"I thought libraries were suppose to be a place of studying, not a social gathering," Kotori Mizuki muttered. You'd think an academy with four libraries would have some quiet place to study. Sighing, the honors student decided to look elsewhere for a place to study.

"A quiet place to study is apparently too much for a school like this," Kotori said and continued to walk through the school for a good place to study. The honors student passed a window and looked out into the blue sky outside. How are you doing up in heaven Mom? It's hard to believe ten years have passed since that day.

Kotori found an abandoned music. Deciding there wouldn't be any other place to study in peace, Kotori opened the door. What Kotori didn't know was that Music Room #3 wasn't so abandon. When the door opened, the honors student was greeted by the beautiful fragrance of roses and them.

"Welcome." It was…the Host Club.


Students accepted to the elite Heartland Academy were those with excellent social standings and filthy rich families. The Heartland Host Club were a group of the academy's most outstanding (and handsomest) male duelist with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies also with terribly too much time on their hands. The Host Club always saw their music room as a dueling arena for the super rich and beautiful.

Kotori was pressed up against the door in shock and surveyed the boys in the room. By the left was a small boy with blue hair and eyes of glittering gold. He held a stuffed dragon in his arms. Behind him was a much taller boy with blonde hair that pointed upwards and black bangs. Standing behind a chair was a boy was purple hair. Kotori thought it looked like an octopus. Over by the right were two boys Kotori recognized from class. They were twins. The one had a scar down the left side of his face. His wild hair was split into two sections. The front was blonde while the back was maroon. The other boy had a sweet face that contrasted with his brother's mischievous face. His pink hair contrasted with his kind, emerald green eyes.

Finally, there was the boy in the middle. He sat on the chair in front of the purple haired boy. Chair boy's sparkling red eyes looked straight at Kotori. The boy's dark hair stuck up in two spikes on each side with two red spike-like bangs pointed upwards and slightly to the left.

"Look at that, it's a boy," the twins said together.

"That's interesting," the purple haired boy commented. "III, IV, isn't he in your class.

"Yeah," the answered in unison. "But he's shy and doesn't talk that much. We don't know anything about him."

The boy smirked.


"That's too bad," he said. "If you knew something we could've at least had an idea of who he'd like to spend some time with." He looked away from the twins and toward Kotori, who was attempting to escape the Host Club. However, he couldn't seem to open the door. "Welcome to the Host Club, Mr. Honors Student."

The boy in the chair stood up and stared at Kotori, who was still struggling with the door. "Whoa, so you're Mizuki Kotori! You're the one who got here with your awesome grades!"

Kotori stopped fiddling with the door and glanced back and the boy. "How do you know my name?" he asked nervously.

"You're quite infamous around here. There's never been a commoner at our academy," the purple haired boy explained. Kotori's eyebrow began to twitch at the word 'commoner'. "You have quite an audacious nerve to fight your way into this academy as an honor student."

"Um, thanks?" Kotori said.

"You're welcome!" The chair boy appeared by Kotori's side and wrapped arm around his shoulder. "You've shown everyone that even a poor person can enroll in an elite private academy, not to mention excel in class." Kotori was uncorfortable with the boy's actions and scooted to the other side of the room. The boy noticed Kotori's movements and followed. "Is it odd how others look down at you all the time? Or do you like the attention? If I was poor and had that many people looking at me I'd make sure to impress them with my dueling skills!"

"I don't duel that much," Kotori informed the boy and moved back to the doors. "Besides, I'm not as poor as you think."

Chair boy ignored what Kotori had said. "Underestimate and neglected all your life, but that doesn't matter now!" He wrapped his arm around Kotori again. "Now, I welcome you to our world of beautiful duels!"

Kotori attempted to leave again and began to walk out. "Whatever."

"Wait Tori-chan!" the small boy ran up to Kotori and grabbed his arm. "Are you like a super hero? Maybe you should duel Kaito! He's like a super duelist!"

"I'm not a super hero. I just get good grades." Kotori paused. Why did this kid call her Tori-chan ? "What's with the chan!" he shouted. "We just met and I'm older than you!"

The little boy ran back to the blonde haired boy who Kotori presumed to be Kaito. The honors student breathed heavily a few times. He wasn't sure if it was the yelling that had him out of breath or if it was the fact that he was still in this music room and not studying somewhere quiet.

"Ya' know, I don't think anyone has ever been this openly gay at school," Chair boy wondered aloud.

Kotori gave him a look. "What does he mean by that?"

"I guess it doesn't matter." The boy looked up at Kotori. "So, what kind of guys are you into? The strong, silent type?" He gestured to the one Kotori thought was Kaito. "The boy Lolita?" His hand moved toward the small boy. The small boy looked up at Kotori by the cue given by Chair boy with a stuffed dragon in arm. "Maybe you're looking for more of the mischievous type." Chair boy signaled toward the twins who gave Kotori a sly smile. "Or perhaps the cool type?" He pointed to the purple haired boy.

Kotori began to panic. What was this place? Was it some kind of male harem? Were they trying to gain something? "N-no, you've got it all wrong!" he insisted. "I was just looking for some quiet place so I could study!"

Yuma strode toward the nervous honors student and drew his fingers from the back of Kotori's jaw to her chin. Kotori gaped as the boy's firey red eyes stared lovingly into his own glasses-cover, hazel eyes. "Or maybe you're into a guy like me? What do you think?"

Kotori's heart felt like a drum role. Was this just nerves or was it something more? Kotori didn't know how to respond, but he did know that he needed to get away from this guy. He jumped back to get away from the boy. The honors student felt that he bumped into something. He looked back to see he knocked over a podium and the expensive looking vase that was sitting on top of it. Kotori knew there was no way he could ever pay off that if it broke. He turned around to try and catch the vase. It was just in his finger tips, but it narrowly escaped and shattered on the ground. Using the podium to support himself, Kotori stared at the shards of vase in horror.

The twins looked over Kotori's shoulder. IV, the one with the scar, spoke. "It looks like we won't be auctioning that vase. Nice one commoner."

"Well there goes eight million yen," the pink haired twin, III, said dejectedly.

"Eight m-million yen!" Kotori shouted. He slumped his head down and tried to calculate. "How many thousand yen is that? How many thousands are even in a million?" Kotori knew the vase had to have had an impressive price tag on it, but he didn't expect it to be eight million yen! Kotori nervously looked back at the Host Club. "I'll, um, have to pay you guys back."

"Like you can do that. Can you even afford a school uniform?" the twins said, going back to their unison style of speech. They examined Kotori's sloppy outfit. How could anyone even think about paying off that vase with those worn black jeans, scuffed black shoes, oversized brown sweater, and that white shirt that wasn't even tucked in? Not to mention that Kotori's short green hair didn't even looked brushed.

Kotori knew they were right. Kotori knew that spending the money needed for the rent on the first year's uniform -consisting of black pants, shoes, a white shirt, a ruby red blazer and a dark red tie- wouldn't be a smart idea. He thought he'd save up some extra money throughout high school and buy a uniform during his third year, if he was lucky. Out of all of the uniform colors, the third year's blue was defiantly the best.

The purple haired boy, in a second year emerald green blazer, picked up a shard from the ruined vase. "Yuma, what should we do with our honors student?"

Yuma sat back down in his chair. "Well Mizuki, I guess you only have one way out of this." His tone was now serious as if he proposing something for business. The only difference between now and business was that Kotori had no room for negotiation. "Since you don't have the money I suppose you'll have to pay with your body. Starting today, you'll be the Host Club dog."

Kotori stood still with shock on her face. I don't know if I can handle this, Mom. I've been kidnapped by a bunch of boys who call themselves a Host Club!

The members of the Host Club stood around Kotori. "Since you'll be our dog, it's best if you know all of our names," the purple haired boy said. "I am Kamishiro Ryoga, second year. Though, I'm sure you could've been able to tell that by the uniform." The boy smiled at Kotori. There was something in that smile Kotori didn't like about that smile though. "I'm sure you already know III and IV since they're in your class. Over here is-"

"Yeah, yeah, introduce the rest of them later," Yuma interrupted. "Right now we need to set up for our guests. They'll be here soon!"

"Why do we have to do it?" IV complained.

"We could just have our new servant start repaying his debt now," III offered.

"Actually I need him to go and run a few errands. We're kinda low on some supplies," Yuma said. "Since Kotori has a debt to pay off, it's better if he collects the supplies rather than one of our servants, right?"

Kotori's eyebrow twitched. It was going to be a long time before his debt would be paid off. Yuma handed Kotori a list off supplies. Once the honors student left, the Host Club began to set up the room.

The large pink tiled room was nicely set up with tables and couches. The majority the two person tables were along the wall of windows so the guests would have a nice view, but there were still a few tables set throughout the room. In the room were four white columns that were spread out. When you entered the room you wouldn't see any furniture in the large space between these columns. Between the two columns on the left and the two on the right were two couches that faced each other. The backs of the two inner couches faced each other, creating a sense of symmetry in the room. In the center of the two couches was an oval shaped table as long as the couches.

The Host Club boys placed a bouquet of red roses in a white vase on each table. The boys proceeded to set the china for hot chocolate. The finishing touch was two plates of sweets positioned on either side of the vase of roses.

Yuma smiled and took a seat on a couch. "The Host Club is now open for business!" He announced. Ryoga opened the door to the Host Club and girls flocked in. They all sat themselves at specific tables as if they were assigned there. The remainder of the Hosts sat with smile and pleased their guests through conversation.

"Yuma, I think I've made some great new strategies. Maybe we could duel sometime soon!" A girl an emerald green dress said hopefully.

Yuma gave the girl a wide smile. "Of course! In fact, we could duel right now!"

"Really!" the girl squealed. The three girls sitting across from almost swooned with delight.

"Yuma," said the girl on Yuma's other side. She too wore a second year's emerald green dress. "Before you duel, is it true that the Host Club has a new little kitten running around here-nya?"

"Well I guess you could say that," Yuma answered. He looked over to the girl and caught a glimpse of the person in question. "Well there he is! Did you get everything we needed my little bird?"

Kotori grumbled. Little bird? I've been in this club not even for a day and I already can't stand these damn rich people, Kotori thought. The honors student handed Yuma the bag. The wealthy boy immediately began to rummage through the bag as if he were looking for something. The first thing Yuma pulled out was the hot chocolate mix.

"What's this? I don't think I've seen this kind of hot chocolate before," Yuma said. The girls around Yuma leaned in for a better look at the plastic container.

"That's just some hot chocolate mix. You just add water," Kotori explained.

"Oh, so this is commoner hot chocolate!" Yuma told the girls. "It's already all ground up because commoners need their food done fast, right?"

"I guess," Kotori mumbled. "If you don't like it I'll go get the hot chocolate you guys are used to."

Before Kotori could move, Yuma grabbed her by the arm. He dragged Kotori over to a table and set up a few cups. "Hey girls! Come over here if you wanna see how commoners make hot chocolate!"

Kotori sighed and took the instant hot chocolate container out of Yuma's hands. Kotori removed the lid from the container as Yuma and girls in red, green, and blue dresses watched in awe. The honors student dropped a spoonful of the mix into each of the cups. He then poured water into the cups as the wealthy students clapped for the demonstration.

Kotori felt his eyebrow twitch. What is it with these damn rich people?

A few girls picked up the cups and eyed the liquid suspiciously. They seemed unsure if it was safe to drink the commoner hot chocolate.

Yuma seemed to notice and took one of the girls in her arms. "Now what's wrong? There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this hot chocolate," he softly told her in a caring tone.

The girl seemed taken back. "It's just, I don't know if my parents would approve of me drinking this."

Yuma drew his lips close to the girl's ear and whispered into it. "What if I let you drink as Gagaga Magician served it to you?"

"Then I guess it would be okay!" the girl squealed. The others shrieked at the display as if the hologram could really hold a cup.

"Now Yuma," a girl spoke up. "I really think you've taken this joke too far-nya. Do you think the people who go to this school have the pallet to stomach that crap?"

Yuma didn't hear his guest, but Kotori did. He looked over and studied the girl. She was a second year student with grey hair and thick framed glasses. The part Kotori found odd about this girl was the fact that she had two pieces of her hair stick up like cat ears. The girl noticed that Kotori had heard her. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was just talking to myself."

Kotori paid no further attention to this group of fangirls as they watched Yuma attempt to have his monster hold a cup. Kotori passed a table with the twins and two girls. The girls began to shriek as IV apologized to III. IV held his pink haired brother's face and looked in his eyes sympathetically. It looked like they were going to kiss. Kotori rolled her eyes at the girls. What was wrong with them?

Kotori noticed two of the older students enter the room. It was the third year named Kaito with that little boy in the third year's sapphire blue uniform on his back. The two went to a couch where a group of girls waited for them.

"Sorry we're late," the little boy said. "I just got really tired from setting up and fell asleep." Kaito put the little boy down between two girls and took a seat on the other couch. The little boy yawned. "I don't think I'm awake just quite yet."

The girls looked at the little boy as if he was a baby panda. "So cute!" they said.

Kotori watched the display from afar. "Is he really a third year student?" she wondered aloud.

"Haruto-senpai is very young, but he's a prodigy." Kotori looked back to see Ryoga standing behind her. He was holding a slim book probably filled with budget plans for the Host Club. "He skipped a lot of grades just so his older brother Kaito could always look after him. Kaito makes sure to stay close to Haruto as his strong and silent body guard."

Kotori looked at Ryoga. He was unsure how to respond, but that feeling didn't last too long. Haruto seemed to snap out of his tired daze from earlier and swung Kotori around. "Tori-chan!" the young boy cheered. "Would you like to come over and have some caramel with me?"

Kotori, still dizzy from earlier, distractedly responded, "Thanks, but I don't feel like eating caramel right now."

The boy looked at Kotori sweetly. "Then would you like to hold my dragon, Galaxy-chan?" The boy pulled out his stuffed dragon from behind his back.

"You know, I don't really like dragons all that much," Kotori said.

Haruto looked at Kotori with a sad expression. "But don't you like Galaxy-chan?"

Kotori gave the stuffed dragon a second look. He was able to focus more now that he fully regained his balance. "Well, it is pretty cute."

Haruto looked up at Kotori with a blank look.


"Take good care of him!" Haruto said and to Kotori and hopped back to his ladies.

"Just so you know, our club uses each man's abilities to please each lady accordingly," Ryoga began to explain. "For the record, Yuma is our king, or, as he prefers, Duel Champion. I personally think he's in over his head if he thinks he's the best duelist in this club. To pay off your debt you'll be the Heartland Host Club's dog until you graduate." Ryoga paused and gave that smile- no, simper- to Kotori saw earlier. "I mean you'll be acting as our servant until you've accumulated enough hours to pay off that eight million yen debt. If you want you can try to run away, but just so you know my family has over one hundred police officers employed." Kotori looked at Ryoga in shock. "I'm guessing you don't have a passport, right?"

Kotori knew what Ryoga really meant. If he tried to flee to another country to escape the debt it wouldn't work. Kotori was stuck in Japan until the end of high school, or longer.

Yuma strolled over to Kotori and spoke in his ear. "You'll be working very hard to pay off your debt, my little bird." He blew air into Kotori's ear which made her jump a few feet away. "Since you're working with us you should work on your appearance some more. With the way you look now, girls won't even look twice at you."

"You know, I'm not trying to impress girls," Kotori informed Yuma. "I'm here to study. Besides," Kotori began to speak in a dreamy tone. "it doesn't matter how you look on the outside. It's the beauty you have within that makes someone truly stand out."

"It's not so often that someone like as perfect as me comes around," Yuma said, ignoring Kotori's opinion. The Host Club King began to waltz around the room with a speech for Kotori. "Besides, why do you think artists at Industrial Illusions make the card art appealing? It's so everyone can have a little more beauty in their life."

Kotori zoned out as Yuma explained his views on beauty and how to be a gentleman. There's a word for people like him, Kotori thought. Arrogant? Kind of, but that's not what I'm looking for. What's that word? I just can't think of it right now.

Yuma stood by Kotori's side and gave him a look filled with interest. "And it's always important to remember what a glance can do to someone."

"Annoying! That's it!" Kotori thought aloud.

Yuma face went into shocked. He depressed sat in the corner in the room in a fetal position. The twins laughed at their senpai. "Nice one," IV told Kotori.

"I'm sorry Yuma-senpai," Kotori said. But he is a bit arrogant, he thought. "Sorry Yuma-senpai, but I'll admit that you're speech did speak out to me just a bit."

Yuma rose from in position and smiled. He moved closer to Kotori. "In that case let me tell you all I know!" he declared and reached out a hand toward the honors student. "I will teach how to be a gentleman just like me."

III and IV stood in front of Kotori. "I think he's look better if we just look these off," III suggested and removed Kotori's glasses. He and his brother looked at Kotori in shock.

"Hey, I need those!" Kotori said and reached out to try and find his glasses. "I had contacts, but I managed to lose them on the first day of school."

The twins still looked at Kotori in awe. Yuma stormed up from behind the twins and pushed them aside. He gazed at the new Kotori in awe. Without those bulky glasses in the way Kotori's face was very elegant. You could see the skin was perfectly flawless and appeared to be very smooth. Even Kotori's eyes seemed to sparkle like the sun reflecting off water without those glasses.

Yuma snapped his fingers. "III! IV! Uniform!" The twins saluted to and they each took one of Kotori's arms. They dragged him out of the door to another room. "Shark, my stylist!" Ryoga pulled out his D-Gazer and began the call. "Kaito, go get some contacts!" The older boy nodded and ran off to find Kotori's prescription.

"What about me?" Haruto asked with pleading eyes.

"Haruto-senpai, you can go have some caramel," Yuma said.

Haruto went over to a table and sat down with his stuffed dragon in the other chair. The young boy slumped down in his chair in depression. "I wanna help too," Haruto mumbled and unwrapped a piece of caramel.

The twins brought Kotori in the room connected to the Host Club. It so happened to be a changing room. III and IV shoved Kotori into one of the changing stalls and presented a uniform. With a closer inspection, Kotori could see the blazer had a patch with Heartland Academy's crest on the chest. The crest was a fancy white H the sat on a black background with an intricate gold frame.

III and IV gave Kotori the outfit. "You need to put this on," they told him.

"Fine," Kotori said. "But you need to get out!" Kotori shoved III and IV out of the stall. The two almost fell, but used each other for support. Once they regained their balance, III and IV looked at each other to make sure they were thinking the same thing.


Kotori changed into the uniform. Before he could leave, a stylist came into the stall and set up. Kotori didn't even have a chance to object. Once his hair was done, Kotori noticed there was a case of contacts. Guessing they were for him, the honors student opened one side of the case and slipped one contact and then the other.

The Host Club sat outside the stall Kotori was in and waited for him. They were all anxious to see if the transformation was a success.

"Hey Kotori! Hurry up!" IV called out.

A few seconds after IV placed his demand Kotori emerged from the changing stall. The Host Club was impressed by the honors student new appearance. Kotori wore a first year uniform. His hair was parted to the left. Now you could see that Kotori's bangs were a light green while the rest of his hair was a much darker shade of the same color. For the cherry on top, Kotori's glasses were gone which allowed a pair of hazel eyes sparkle.

"Perfect!" Yuma cried on the verge of tears. "You look great!" The Host Club King collected himself and made an announcement. "As of today, you are officially a host! In order for you to pay off your debt, you'll have to be requested by one hundred customers!"

The Host Club exited the changing room and returned to their room. Yuma sat Kotori down at a table with three other girls. The table was close to the couch Yuma sat on so he could keep an eye on the new host.

The girls sitting with Kotori were impressed by the boy's appearance. "Wow Kotori, you look great!" one said.

"What product do you use on your hair to make it look like that?" another girl asked.

"Could you tell us something about yourself?" the last girl questioned.

Kotori suppressed the emotions that wanted to rise to his face, though he couldn't help the fact that his eyebrow was twitching. All I have to do is get one hundred girls to request me, right? Kotori let out a sigh to relax his face. If that's the case, I have to perfect story that'll have these kind of girls flocking to me.

Kotori began his story. He told the girls about his mother and how she passes away due to an illness. The girls looked like they were going to cry by end of the story.

"Who cooks and cleans now that your mom is gone?" the one girl asked with tears in her voice.

"I do," Kotori answered. "My mom taught me how to cook before she passed away. There are a lot of recipe books around the house, so there are plenty of different things I get to try out. I always find it rewarding when I can recreate the dishes, especially when my dad asks for seconds. My dad and I have had it kind of rough for a while, but we've been making out just fine."

"It's so sad!" the girls cried. "Is it okay if we request you for tomorrow?"

Kotori smiled at the girls. "Of course. I'd be glad to see you all again tomorrow!"

Yuma watched Kotori's first attempt at hosting. "How is he already this good?"

"He's a natural," Ryoga told him. "No training needed.

"Yuma, have you forgotten about me?" the gray haired girl next to Yuma asked.

Yuma turned around with grace and sweetly gazed at his guest. "Of course not, Cat-chan. I was just checking up on our new host Kotori incase he needed some help. He's doing quite fine, though. In fact…" Yuma snapped his finger. "Hey Kotori! Could you come over here?"

Kotori excused himself from his guests and walked over to Yuma. "I have someone I'd like you to meet," Yuma said. Kotori recognized the Yuma's guest to be the same girl from earlier. "This is my favorite guest, Cathy."

Kotori ignored the fact that he already disliked this girl's personality and smiled. "It's very nice to meet you Miss Cathy."

Yuma flinched by the Kotori's presentation. It was just so beautiful! The King quickly recovered and embraced Kotori with a suffocating hug."That was perfect! Absolutely breathe taking! It was just darling the way you smiled!"

Kotori failed around and Yuma suffocate him. The honors student spotted Kaito from a distance. "Kaito-senpai!" he called out. "Please help me!"

Kaito heard Kotori and dashed over to save him. Kaito swept the honors student our of Yuma's grasp and, for the first time, got a good look at the boy.


Kaito held Kotori in the air for a while. Yuma began to nervously chuckle. "Um, senpai, I think you can let him down now," Yuma said.

Kaito lowered Kotori to the ground. As soon as Kotori's feet touched down to the surface Yuma tried to hug the honors student again as an apology. Cathy glared over to Yuma and Kotori as they began to argue. Wasn't she suppose to be Yuma's favorite? Deciding this would take a while, Cathy left the club and would come back later. Hopefully Yuma would have time for her then.

Kotori managed to get away from Yuma without a hug. At the moment, there were no customers for him. Kotori glanced over to where he left his bag to see that it wasn't there. He panicked. Since he planned to go shopping after school he brought all of the food money, which was in the bag. If that was lost, then Kotori and his father would be stuck with whatever was left in the house and Kotori knew that wasn't much.

Kotori dashed out of the Host Club to look for his bag. As he ran down the hall with the windows Kotori caught a glimpse of something in the fountain. How did my bag get there? I didn't think there were any bullies in this school, Kotori thought. He sighed and began to run down to the fountain. Kotori passed a girl while he ran for his bag. He recognized the girl to be Cathy. Kotori had a feeling she was responsible for throwing her bag in the fountain.

The honors student dashed outside and found the fountain all of her books were in. Kotori sighed and rolled up his pant legs and the sleeves of the blazer and shirt. He took off his shoes and then walked into the water and rescued his soaked belongings. Kotori left it all of the books and his bag in the sunlight to dry. He went back into the fountain one last time to salvage his wallet. The wallet was crucial to find. There was barely any cash at home since the rent had been paid yesterday. If Kotori couldn't find his wallet, he'd have to take the money stored away for emergencies.

"Hey Kotori." The boy turned around to see Yuma standing in front of the fountain. "Why'd you run out of the club? You have a guest waiting you know."

"Sorry Yuma-senpai," Kotori said. "I just couldn't find my bag. I went to go look and I saw it out of the window."

Kotori went back to search of his wallet. Yuma looked over to the side of the fountain to see all of Kotori's belongings. He took off his shoes and began to roll up his pants. "How did your bag end up in the fountain in the first place?"

Kotori shrugged. "I guess it must've fallen out of the window at some point." Kotori stopped searching when he heard a disruption in the water. Yuma was helping him look for his wallet. "You don't have to help me, senpai."

Yuma refused the invitation. "It's fine. Besides, people say I'm soaked with awesome dueling skills." Yuma let out a half-hearted chuckle. He then found something in the water and pulled it out. "Kotori, is this what you're looking for?"

Kotori looked up and saw his wallet. He smiled. "Thanks senpai."

Kotori placed all of his damp belongings back into his bag. He'd let them dry out once this long day was over. After that, Kotori and Yuma walked back to Music Room #3.

"There you two are," Ryoga said as the two entered. "You weren't getting to know each other too well while you were gone, were you?"

Kotori turned bright red and almost yelled at Ryoga for his comment. Yuma got to him first, though. "Come on Shark," he said in much kinder tone than Kotori planned on using. "I just met the guy and besides-"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever your excuse is it can wait," Ryoga interrupted. "You both have guests right now. It would be best not to keep them waiting any longer."

Kotori and Yuma headed toward their guests. As always, Yuma had a handful of ladies to entertain. On the other hand, Kotori was shocked by his guest. It wasn't the fact that he had a guest but who it was.

Being kind and polite, Kotori smiled and greeted his guests. "Sorry to keep you waiting Miss Cathy. I hope you weren't sitting around for too long. I had to retrieve my bag from the fountain."

Cathy wore a mocking smile almost as if she wanted to gloat about what she did to Kotori's bag. "It's fine. I wouldn't know what I would do if my bag fell in the pond-nya," she said. "I'm guessing that's why Yuma was out as well-nya. I can't believe you made him search through that dirty fountain. You do know Yuma doesn't really have that much interest in you." Kotori flinched. "He's just trying to make you into a gentleman."

"I see now," Kotori said. He figured out why Cathy held these negative feeling toward him. "You're jealous of me."

Cathy's eyes went wide. How could this commoner think that she was jealous of him? This Mizuki kid was nothing but dirt like all commoners and Cathy planned to prove it. She flipped the table over and kicked Kotori's chair out from under her. Kotori fell on top of Cathy, making it look like Kotori attacked the girl.

"Kotori what are you doing?" Cathy cried out. "Help! He's trying to attack me! Someone put this commoner in his place!"

Before Cathy could shriek some more, both she and Kotori were soaked. Kotori got up to see that III and IV each dumped a pitcher of water on them. Yuma walked over to the two with a disappointed look.

"Yuma," Cathy said innocently. "I don't know what happened. Kotori… he just attacked me."

Yuma faced Cathy. He still wore that disappointed look. "I'm sorry, but Kotori is not the man who would do that kind of thing," Yuma told Cathy. She was shocked. "I bet you were the one who threw his bag in the water as well as framed him for in this occurrence. I'm going to have to ask you to leave the Host Club, Cathy."

Cathy looked like she was about to tear up. Yuma always calls her Cat-chan. "But Yuma," she whispered.

Yuma helped the girl to her feet and looked her in the eyes. "I'm sorry, but we have a certain level of maturity in our club. You may come back to the Host Club once you've found that maturity."

Cathy began to cry and ran out of the Host Club. The members of the Host Club, excluding Kotori and Yuma, smiled. They never liked that girl.

Yuma, the guy who tried to have a hologram hold a tea cup on several occasions, gave someone a lesson on maturity. Ryoga chuckled at the thought. He grabbed a paper bag and handed it to Kotori. "Here's a dry uniform. It's all we have, but better than a wet one, right?"

Kotori accepted the bag. "Thanks, I'm going to go change," he said and left to the changing room.

Yuma felt bad for Kotori. He didn't do anything wrong, but Cathy still set him up like that. He decided the best thing to do at the moment was to get some towels for Kotori. Once he gathered a few towels he entered the changing room. Without asking for entrance, Yuma pulled open the curtain to the stall Kotori was changing in.

"Hey Kotori, I brought you some…" He stopped his words and looked at Kotori. The honors student had taken off his blazer and shirt to reveal a pink camisole. Yuma dropped the towel in the stall and shut the curtain.


The rest of the Host Club entered the room to check on Kotori. They all saw Yuma staring at the curtain with a stunned expression. It seemed that the rusted gears in Yuma's head were turning. "So Kotori," he finally spoke. "You're a girl."

Kotori came out of the changing stall with a new uniform on. This time it was the girl's first year uniform. The outfit was a long ruby red dress that reached down to Kotori's knees. A white bow was secured around the waist. The skirt had a little volume to it while the top of the dress was fitted. To cover up some skin, there was a white, long sleeved jacket that rested at the top of Kotori's stomach. To finish up the uniform were white stockings and black shoes with a small heel.

"Biologically, yes. I am a girl," Kotori answered.

Yuma stood in front of Kotori baffled. He was even making some odd noises as he gazed at Kotori.

Ryoga smirked. He knew Kotori was a girl right from the start. "You mean you didn't know Kotori was a girl?" he teased Yuma.

"It wasn't that hard to see, you know," both twins informed Yuma. III, IV, Haruto and Kaito figured out Kotori was actually a girl throughout the day.

"B-but doesn't it bother you that everyone thought you were a boy?" Yuma asked in a shock filled voice.

Kotori crossed her arms. "I honestly don't care what sex you all see me as. It's what's on the inside that counts, right? You know it could be fun having a lot of girls fuss over me." Yuma snapped out of his befuddlement. Kotori slightly turned. "Now how will I pull it off? I guess I could just call people 'dude' and 'bro' now!" She laughed at the thought and turned back to Yuma. "By the way senpai, I thought you were pretty cool earlier."

Yuma's entire face went scarlet. He put his hand over his mouth to try to hide his cheeks, but the blush was all over his face. The Host Club King was all choked up.

Ryoga smirked. Something says this is beginning of love we're seeing here.


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