never had sex like this. His sex life had been with Blaine, and only Blaine. Kurt purred as he arched his back. He could do to have more of this having-sex-on-impulse thing. Maybe just more having sex with this broad man-mountain he was against.

"Morning, sexy." He hummed as he wiggled his way up to press a kiss against Dave's mouth.

The man breathed through his nose as his head flinched on the pillow. A hand jutted out from under the cover and slapped into a barrier of warm twink-flesh. Dave's eyes fluttered open and he moved away, stunned to see a company in his bed. Just when a very annoyed "What the hell?!" was about to roll off his tongue, the flashback of last night hit him with understanding. "You..."

"Not a morning person?" Kurt couldn't be flustered. He eased himself up against the headboard, the marks and red/blue evidence of Dave's ravishing stood out bright against his pale skin. Long delicate fingers pressed over them, hissing as they twinged under his hand. "I'm usually running out of bed. It didn't seem too appropriate today."

"I can't imagine why not. You got what you wanted, yeah?" Dave mumbled as he turned to see the time. Piss-poor seven o'clock. Dave groaned and swung an arm over his eyes, dropping back on the bed.

"What I wanted was to not hear anymore disruptive sex in the evening... I didn't get what I wanted, but I think I got what I needed." Kurt grinned, his hand reaching toward Dave to run through the man's hair. He didn't notice the little curls before. In fact he hadn't noticed much at all but overwhelming muscle sex-God. "Reminds me of that song." Kurt began to sing softly.

"Well, I saw her today at the reception
A glass of wine in her hand
I knew she would go meet her connection."


"At her feet was her footloose man
No, you can't always get what you want."

Dave sat up abruptly, tossed the covers off them and grabbed the guy's hips, tugging Kurt down in one move. He wasn't sure if the guy was openly mocking him or if he was brain damaged and singing was his way of communication, like some warped Tourette Syndrome. "I always get what I want, babe," he said with a smirk. "Now, the question is, you want it like last night or will just suck me off?"

Kurt's voice was cut into a yelp as he was taken over by the brute. Really, he thought the man would appreciate classic rock. The question took a few moments to process and when he did his body came alive. "You cleared me out a little too well last night for more anal, but your other option sounds good." He tried to sound as sultry as possible.

Dave hummed in approval and sat down on the bed, pushing some distance between them for Kurt to get on his four. He was surprised the guy give up without a fight this time, but well, a good orgasm does that to people. The guy sure seemed parched yesterday. He rubbed a hand over his cock, half hard already from the morning. "Come on, Fancy." He watched the other man through half-closed lids.

Kurt scooted down to get into a more comfortable position. He let his fingers lead, exploring the thick muscle of Dave's thigh. He hadn't gotten a chance to really take his time exploring Dave. It was a favorite thing of his, touching and petting and looking over every muscle and curve of his lover's body. Blaine was always focused on making sure Kurt was being touched to let Kurt enjoy himself for long. He licked a kittenish stripe from the inside of Dave's knee up to his inner thigh.

Dave's legs jerked, his ticklish spot triggered. He licked his lips and spread his thighs further. Normally, he'd already have a guy choking on his dick. He brought a hand to Kurt's neck and pressed down lightly, trying to subtly let him know what he wanted.

Kurt grinned, punishing the ticklish skin with a nip from his teeth. He knew what Dave wanted, the big man wasn't exactly subtle. Kurt couldn't be bothered to obey while there was so much skin to explore. His left hand skated finger tips on the furred skin so he could enjoy both legs at once.

"Are you going to start today?" Dave took himself in hand to stimulate his dick before it'll decide to soften again. He just wanted to get off before work, to have some pleasant thing to say about this day since getting sleep wasn't apparently an option. "Just say "AAAH" and I'll do the rest for you." He let the irritation slip into his voice.

"Okay, Mister. Unless you have a damn good reason to be like this, like low blood sugar or an urgent task, you are going to apologize this instant. I will happily suck you and do a mind-blowing job of it, but not under these conditions."

Dave rolled his eyes. "I put up with your shit yesterday, I'm sure you can do the same. Every qui needs a quo, dude. Get your mouth on me or stop wasting my time."

"Neanderthal." He dug his teeth into the meat of Dave's thigh hard enough to leave his own ring of indentation.

Dave groaned loudly. "Now we're getting somewhere." His hand slid down his cock and gripped at the base, directing the organ toward Kurt.

Kurt quirked an eyebrow up at Dave. "Not so fast. Didn't you make me get in a sheath? Better grab one or I'm just going to keep enjoying myself." Kurt sucked at the bite he'd made, deepening the mark.

"Nightstand," Dave said with a nod toward the other side of the bed.

Dave was just about done with the dawdling when he caught view of the other man wiggling his way to the stand. That was enough for the morning crankiness to dissolve. He moved behind Kurt when the man was busy getting the condoms out and placed a kiss between his shoulder blades, lowering his body on the smaller man. He sucked the spot into his mouth, one hand busy with rubbing the head of his cock over Kurt's ass.

"Hello. Looks like someone finally woke up." Kurt rolled his spine up into the man over him. His skin pressed into the broad flesh above him like a cat into a touch. Kurt had the condom in his right hand. Now that Dave was getting into it, Kurt could easily justify another round of this overwhelming need from the night before.

Dave smiled into the pale neck. The large hand sneaked under his lovers body, grabbed a hip and flipped the smaller man over on his back. Dave's dick throbbed in his palm. The twink seemed so delicate, and helpless, easy to manhandle around like a mannequin. And yet memories from last night were too fresh to forget about the fire, simmering there under surface. And right now David couldn't think of anything being hotter than making this wild card submit to him.

He snatched the condom and made a quick way of putting it on himself, while moving up Kurt's body. He straddled his chest.

Kurt was trapped! He squirmed, trying to push the huge man off of him with no success. The huge length loomed before him. Kurt dearly wished to open his mouth and take Dave in. This however was a game and that would be out of turn. Instead he bit down on his lip, refusing to open. He challenged Dave to try to take his mouth with flashing eyes.

"Open up, Beautiful," Dave said quietly while brushing the head of his cock over Kurt's lips. His mouth quirked in a small smile. "Or is it too much for you?"

Kurt groaned, darting his tongue out just enough to touch the covered tip to tease the man before sealing his lips tight again. This whole not talking was irritating. He wanted to put the big man in his place. Instead he quirked an eyebrow.

Dave's eyes went hard. Fucking tease. He inched closer letting his cock bump over Kurt's cheek. One hand sneaked around the man's thin neck. He wondered briefly if he could wrap his fingers around it if he pressed down. The other hand rested on Kurt's cheek, the thumb dug into Kurt's chin, forcing it down. The man bent hovering closely over Kurt's face.

Kurt opened at the pressure on his chin. Something about that warmth on his neck made him want to submit and be used. The thick cock slid in, the taste of the latex wasn't pleasant, but watching Dave's face more than made up for it. He groaned hard around Dave.

"Good boy," Dave purred with praise, guiding the organ into the man's mouth, brushing over the roof and bulging the soft cheeks. "That's what you wanted, yes?"

Kurt refused to degrade himself by nodding around the cock. He bent his elbows, testing the range of his arms now that Dave's thick legs trapped his upper arms to his own sides. He grinned around the thickness and grabbed two handfuls of Dave's thick ass and pushed him forward to press deep into his throat.

Dave groaned in surprise, watching his dick being engulfed by Kurt's mouth. That was all the confirmation he needed. "Who'd thought you'd be so hungry for it," he rasped. Well, no guy was able to stay a prude in his bed. Dave thrust in, one hand full of Kurt's hair to keep his head in place.

Kurt gagged as it hit too deep. He swallowed roughly, trying to force his throat to take Dave in. It was huge to say the least and tears were the evidence of his effort to accommodate. He couldn't control the depth of Dave's cock. Why was that so intoxicating? Dave was going to take from him, make him find an edge of his ability like the night before. Kurt's cock was hard and sadly unable to be touched from the current position. Kurt was discovering a new kink per second in this bedroom.

Dave withdrew slightly and slid back in, gentler this time, his worlds not matching the action. "Take it, I know you can." He set up a slow pace in which his hips were bucking toward the mouth, unashamedly closing the distance between.

Kurt kept his mouth as wide as possible. He pressed his nails into the muscled ass that was in his limited range of motion to keep some control. He wanted to be able to feel Dave crash over the edge because of him.

Dave watched the lush eyelashes and big blue eyes with blown pupils. He looked oh so innocent even when having his mouth fucked. Dave wanted the innocence gone. The angelic face accosted something primal in him, something that wanted to ravage and wreck. Ruin him for other men. Dave jerked his hips back, peeled the rubber off and started pumping his length fast, tightening his grip in Kurt's hair.

Kurt's eyes went wide as he realized what Dave was going to do. This was so not the kind of facial he usually enjoyed. An outraged squawk was all he could get out before he was forced to shut mouth and eyes tight against the outpouring from the man. Oh, he was going to get Dave back for this one!

Dave moaned loudly and sagged slightly under the weight of his climax. He got reminded too soon about thin wiggling body he was probably crashing right now. He threw his left leg over it and dropped next to his lover, easing his fingers from his hair. He smiled watching his work. A hand reached out to massage the cum into the man's skin.

Kurt's upturned nose wrinkled in irritation. This was gross and it didn't matter that his cock hadn't calmed at all. It was leaking desperate for attention against his stomach. A considerate lover would be bringing a towel or something to help him clean this mess off with. So much for that. He batted Dave's hand away, still unable to open his mouth for fear getting the mess in his mouth.

Dave chuckled, misunderstanding Kurt's gesture. "You gonna stay like this?" He murmured moving to kiss and nip at Kurt's collarbone. "Didn't peg you for such a cumslut, but well, 's not the first time you surprised me." His hand found its way to Kurt's cock and gave it a squeeze. The man clearly enjoyed their time together.

Kurt whimpered, the touch unexpected and needed. He momentarily forgot about the mess as his brain short-circuited in Dave's palm. His hips came off the bed, toward Dave, begging him to show mercy. Kurt turned his neck, trying to find anything to clear his vision.

Dave groped the dick tightly and set a murderous pace, determinant to bring Kurt to fast and blinding orgasm. He kissed and sucked a path on Kurt's neck and jaw line, careful to not lick the cum off. "Come, babe, mess yourself for me." He cupped the head of Kurt's dick in his palm, wanting to catch every spurt, and massaged it with the palm.

Kurt's climax came with a high pitched whimper. It might not be the scream Dave had been so proud to get from him earlier, but it was no less intense. He couldn't move, he couldn't think. Still covered in Dave's orgasm he added his own across his pale chest and over Dave's fingers. Kurt couldn't move.

Dave groaned, satisfied with the picture before him. He had a feeling he's going to come back to this moment a lot during his 'alone' time. Once Kurt's body relaxed against the sheets, he brought the richly coated in cum hand and smeared it over Kurt's throat. His fingers threaded the perfect hair, adorning it with white strands. Dave bent to kiss.

Kurt hummed, shockingly calm as Dave was covering his body. The feel of Dave's hands spreading it felt like affection, like a gentleness that had been lacking in their pleasure the night before. He kissed Dave, a chaste closed mouth kiss that seemed out of place in their debauchery. Kurt would have to make him give more of those kinds of kisses after he showered.

Dave lowered his head on the bed with a happy sigh, and stretched on the bed. Seemed like the morning wouldn't go to waste after all. Dave breathed out and sat up, clapping Kurt's thigh. "Well that was good. I'm going to take a shower," he said and got off the bed. "The door key is in glass ball on the left, you can leave the door unlocked."

"Leave me to the shower. This is a terrible state to remain in."

Dave turned around with raised eyebrow. "What...? You live downstairs."

"So? I'm not going to take the walk of shame covered in both of our leavings." Kurt cleared his eyes just enough to open one. He slid off the bed and as gracefully as possible made his way bare toward what was the bathroom. His apartment had exactly the same floor-plan.

"You can always just, you know, wipe yourself up. That's what we, grown-ups, usually do," Dave said crossing arms over his chest. He didn't like the ease with which Kurt walked around his apartment. He rarely let anyone linger after the fucking, unless a guy tricked him into shower sex or they played messy earlier. One facial hardly classified as that.

"Grown-ups also offer guests use of the facilities. It's called manners." Kurt paid the man no attention and sauntered right into the bathroom and started to turn the faucet to warm up before moderating the temperature just like he did in his own apartment.

"Won't your precious boyfriend worry where you've been?" Dave called after him. "I figured you'd want to sneak back in before he'll wake up. I don't want any troubles from him, understood?" He glared at the closed doors.

"You have nothing to worry about from Blaine." He couldn't quite bring himself to let Dave know that boyfriends wasn't a terms for he and Blaine anymore. Kurt examined the bottles in the shower, surprised to see they were some of the more expensive brands of for-men products. He took the old spice, how stereotypical, and began to scrub with a washcloth at his abused skin.

Dave retreated to his bedroom and made an effort of tugging the sheets off the bed and folding them next to it. Shit, I need to do laundry, he thought picking up his scattered around clothes and throwing them on the pile. He sat on the mattress, waiting for his neighbour to get done with washing. He wondered if the little neat freak was trying to exfoliate every pore, because no man would spend this long in the bathroom. This, this was exactly the reason he never allowed such things. People meant inconvenience.

Or maybe he should just try to get on with a normal guy next time.

Kurt took half the time of his normal care routine. He didn't have any of the supplies he needed to properly cleanse. He'd do a mask and a spa treatment tonight. He took a clean towel from under the sink, surprised to find even one and dried down. His hazy reflection in the mirror made him pause.

Kurt was walking out of a stranger's shower, having had two rounds of wild sex with said unknown man. What was his life? Blaine would laugh at him... or worse, give that vague disapproving sigh. Kurt straightened. Who cared what Blaine thought. Blaine could go have wild sex with his man whenever he wanted. Kurt shouldn't feel ashamed of doing the same. In fact he felt David and he shared quite a bond. In fact he could say he obviously had a new beau. Wouldn't that just be lovely to be able to flaunt. Kurt's footsteps took him, wrapped in a towel back into the bedroom. "Do you have work?"

"Yes," Dave answered shortly and walked by him. He stopped in front of the bathroom and glanced at the other man. "Why?"

"Just wondering if there was time to 'help' you with your own shower. Pity." Kurt offered Dave what, he hoped, was a coy smile. His old nervousness was slipping back in at the edges.

Dave couldn't suppress the smirk. "Insatiable, aren't we? Unfortunately I'll have to go out in less than an hour and need to go buy myself something for breakfast first. So, no time left, Sweet-Lips."

Kurt's coy smile broke into a full joyous grin. Maybe the pet-term wasn't what Kurt would have chosen for his next lover to call him but it was obviously a term of affection! And that meant this was more than just random sex. "Maybe next time I'll bring breakfast and desert." So sue him his flirtations weren't the most original, but they seemed to be working. He let Dave have a view of his bent over ass as he located the first item of his clothing on the floor.

Dave let out a breathy chuckle. The guy must be full of himself if he thought Dave -anyone- would want to deal with a high-maintenance bitch twice. He came up slowly behind him and rested his hands on Kurt's hips as the man straightened against him. "We'll see." Dave's lips brushed the ear-lobe. He caught it lightly between his teeth, unable to resist the last lick. Kurt had a special taste, distinctive and saccharine sensation that needs a moment to melt on the tongue and explode with startling note of refreshing artlessness. He was a nice sweet course, but Dave had a feelinghe'd get sick of it pretty soon. He left him with a wink and went to take his much needed shower.