The Girl Who Fakes Her Smiles

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Interrogations and Lies

Sighing, Meghan slid off the back of the miniature Iron Horse with a small frown weighing on the corners of her mouth.

Her dislike for horseback riding didn't help the fact that every time she looked at the horses, a strong hit of nostalgia for the original Iron Horse would overwhelm her mind nor did it do any good that she had just left the Elysium that went from slightly-tense to borderline-war-between-all-three-courts. Meghan's spirits definitely plummeted when she noticed that Puck wasn't there to lighten up the mood.

"My lady? Why are you dismounting?" came Glitch, her first lieutenant's, confused voice. "We are not yet at the designated trod."

Meghan bit back a sharp response that would have been completely fueled by irritation, and instead took a deep, somewhat calming breath, replying, "I need to stretch out my legs, so let's walk the rest of the way."

Glitch and the guards didn't argue, but they were muttering unintelligible things under their breath that she knew couldn't be compliments about her snarled, silvery blonde hair that was, once again, floating around like it had no weight.

The horses trotted beside the group, coal black hooves lightly being coated with the dust of the road, and their fire bellies warming the air around them. The guards walked stiffly with their hands on the hilts of their iron swords while Glitch stayed by Meghan's side. They continued their way on the dirt road that wound away from the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, to a trod that led to the mortal world to meet a faerie there that was the maker of the Iron Court's weapons since they were in a shortage from all the new faeries that were popping up and joining the court.

Glitch said that the trod was near, so Meghan nodded absently in acknowledgement while her legs moved without much thought. She stared forward and up at the bright green canopy of the Wyldwood that was bordering the road, wondering about how Lazarus was holding down the court when she noticed a foot swinging languidly through a break in the leaves. Her face immediately lit up with happiness and surprise, assuming that the leg belonged to a certain red-headed faery.

Meghan was about to call out his name when a bright green light poured out from the empty spaces between the leaves. All of a sudden, the foot dropped down, exposing the jean-covered leg before swiftly disappearing. Right before it was snatched away from her sight, she realized that the leg was shorter and more feminine than Puck's lanky ones.

Then, a chocolate bar fell from the leaves and landed near her feet with a small cloud of dust.

After a sharp blink, I roughly pulled myself back into the present after reliving my triumphant moment. I released a deep sigh and stared at my reflection in the clear pond water I was crouched in front of.

From the time I had left the Unseelie Court to now (which was approximately six hundred years), I had kept my haircut the same, although it was neater than my previous self-made cut. Dark, wispy layers that ended just below my shoulders and equally dark, choppy bangs that were supposed to run across my forehead, but still flopped into my eyes. Despite the similar hairstyle, much has changed about me. Physically and mentally.

Physically, I had grown tall (5'9 to be exact) and lean with strong, wiry muscles that helped me hold my own in a fight. My face wasn't as soft as it was when I was younger. Instead, it had sharp angles like most fey. My ears were pointier too as they curved delicately out of my hair.

Though I had changed much physically, my mentality was the one that had been altered the most. I was no longer the empty shell of a fey I was when in the Winter Court. When I left the court, I almost went back into my uncaring self before I snapped out of it. I realized that I needed something— a goal— to keep my fire burning. And I created one. My goal was to find a place where I could belong.

I thought it would be easy with the newly discovered aura I picked up that attracted most (not all) people— fey and human alike— to me. They want to be with me and not always in a romantic way. They want to be my friend, they want to spoil me, they want to worship me (1630 B.C. in Egypt. Thought being a queen would be cool until I realized that they would suck my brain out with a straw). In my opinion, it's some kind of redemption from when I was harshly outcasted in the Unseelie Court. It might help me eventually when I find a solution to my goal, but at times, I'm not quite sure about it. Especially when you're trying to steal some food. It sorta gives away your position when a human hangs onto your leg to keep you from leaving them.


My reflection showed a teenage girl of around nineteen years old. She looks like someone you don't want to get in the way of despite her youth (I'm not really that young, but they don't need to know that. It's not like grandmas flaunt their age, and I could be a grandma's grandma's grandma), her golden eyes glowing with something that wasn't human. I looked like someone you didn't want to be caught in a dark alley with. I look dangerous.

A smug smirk quirked up the corners of my lips with satisfaction. That's because I am dangerous. Nobody will dare think that I am weak nor do I want anyone to think I am, which was a huge difference from when I was living in the court where everyone would automatically know who I was and how frail I was by just seeing the emptiness in my eyes.

The other thing that changed drastically was my fighting ability. From the times I've gone to visit the human world, I've watched fights. Street fights, boxing fights, karate fights, everything. From that, I learned that I had the skill of mimicry. I can just watch someone fight and be able to mimic their talent perfectly.

To go with that, I also realized that I could also mimic glamour when I was originally watching some fey fight (viciously, if I may add) for sword fighting. It's strange and absolutely impossible that I could use both Summer and Winter glamour.

In theory.

I like to think that I'm the poster girl for NeverNever. I completely defy science and theories and live on beliefs of the impossible and imagination. I even defy the fey's knowledge.

My only troubles with my mimicking abilities are that I don't know how to fit that talent I copy into my fighting, right away. If I try a new move too early without enough practice, I end up using it at an inconvenient time, throwing myself out of my smooth tempo. I have a great memory, but my other struggle is that I sometimes I forget that some moves are too old-school and are too predictable. Now, enough about my weaknesses that are most likely my fatal flaws...

I let out a quick breath of air and smoothly stood up from my position, brushing off any dirt that had gotten onto my leather jacket and dark-wash skinny jeans. Usually, I don't stay too long near the pond in case a kelpie decides that I look good enough to eat, but today, I lost track of how long I was here. I'm guessing too long since I just saw a ripple in the water, not very far from where I am now.

Deciding that I'd rather not waste my energy and fight (even though it would only take a small flick of my fingers... okay. I admit it. I'm lazy), I took one last look at my reflection, flicked open my sunglasses, propped them onto my nose, and began dashing off to my tree, most likely disappointing the hungry kelpie. (Sorry, kepie. You just know how much I hate disappointing people. Monsters. You get the point. Sarcasm. Whatever.)

My tree was, well, my tree. It was where I went to rest when it got dark since it was dangerous to stay out. Pretty much, you can call it my home. Though, it was not a tree house. I don't believe in defacing nature to make houses (even though most homes in the human world are practically all about destroying nature, like clearing the land and cutting down trees, but I digress). I guess because I'm half-fey, I have that nature-loving side in me. It doesn't sound very comfortable to sleep in a tree without any cushions, but for some reason, it doesn't bother me.

After a short while of sprinting through the Wyldwood, I reached my tree. It was extremely massive with a sprawling, bright green canopy, a thick, dark brown trunk, and large roots that weaved in and out of the ground. In my opinion, it was pretty beautiful even though the surrounding trees were extremely similar. Nothing special about it.

You're probably wondering how I get up into the tree since I obviously can't just lay among the roots, that would defeat the purpose of going somewhere at night. A ladder would be a little too obvious even if I hide it in the bushes. Few of the monsters around here were clever, so they would realize it. I actually climb the tree. Well, the branches. Most people usually climb the trunk, but it would take a long time and leaves your back defenseless. So, I stepped back a few paces and sprinted as fast as I could towards the tree.

When I met the trunk, I braced my foot against it without breaking stride, and the momentum of when I pushed off it, threw me into the air. I spun in the air and grabbed a hold of the branch that was there. I pulled my legs up and around the branch, so I was hanging. Then I pulled my body up on top, so my legs were on either side. I did the same for the next branch up, and the next, and the next, hanging onto the branch then pulling my body up after. I do this a few more times until I reach the branch I usually sleep on. It's a lot of work just to get to a place I can rest, but its worth the safety.

I rested my back against the trunk and leaned my head back. One of my legs dangled carelessly off the branch as I grabbed a piece of candy from my bag and nibbled on the milk-chocolate bar without much thought. I was indifferent if whether my openly, swinging leg would attract any fey. My limbs were itching for a nice fight after a day of doing nothing other than being handed a large bag of chocolate bars— the chocolate was on the house as was the store's cloth bag— while I was browsing around in the mortal world.

I paused for a moment, ceasing my munching to push my large sunglasses farther up the bridge of my nose where it was threatening to slip and expose my eyes. Before I could break off another piece of the delicious dessert, my armlet heated up slightly and flared a bright, green light. Blinking in shock, I immediately dropped the candy bar, letting it begin its long fall to the forest floor, before touching the armlet. The ancient letters that were inscribed into it, flashed the same unnatural green before quickly growing larger until it was a thin blade that was made for hacking and had the faint, green aura surrounding it.

When my armlet flashes without my intention, it means that someone with a lot of power is near. It hasn't flashed that bright since I met Leanansidhe while following a rag-tag group of 'secretive' fey into the Between.

Standing up and balancing on the slightly shaking branch with ease and my sword in my hand, I curiously glanced down through the canopy of leaves just in time to see a dagger fly towards my face.

"Glitch," Meghan said quietly under her breath, staring at the area where the sudden burst of light came from. "You saw that, right?"

"Yes, my lady. What do you think it might be?" he asked in a low voice as he eyed the gap in the leaves, ignoring his instinct to answer her question with a sarcastic response. The guards behind them were still and tense, aware that there was something wrong.

Meghan frowned slightly. "What should we do?"

Glitch straightened up and strode to the spot under where the light came from. "Leave it to me," he murmured over his shoulder.

He then reached into his belt, pulling out a dagger. He looked up, analyzing the space above him. Without any warning, he whipped the dagger into the air.

After a few tense moments, it came down.

In the hand of a dark-haired fey.

Well. Not the nicest way to announce your presence, I thought dryly as the dagger grew closer.

Just as it was a few inches from my face, I blew on it lightly. The dagger flipped around, blade pointing towards the ground. I grabbed the hilt and scowled at the space below me. Grabbing my bag of things, I slung it casually over my shoulder.

Then, I stepped off the branch.

The air whipped past me, causing my hair to fly up while I plummeted to the ground. As I met the dirt floor, I made sure to roll to keep the impact minimal.

I straightened my spine and smoothly leaned my back against the tree trunk with my bag smushed in between the two, before fixing my bangs back onto my forehead with one hand while the other held onto the dagger that was thrown at my face. I scanned the traveling group through my sunglasses, asking a condescending, "Yes?"

There were two blondes nearer to the front— a male with electric yellow hair wearing a leather much like my own except it had small studs adorning it while the female had more silvery sheen to her hair and a casual outfit of a nice blouse with a pair of jeans— and a group of armed, rigid guards were behind them.

They all regained their composure, whipping out their weapons.

"What are you doing?" the blonde male asked with narrowed, purple eyes, brandishing his sword around in what he thought was a menacing manor.

I raised my dark eyebrows at him. "Really? You're asking me what I'm doing? I hope you remember that you were the one that threw the dagger while I was just sitting in my tree."

He bristled angrily while sputtering, "I was just- I meant. You were just- We were- Just..." he then deflated, absolutely stumped as no comeback came into his mind. His glimmering, violet eyes were glazed over with stupefaction.

I brushed a hand across my lips to hide my brief, amused smile, trying my hardest not to double over and cackle like no tomorrow at the blonde guy's pathetic response, before leaning my back on the trunk of my tree, crossing my arms and ankles. As I settled for a victorious smirk at his moment of bafflement, I noticed that the girl was staring at me with a strange, slightly-reminiscing kind of look on her face, her body bent in half and one hand reaching towards the chocolate bar I dropped earlier.

Ignoring the strange look, I loosened my grip on the dagger in my hand, and tossed it lightly to the male who clumsily caught it while earning himself a few minor cuts. "There. And you can have that," I tossed over my shoulder to the two blondes as I headed into the forest to do my leap of faith back onto my tree, ignoring the oddness of a fey wanting a human food.

Then, a quiet, barely audible question from the slight, silvery-blonde had stopped me in my tracks, freezing me to the core with fear and repulsion at how quickly she figured out my secret.

"You're half human... Aren't you?"

After a moment of silence, my survival instincts finally kicked in, and I ended up tackling the female to the dirt ground. With a flash of green, a sharp dagger was in my hand and pressed against her long neck while my knees were on either side of her, making sure that she wasn't able to get up.

"Who the hell are you to be making such accusations?" I hissed angrily, doing my best to make it seem like I was a deeply insulted, full fey, knowing that this facade would help keep my secret, a secret.

The girl looked calmly into my sunglasses with her big, blue eyes without a hint of fear in them, her silvery hair fanning out behind her head. In fact, instead of being scared, it seemed more like she was trying to penetrate past my sunglasses and see my actual eyes. Good luck with that. I have the darkest shade you could get. Actually, two shades darker than the darkest.

Meanwhile, the guards and the blonde male were watching the scene happen with absolute bewilderment written across their faces. This girl mustn't be very important to have such weak protectors. (Then why did my armlet flash? Is it getting old? I've only had it for a few hundred years...)

From the way they were situated when I hopped down from my tree, I could see that the guards were in a loose half-circle with her as the center, not the male. The male most likely was supposed to guard her front. They seemed prepared enough on the outside, but now that they're actually faced with a real, dangerous situation (A.K.A. Me), they're frozen. Then again, I moved so fast I must have been just a blur of leather and dark denim. Must be a little unnerving.

As I thought that over, the girl under me didn't respond to my question, but merely repeated her own. "Are you half-human?"

"No," I growled firmly, baring my teeth at her. The girl's guards blinked before regaining their composures and pointing their little swords at my back.

Then, to my utter shock, the girl smirked. She. Smirked. Did I mention that I had a knife to her throat? Why the hell is she smirking in her current situation? Shouldn't she be begging to me to release her, saying that she'll do anything for me to release my hold on her? Is it just me, or would you also have felt like your ego had taken a hit in the same situation as mine?

"So... You are half-human."

"Didn't I just say that I wasn't? Are you okay in the head?" I asked in exasperation, giving her an incredulous look. What is with this fey?

The girl gave me a patient look as if I were merely a child who didn't understand something instead of what she should be doing which was crying and pleading mercy.

Strange, strange faerie. Then again, fey aren't supposed to cry nor beg for mercy. Nor be caught in this kind of situation in the first place. If I were a regular fey, her throat would already be slit.

"You show the signs," she explained calmly, blinking her intelligent, blue eyes at me from underneath her slightly-raised, light blonde eyebrows.

"I show no signs," I sneered, internally panicking. Signs? How would she know what characteristics make up a half-human fey? I don't even know.

An amused smile threatened to take over her lips. "First off, you had a chocolate bar," she tilted her head, the dirt from the road sifting in with her hair as she questioned me. "What would a fey be doing with a human food?"

My eyes widened from behind my sunglasses, thankful that she couldn't notice that subtle reaction. Before, I was curious as to why she wanted the candy, but it turns out that she was wondering why I had the chocolate. Well, crap.

"I snatched it from a human I was playing with in the mortal world," I replied smoothly, thinking quickly on my feet.

She narrowed her eyes at me and frowned disbelievingly. "Okay. Well, how do you explain not killing me as soon as you got a knife to my neck?" she retaliated.

"Might as well get some answers out of you before I do kill you," I sang lightly, raising my eyebrows sardonically.

Her face's expression grew cold.

"You're aura flickers with mistrust whenever you lie," she stated in an emotionless, monotone. "And we all know that full fey cannot lie. Therefore, you aren't a hundred percent fey." My jaw fell slack with shock at her conclusion as my arms retracted back to hang limply by my sides.

"And I should know," she continued solemnly, staring directly into my eyes (sunglasses), "because I'm the same as you. I am also half-human, half-fey."

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The Girl Who Fakes Her Smiles