The Girl Who Fakes Her Smiles

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Loyalty and Souls

I collapsed onto the leaf-covered floor at the foot of an ancient tree, legs unable to hold my weight up any longer. Taking a moment, I leaned back against its firm trunk before gathering up my nerves and prodding at my bleeding thigh wound with shaking hands. My breaths turned into pained hisses that escaped through clenched teeth which just barely held in an agonized howl as my fingers tried to blindly assess my cut.

There wasn't much they could find out without my eyes, which were screwed shut with pain, other than the fact that it was deep. Extremely deep.

When the fates determined getting sliced into like a pineapple wasn't enough torment for me, I just realized by the scorching sun rays beating down mercilessly on my back that I had unknowingly wandered into Summer territory.


As I struggled to get on my feet in an attempt to avoid meeting some Seelies in my condition, a high-pitched voice trilled with derisive laughter.

Well, damn.

"Well, well, well. Now look at what we have here. You know," the voice sang with amusement, "if you're here for some devious plot against us, at least come a little less... pathetically. It's kind of insulting really."

Blazing golden eyes snapped open, anger quickly overwhelming the pain. "And yet despite my injury, you aren't here fighting me. It's kind of insulting really," I mocked.

I heard a disbelieving snort that somehow sounded delicate and prim. "I do what's smart," the voice stated matter-of-factly, "I saw you fight and kill those Thornguards. You may be a half-breed and have that nasty little cut, but you still have Mab's blood which means you're lethal."

"I hope you know that you just totally contradicted yourself saying that I'm both pathetic and lethal."

I heard a hiss that was different from the other myriad of tones that came from this faerie. A smirk pulled at my lips. It was always fun making others snap their composures.

"I'm trying to help, you insolent human," the voice spat.

I paused thoughtfully before relying.

"What could you do? And at what cost?" I answered with narrowed eyes.

The voice responded, unaware of my anger. "Just a small favor. Not much," the faery cooed, switching back to their tinkling voice.

I rolled my yellow eyes. "I don't think so."

There was a incredulous sputtering that caused a few leaves to drop. My eyes homed in on a spot in the canopy above. A smile threatened at my lips as the voice got over its surprise and attempted to sway my decision. A little too late for that, I thought.

"Do not kid yourself, human," the voice purred. "You think you can get back into the shelter of the woods before I can call a horde of guards?" There was a haughty, 'ha!'. "I'd like to just see you—"

And the dagger I was slowly forming in the palm of my free hand went along its deadly course into the leaves above. There was a satisfying thunk as the blade sunk firmly into my target, and a small, pea-green form fell to the forest and crumbling into a heap.

I stood up and walked towards the Wyldwood with barely a limp at all. Anger always did make me heal faster.

But I'm not saying thank you.

That was only just the beginning of my independence.

Back then, I ran into a lot of different situations— life-threatening ones most of the time. Ones that either included a fatal injury somewhere on my body or a faery recognizing who I was. All those times, I've never granted a favor, owed a debt, nor taken favors. I've seen faeries in the Unseelie court get so tangled up in debts of which they had no hopes of getting free that they had even gone mad, going into crazed rampages until a guard would emotionlessly slide a sword into their hearts.

Favors were dangerous. Debts even more so. and bets? Practically non-existent unless you were either incredibly clever or incredibly dumb.

This is why I don't grant favors.

Except for once.

In my defense, you don't know how freaking hard this cat is to kill.

"Grim," Meghan sighed exasperatedly with a firm glare at the cait sith. "I know you think you know everything— and most of the time you do—, but this is completely up to Ira and what—" she spewed out heatedly before I interrupted her.

"Is that your wish, Devil's Cat?" I asked in a soft, slightly detached voice.

"It is so," the cat purred while the others looked at me in confusion.

Then, it dawned on someone.

Surprisingly, it was Glitch who figured it out first.

"You have a debt to the cat," he stared at me.

"As many do," I answered stiffly, lips pursing minutely. A sigh escaped from my chest, causing my shoulders to slump as if the world were on them.

I turned to the cait sith. "And will my debt be repaid in full?"

He flicked his plush, gray tail impatiently. "Well, of course, human."

"Then, I shall comply." I turned to Meghan and bent my knees into a smooth curtsy that somehow worked without a skirt.

"Will you accept me into your court, Ms. Meghan?" I asked politely, staring blankly at my worn out converse.

I could feel her curious gaze on the back of my head, wondering what debt could be serious enough for a measure such as this one.

My legs were beginning to cramp when she finally stated, "You may. Let us go through the initiation."

Glancing up, I see her motioning for me to stand before her. I strode over purposefully.

"Kneel." I did.

"Ira, former member of the Unseelie Court," her voice turned powerful and regal opposed to her earlier, more casual tone. Strands of her fair hair were lifting as if she were being shocked but in a controlled way.

"Do you swear your loyalty to the Iron Court and myself? Willingly agreeing to all the consequences of doing so, which include severing all ties to your former court?" she asked.

"I, willing, swear my loyalty," I answered without hesitation. The air quivered around us from the power of her glamour and the contract, causing her hair to twitch before staying still in the air.

"Then, I now pronounce you a member of the Iron Court," she dubbed, placing two fingers to my forehead. My body felt a current run through my veins. Was that from her?

She took back her hand and jokingly wiped her forehead as if she were exhausted. "Whew," she said before giving me a small grin with pitying eyes. "Well, that's it."

I gave her a small smile that was my attempt to reassure her, saying it wasn't her fault.

Wow. Now, look at me.

I'm actually reassuring someone.

I was pondering anxiously about that thought when I felt an unnerving tingle race down my spine.

Well, damn. I know what that means.

"Hey, Queenie. I see you're still keeping frostbiting, black-hearted things around as company. I really do believe that that is a dangerous habit to keep."

While Meghan's face lit up with surprise and happiness, mine darkened into a scowl.

"And I really do believe," I muttered, fingering my armlet that was flaring extremely bright with all the power around us, "that the saying, 'Gingers have no souls,' was created specially for you, Goodfellow."

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