Sirius: What is it now?

Me: I'm going to spin a tale to make my readers weep.

James: Seriously cry?

Me: Depends on how they are... they MIGHT cry.

*grimaces* Remus: Farali doesn't own Harry Potter, if she did this world would be hell.

Me: Hey!


"Hey, Sirius, Remus?" "Yes?" "What Harry?"

Harry stood in Sirius's room, looking at a picture on the wall that had been placed with a charm, never to be removed. The picture had five people in it, left to right: James, Sirius, a girl, Remus, Peter. The girl had medium-long blond hair with brown and purple streaks, and pretty dark green eyes. She laughed in the picture, not a girly-giggle, nor a snort, but a lovely, ever-lasting laugh that came from being with friends.

Sirius and Remus appeared in the door.

"Who is this girl?"

"Annabelle Clary…" Remus started, his face looking stricken. "Ann… Anna… Bell… Spotty…"

"Who is she, though?"

"She… went to Hogwarts with us… same year… a Gryffindor… She was a Marauder… Spotty, her animagus form was a Cheetah. She didn't put her name on the map, said she knew she'd get in trouble… We called her the 'Secret Marauder'." Sirius whispered.

"She sounds like the perfect Marauder girl. So why hasn't she ended up with either of you two… or Wormtail? I mean, I know my dad loved mom and all…"

Remus shuttered, "Harry… Annabelle's story is, while short, very… sad… Do you really want to know it?"


The two men looked at each other, "Do you want to Remus?" "Sure Sirius."

"It really started in our fifth year…"