Beautiful black gates opened up. The Heartland Academy Host Club stood behind the gates with smiles that greeted their guests. The flowers of the cherry blossom trees were in bloom. You could smell the light fragrance of the flowers as petals floated down from the trees. Behind the members of the Host Club was a small reception for the guests to view the flowers. However, what was more important than the reception were the dueling fields further back. Dueling was one of the Host Club's specialties after all.

The Host Club's guests filed into the reception area. Some of the guests waltzed back to the dueling fields in the back in hopes of facing one of the hosts. Before the foundation of the Heartland Academy Host Club many girls that attended the academy did not duel. However, with the help of a few gorgeous male duelists, most of the girls who used to take Duel History now had Dueling as their class. Of course, they only took the class to fare better against these pro duelists.

All of the members of the club wore black dress pants and shoes with a white dress shirt under an ash gray vest and tie. More than half of the Host Club walked back to the dueling fields and awaited their opponents. The remainder of the club stood by the tables as they waited for their guests.

Yuma slid back as his life points slightly dropped. Yuma's life points came up through AR vision and dropped down to 3800. The King sighed loudly. "Oh no, it seems that Gogogo Golem was no use against that attack. What should I do now? Perhaps I'll send out Zubaba Knight and this spell card." Yuma covered his mouth with his hand. "My bad, it seems that I've spilt my strategy to you, my darling. It seems as though I'll have to come up with a new one."

Yuma's opponent and all of the girls watching squealed with delight. Their King Yuma had slipped up, not that that was anything new. Sadly, fangirls never get enough of one thing.

On the other field, III gave a small cry as his monster was destroyed.

"III!" IV called out. He rushed over to his brother's side and held III in his arms. "Please, don't be so careless. I have traps of my own if you needed them, but I knew you had something to stop that attack."

III looked up at IV and smiled sweetly. "I'm sorry, I forgot it was there. I know I can't always count on you to keep me safe."

Two girls watching III and IV from a table marveled at the sight. "It's so beautiful! I think they're bringing tears to my eyes!" One of the girls said.

"No! Dry your tears. You need to see this! Who knows when it will happen again?" the other girl warned.

Ryoga slid over to the girls. "You are completely right, my dear," he told the two. "Beauty is scarce in the world. Take these cherry blossoms for example; there aren't many places where you can see their vibrant blossoms. That's why I have taken the liberty to compile this photo book that contains pictures of the beauty that occurs each passing day." Ryoga showed the girls a slim, magazine-like book with III and IV on the cover. The two wore their uniforms and posed elegantly for the cover. The title of the book was written in large letters that read "Archlight". "It just so happens I have books prepared on the other members of the Host Club as well. If you're interested in collecting all four, I'll discount the whole set." Ryoga pulled out three similar books with the other members of the Host Club on the cover and their last names as the title. However, a photo book on himself wasn't among the four books.

The girl pulled out their pocket books and practically begged for all four of the books.

III and IV removed their D-Gazers as they finished their duel and watched the girl purchase their photo books. "Now we know how the club gets extra money," they said.

"But I have to wonder," IV began.

"Where did Shark get those pictures?" III finished.

The twins shrugged off the thought. It was just another thing Shark did for the Host Club.

Back to the dueling fields, Kotori sat at a table and watched Haruto duel. Kaito was standing close by also watching his little brother duel.

Haruto's field was almost empty accept for one card face down, however he did have 3000 life points. His opponent, on the other hand, only had 500 life points, but she did have the XYZ monster Alchemic Magician on her field. The opponent activated a magic card.

"And now my monster's attack points are doubled to 3000!" Haruto's opponent announced. "Now, Alchemic Magician attack!" The long, curly, green haired magician flew toward Haruto to attack.

The young boy smiled. He knew he wasn't losing this duel. "I activate my trap card Negate Attack!" The trap card face down on Haruto's field revealed itself and stopped the monsters attack. "Your attack in now negated and your turn ends here!"

The girl cupped hands on her cheeks. "Oh wow Haruto! You're so good at dueling!" she said.

"Thanks!" Haruto replied. "Now, my turn, draw!" Haruto placed his new card in his hand. He then chose two cards from his hand. "I remove one LIGHT attribute monster and one DARK attribute monster that was in my hand from the game. Now I can summon this!" Haruto quickly placed two on his monsters in his deck case and summoned his monster. "Come on out, Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End!"

A large, winged dragon with 3000 now stood on the field. Haruto smiled. "I activate the effect of my monster. By paying 1000 life points, I can send all the cards from both of our hands to the graveyard." Haruto discarded the card from his hand and his opponent discarded the two from her hand. "Now you take 300 points of damage for each card sent to the grave!" Haruto gave a small chuckle. "It's okay if we stop now! I wouldn't want you to face all of that damage and get your pretty uniform all dirty!"

The two ended the duel. Haruto's former opponent and many other girls swarmed around the duelist with compliments for his skills.

Though she was impressed by Haruto's skill, Kotori was confused. "Why didn't he just give her a direct attack? He wouldn't have lost any life points that way and he would've still won the duel."

"Well it's not always about the obvious way in Host Club duels, ya' know."

"Yuma-senpai, I didn't see you there," Kotori said. "Would you mind explaining?"

"Of course!" Yuma brightly answered. "As you know, the job of a host is to make every girl happy. Now, one way to make them happy is to let them win a duel, but these guys have professional records to keep. A few of us actually have records with no losses, so no one is allowed to lose due to that. Even though we need to win a duel, we don't want to be rough. Would you like it if your opponent dealt 3000 points of direct damage toward you? Not to mention that you'll get blow back pretty far with a hit like that."

"I see. So you basically win against your opponent, but you don't let them face the pain of the damage," Kotori summarized. "Wow, that's really cool! Maybe I should start dueling."

"Has my impressive speech inspired you?" Yuma asked. "Or perhaps you want to be close to the same level of dueling as the guy you're falling for?" Yuma gave Kotori an attractive gaze.

"No offense, but what is your level of dueling?" Kotori said flatly. Yuma froze with her question. "Everyone in the Host Club who duels has a professional record, not to mention that they're fairly well known. But you haven't even competed in a real, professional tournament, have you?"

Yuma curled up next to a tree with his back to the club in depression. Sure, he hasn't actually participated in an official duel tournament of any sort, but Kotori didn't need to say tell him like it was obvious!

"Hey, Mommy dear," Yuma said.

Ryoga smirked, knowing Yuma was in another pointless depression. He decided to play along with this game. "So, what is it now, Daddy?"

"Am I really not a professional duelist?"

"You're really figuring that our right now?"

Yuma yelped as if he was just struck by lightning. "Well you don't have to say it like that!"

Ryoga rolled his eyes. "Honestly, I would think you'd be more concerned about some other stupid thing like how Kotori is making friends with the twins or some other stupid-"

"THEY'RE FRIENDS!?" Yuma shouted.

I had to open my damn mouth, Ryoga thought.

"Well, all three of them are in the same class. Since they know each other already, it's only natural to stay close to each other during class. In the process of sticking together, the three will end up bonding," Ryoga told Yuma. "Actually, I think they're talking about their classes right now."

Yuma snapped his attention toward Kotori. Sure enough, she was hanging out with the twins. They were talking about something. Yuma manage to see a paper IV was holding. He recognized it to be a class selection sheet. Yuma screamed. "No way! That's not right! How are they all so close? She's supposed to be close to her Daddy!"

Ryoga chuckled. Maybe this will actually be fun.

"You see, III and IV spend almost nine hour a day together with Kotori since they're all in the same class. You, on the other hand, only have a few hours of club activities to spend with her," Ryoga explained. "In other words, your involvement with Kotori is very, very slim."

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Yuma shouted while covering his ears. The King rushed up to Kotori and held her by her shoulders. "Kotori! You've gotta stop hanging around those shady twins! They're going to become a bad influence on you!"

"Who are you calling shady King of Secret Plans?" IV yelled.

"Yeah! And aren't you the one with a negative influence on Kotori? I don't think we tried to have holograms hold tea cups!" III shouted.

Yuma was taken aback by the comments from the twins. He did have a lot of plans in the past that did have the entire Host Club acting strangely. Not to mention that with all of Yuma's immature behavior Kotori could end up picking up a few of his habits unintentionally. "They're right. It looks like there's only one option. It's time for you to start acting like a girl again!"

Kotori rolled her eyes. It was this speech again.

Yuma seemed to be crying with his next words. "We're all just a bunch of troublesome boys here! All Daddy wants is for you to be a good girl and surround yourself with girlfriends to share secrets and gossip and whatever else it is girls do!"

"Why do you keep referring to yourself as 'Daddy'?" Kotori asked.

"I won't stand for it any longer!" Yuma exclaimed while brushing off Kotori's question. "Please, change! Change back now!"

Yuma held Kotori's shoulders and rocked her back and forth. III and IV saw their poor classmate and decided to intervene.

"You know you don't have to rush things," IV said.

"Physical examines are the day after tomorrow and Kotori's identity will be figured out then," III reminded.

Yuma stopped rocking Kotori. The honors student looked over toward the twins with a confused look. "Physical examines?"

Kotori thought back to examines she's had in the past. The girls and the boys would be split up and taken to the nurse to check simple things like height and weight. Kotori remembered how most of the guys at her middle school would compete over their height.

"You guys are right," Kotori said. "The doctors would figure out my identity right from the start. Everyone is going to know that I'm a girl."

The Host Club boys flinched. They were going to lose Kotori from their club.

The Host Club hours ended and all of the girls filed out. Yuma gathered some servants to clean up after the club's activities and then headed back to Music Room #3 with the rest of the Host Club boys in silence. Once everyone was back in their room, Yuma sat in his chair and began to daydream.

Clusters of rose petals blew through air. Once all of the petals cleared away, a girl with short green hair was revealed. The bow from the back of her ruby uniform seemed to sparkle as the masses of students gazed upon this girl.

"Oi! Kotori!" Yuma called.

The girl turned around with a vacant look on her face. Her hazel eyes gleamed in the sunlight and her hair was slightly braided, despite its length.

Kotori approached Yuma. "Senpai," she spoke softly. "Everyone is staring at me. I-I'm not use to all of this."

Yuma grabbed Kotori by her waist and used his other hand to sweep up her hand. It looked like the two were going to dance. "It's because you are beautiful, Kotori. Don't let the stares of anyone frighten you. I will be here to protect you."

Kotori buried herself into Yuma's chest. "Oh senpai."

Yuma held Kotori's hands and began to swing her around. The two of them had smiles on their faces as Kotori proclaimed her love to Yuma.

III and IV watched Yuma. The King had a smile of absolute joy on his face while his eyes were littered with accomplishment, even though they were closed.

"What do you think he's daydreaming about?" III asked his brother.

IV shrugged. "I don't know. It has to be something good. Maybe he actually became Duel Champion in this particular day dream."

"So nothing new? He better stop soon. His face is creeping me out."

Yuma snapped out of his day dream. "You jealous, IV?" Yuma asked. "You see, I've already see the outcome of this game. We are all in a romantic school comedy. Kotori and I are the main characters which automatically makes us love interests from the first time you seem both of us on screen even though she may click better with another character who will become increasingly important over time," Yuma explained.

"I'm going to regret this, but what the hell is he talking about?" Ryoga asked.

Haruto and Kaito came up from behind and shrugged. It was just another one of Yuma's crazy explanations. All they knew is that they were just anime characters in Yuma convoluted mind.

IV decided to play along for a little more. "So who are we suppose to be?"

"You boys," Yuma said. "are the all of my friends who just so happen to be the convenient homosexual supporting cast!"

Everyone rolled their eyes. Yuma had to be kidding this time, right? What went on in this guy's mind to label them all as homosexual? Can't a group of attractive men hang out together and be straight? Most of this "supporting cast" is related to another member after all.

"You know Boss, I don't think you're getting the whole picture here," III told Yuma

"Yeah, if word gets out that Tori-chan's a girl, then she can't be a part of the Host Club anymore," Haruto informed.

Yuma was at a loss of words. How could have he not seen that one coming? Apparently a daydream with a girl with a pretty face actually wearing a female uniform was enough to make Yuma forget that detail.

"I bet if Tori-chan started wearing girl's clothes she'd be even cuter than she is now!" Haruto exclaimed.

"She did look pretty in her middle school uniform," IV commented. "I bet she was quite popular with all of the boys."

"That's correct. According to my investigative report, someone would pledge their undying love to Kotori at the minimum of one time a month," Ryoga said. "In other words, if Kotori's secret is revealed, Yuma wouldn't have that slightest chance of getting close to her."

"But we would since we're in the same class," III and IV added deviously.

Yuma couldn't believe his ears. Would his precious daughter Kotori really be sealed away from him if her secret was revealed? Would she only have those twin devils there to see her and take up all of her time? Yuma's thoughts were stopped there as the doors to the Host Club opened up.

"I'm so sorry guys," Kotori said as she entered the room "I kinda got lost with all the confusion of cleaning up. All of your servants kind of swept me up."

Yuma rushed over to Kotori and looked her in the eyes. "Now you listen to me Kotori. Daddy's gonna do whatever it takes to keep your secret safe! You won't be revealed as a girl during the physical examines. Just please promise to stay our secret princess!"

Kotori blinked twice. She had no idea about what Yuma was talking about. "Um, okay. I guess so," she answered unsurely.

"You know, I think we'd all be peeved having to see all the guys flirting with Kotori," IV said.

"Then that settles it. It's time for some Kattobingu!" III announced.

The twins pulled out a white board and they both wrote. III wrote "Operation: Keep Kotori's identity a secret is underway!" on the top of the board like a banner. IV put "Operation: I swear Kotori is a boy no matter how feminine he may look!" in a bubble that usually represented shouting in manga.

The boys gathered around the board and awaited their instructions. Yuma took the marker and began drawing some figures. He quickly explained his diagrams, but Kotori couldn't hear a word they were saying.

"So, you will assume Position A tomorrow during the physical examine and wait there for your instructions!" Yuma told the boys.

Kotori watched the boys as she tried to figure out why they were so intent on helping her. She pounded her fist into her hand as she discovered the answer. "I got it! You guys want to keep my secret because if I'm a girl, I can't be a host. Meaning, if I'm not a host, I can't repay my debt."

Kotori folded her arms. "Let's see, my balance at home is just over five million yen," she thought aloud. "Hmm. I guess I'll just have to pay you guys back in another way!" Kotori began laughing. They were going to go through so much trouble just to make sure she could stay a host. There are other ways to repay a debt, but were they really going to insist to keep her a host?

"Come on Boss, you gotta do something!" IV said.

"Yeah, this plan isn't appealing to her at all!" III added.

"Why'd we get stuck with such a difficult heroine?" Yuma muttered. He sighed and decided to get the truth from Kotori. "Are you saying you hate being a host? Do you hate this club?" he accused.

"Honestly, I'd have to say yes," Kotori answered smoothly. A bunch of squealing fangirls wasn't her ideal way of spending her time when she could be studying.

Yuma was shocked. Did his little girl really hate her daddy's club? Out of depression of that realization, Yuma shrank into a corner and moped to himself.

The rest of the boys just looked at Kotori. She seemed to be laughing with joy about the thought of leaving the host club. It stung the boys slightly that Kotori really hated the club that much.

"What are we going to do? She doesn't seem to care about leaving the club or not!" said IV. "There's gotta be some way we can convince her to stay."

Kaito smirked. He could see Kotori's weakness. "Fancy tuna."

Kotori stopped laughing immediately with the mention of quality sushi. She could even picture the perfectly catered food in her head.

Yuma snapped out of his depressive state and smiled mischievously. "That's right. You didn't get a chance to try any during last episodes party," he said, still thinking his life was some kind of anime.

III and IV held their hands over their mouths as if they were speaking about something important.

"Did you hear? I heard Kotori's never had fancy tuna?" III loudly whispered.

"Wow, now that's a difficult childhood," IV responded.

Haruto looked down at his dragon with a frown. "If only Tori-chan could stay in the Host Club. Then she'd get a chance to have all the fancy tune she'd like, along with a bunch of other yummy foods."

Kotori gulped. "Do you guys really think I'll fall for that? Even though I'm poor, I'm not so much of a glutton that I'd continue to fool the entire school about my gender just to eat some fancy tuna," she told the club with a nervous chuckled. She coughed. "Am I really going to have the chance to try it?"

The Host Club was smiling. They knew she was going to submit to the food.


Physical examine day had now came and the Host Club's plan was ready to be put into action. An announcement was made informing all of the students to report to the clinic for the examines. Groups of students traveled down to their assigned location. The halls were filled with chatter as the students traveled.

"So, are physical examines any different here at Heartland Academy than at any other school?" Kotori asked the twins.

"No, it's just like any other examine," IV told her.

"Why would they be any different? Just because we're rich doesn't mean we can make everything better than what you commoners have," III said.

"I guess you're right," Kotori spoke.

The students made their way to the clinic and pushed their way through the doors. Kotori's eyes widened as she observed the sight. There were two rows made up of nurses in their uniforms and doctors in lab coats smiling as the students entered the room.

This is nothing like a normal highschool, Kotori thought with a shocked expression on her face.

"Guys, what exactly is this?" Kotori asked.

"It's just another physical examine," IV said casually.

"The usual," III added nonchalantly.

The two walked into the room with Kotori shuffling behind them. Two nurses came up to take the twins to their examine area. Kotori looked at them with sheer disbelief. What ordinary school has physical examines with your own private nurse?

A nurse approached Kotori. "Mr. Mizuki, I'm your personal nurse for the day. Please, follow me."

Kotori took a moment to compose herself from the shock of the physical examine room and then followed the nurse. She looked around the large clinic in hopes of finding the other members of the Host Club who were bound to be somewhere around here. She managed to spot Kaito and Haruto who were dressed like doctors. A group of girls were staring at the loving with a hint of confusion. They were asking each other why the brothers were in lab coats.

"Kaito-senpai? Haruto-senpai?" Kotori said with confusion. The two raised a finger to their lips to tell Kotori to be silent. They couldn't have their cover blown, even if it was as obvious as not telling your opponent what your face down card is.

"I have those two as back up just in case anything gets out of hand."

Kotori looked behind her. "Ryoga-senpai?" With all of the other hosts here, Kotori couldn't help but wonder where Yuma was. "Why are those two in doctor outfits?"

"It's to set the mood," Ryoga answered. "Disguises make it feel like a real mission."

Kotori rolled her eyes. Something told her Yuma was behind that. She glanced over and saw a doctor congratulating a girl on her new, healthier weight. "Don't these doctors seem too jovial?"

"All of the doctors here are employed by the school's chairman. This may be a school, but it's also a business. Therefore, he wants all of the students to be happy. After all, most of the students who attend this school come from prominent families with their own private doctors. The physical examines only function as a formality," Ryoga explained.

I can't believe these damn rich people, Kotori thought and followed her nurse to the physical examine area.

The three Host Club boys watched Kotori go off. As they made sure everything was okay, a brown haired man in a lab coat with stubble on his face brushed past Ryoga.

"S-sorry," he said quickly and hurried off.

"No problem," Ryoga told him quietly, even though he was out of earshot. That man didn't seem to know where he was. All of the doctors in this area were already here.

Kotori's nurse stopped. She didn't stop at Kotor's examine room, but the one that belonged to the twins who were ready for their examine. A large group of girls gathered around the room to watch the twins as well. Kotori stepped to the side. She had a feeling there would be screaming soon and being caught in that wouldn't be pleasant.

"Arclight twins, you can change behind this curtain," a nurse told the twins.

III and IV walked into the examination room, but didn't draw the curtain. The two wore a mischievous smile and began to strip off their shirts.

"It's fine. We're not shy," IV said.

The boys through off their shirts and displayed their toned muscles for the ladies. Just as Kotori predicting, all of the girls squealed at the shirtless twins.

"See Kotori, it's quite an impressive turnout, don't you agree. Physical examine day always is popular with the ladies," said Ryoga.

Kotori started at the twins and the fangirls in confusion. Why did these rich girls always have to go ballistic over a few attractive guys without shirts? It confused Kotori to no end. She couldn't help but wonder when she would begin to get used to the life of a host.

The twins continued their display for the ladies with a little dialogue.

"III, I can't allow this. I won't have any of those doctors touch you," IV told his brother protectively.

"I don't see why you have a problem with this. It's never like this when we play doctor at home. You never stock tickling me and toying with my body," III sweetly informed his brother.

The girls went ecstatic over this display. III and IV at home fooling around with each other was too much. Everyone seemed to quickly branch off into their own fantasies with games the twins played. Regardless of what the day dream was, the twins made it very hot. That's what the Host Club ends up doing with a traveling location.

With all of the girls confused, Haruto and Kaito shoved Kotori into a examine room. Kotori stumbled into the room. Before she had a chance to catch herself, a pair of arms caught her from behind. Kotori's head snapped back to see that Yuma was in the room with her.

"Y-Yuma-senpai," she breathed.

Yuma released Kotori and smiled. "Did I startle you, my little bird?"

Kotori rolled her eyes. She was startled, but it wasn't because of Yuma. Wouldn't anyone be startled if they were randomly shoved into a curtained area and then caught by someone they couldn't see? Who knows, there could've been some disgusting pervert in the room.

"Senpai, what exactly are you planning?" Kotori asked.

Yuma gave the girl a wink and put on a wig that matched Kotori's hair. "Don't worry, I've got this all figured out."

Yuma walked toward the curtain and unbuttoned his shirt. A nurse called for Kotori to come out. Yuma grabbed and curtain and pulled it opened.

"Here I am," Yuma said calmly.

The room was silent. The girl whispered amongst themselves.

"Isn't that Yuma?"

"How could it not be? That is his pendant hanging from around his neck, isn't it?"

Yuma looked at the girls with shock. How could they have seen through his brilliant disguise? Sure, there was the height different and maybe the wig wasn't perfect, but how was he unveiled so quickly?

III and IV burst out into hysterical laughter.

"I-I can't believe he fell for it!" III laughed.

"Oh, it's too much! Make it stop!" IV begged.

Yuma stormed over to the twins and ripped off the wig. "Hey! What's the big idea! I thought you two said no one would be able to see through my disguise!"

"I've got one thing to say to you: Homosexual supporting cast my ass!" IV choked out through his laughter. "And even if they didn't see through the disguise, you've still got your key on!"

Yuma cooled down, cautiously stalked back into the examination room and drew back the curtains. He chuckled nervously. "Looks like they managed to figure it out."

Kotori glared at Yuma and choked him with the rope his pendant was secured to. "Maybe I should take off this pendant for you!"

Yuma bolted out of the changing room and stood in the middle of the crowd for a few seconds. It was as if every fiber of his body began to disintegrate. "Kotori… threatened Daddy…" he said weakly.

Kotori sighed and let her anger escape. What was he thinking? Couldn't he even take into account the damn skin tone and eye color for this? I thought this was important for him.

"Kotori," Ryoga spoke. Kotori looked up to see Ryoga and the rest of the Host Club standing outside the other side of the curtain away from all of the girls. "Are you ready? I've had another room set up for you and a doctor sworn to secrecy. Everything should be in place now."

"It turns out that the staff here today are all employed and one of Shark-senpai's family's hospitals," III told Kotori.

"Wouldn't been a lot easier if he told us earlier, though," IV added.

Ryoga shrugged. "I had to get my revenge too. I'm not supporting cast and I'm just going to disregard that other part Yuma said."

The Host Club, minus Yuma, showed Kotori the way to the special clinic where her physical examine would be held. Kotori opened the door and saw a female doctor waiting for her.

"Hello Ms. Mizuki. I've been made aware of your situation. Please disrobe over there behind the curtain," the doctor said.

Kotori smiled. Maybe these boys really did care.

The Host Club decided to go back to Yuma Who knew what their king would have to say this time. However, the boys were stopped as they overheard some chatter from a small crowd. The crowd stood around a girl sitting on the floor wiping a few tears from her eyes as a nurse tried to console her.

"I've never been so scared in my life. One of the doctors grabbed me by the shoulder. I could tell by that grasp he was planning on doing something," the girl on the floor explained.

"I was afraid something like this was going to happen," Shark said.

"What did you mean by that?" Haruto asked.

"Well, earlier today there was a man who bumped into me. He didn't look like one of our doctors, yet he was dressed in a lab coat. There was diffidently something strange about him," Shark explained.

"And you didn't think to report it?" III and IV asked with annoyance.

"Well it's too late now. Besides, I'm sure the security will locate him soon and drag him out of the building."

"Which way did you see the pervert doctor go, miss?" Someone asked the girl on the floor.

"I saw him head toward the special boy's clinic," she answered.

The boys flinched. "Kotori!" they shouted.

Yuma came out of the clinic once he heard all of the ruckus and met up with the rest of the Host Club. The boys quickly explained the situation while they club ran to save Kotori.

At the clinic, Kotori began to disrobe behind the curtain. She hung up her tie and began to peel off her shirt. Once she had the shirt off, Kotori heard the curtains move. She turned around to see a brown haired man enter.

"Ex-excuse me?" Kotori said to get the man's attention. Was he in the wrong room?

The man glided to Kotori and put a hand over her mouth. "No! Stop, it's not what you think!"

Kotori felt her heart began to pound. What was this man going to do? Didn't the doctor notice him come in? The doors aren't really that quite in this academy.

Kotori felt a scream in her throat, but would anyone hear her with this man's hand muffling her?


Kotori's glanced out of the side of her eye to see Yuma, who was wearing his D-Gazer for some reason, burst through the curtain and kick the man into the wall. Somehow, Yuma manage to leave a large dent in the wall with his kick. When did he develop anime character kicks?

"Don't mess with the most powerful duelist there ever is!" he announced in a cocky tone. Yuma draped his unbuttoned shirt onto Kotori's head to cover her.

"One," The twins spoke as they entered the room and stood on opposite sides behind Kotori. "Good looks that attract the public eye."

"Two," Shark entered from the shadows from a corner of the room. "More wealth than you could ever imagine."

"Three," Kaito said. "Chivalry that will never overlook…"

"…the hideous wickedness of this world," Haruto finished.

"And dueling skills that are out of this world!" Yuma spoke. "That's what makes up the Heartland Highschool Host Club!"

The boys stood around Kotori as a pack with intimidating poses. They stood tall and glared down at the man. "We're here! So watch out!"

The man held up his hands in innocence. "W-wait! You don't understand! Please, spare me my life!" the man began bowing to the Host Club, leaving Kotori very confused.

Yuma broke from his intimidating pose. "Wait, aren't you my sister's boss? Editor and Chief, person, right?"

"Yes," he said. "At least, your sister used to work for me. I'm the Editor and Chief for the paper in the town over. You see, my wife left me a few weeks ago and I was hoping to see my daughter. I knew she attended school here, so I came in to find her."

And suddenly it's his life story, Kotori thought, yet she pried for more information. "I don't mean to dive into your marital problems, but why did your wife leave you in the first place?"

"Well, you see, things aren't the best back home. There are a lot of money issues with the paper. I keep trying to get new stories out of my writers, but they're never in on time. But I know they will be! I know they'll come to me in time for an issue soon! I have complete trust in them, but my wife and daughter thought otherwise. They both left and went to my mother-in-law's house," Editor and Chief explained.

"I know I'm terrible with money and I can understand that my family didn't want to live in debt for the rest of their lives, but I need to see my daughter. I travel here through downpours that lasted days and winds that moved cars to come to your school. I just need to see my little girl once more. But when I got here, I was mistaken for a doctor to examine students."

"You do know you are wearing a lab coat, right?" IV pointed out.

"Anyone would mistake you," III added. "Even if you do kinda smell like a moldy Duel Monsters card."

"And then it happened," Editor in Chief continued, referencing to the situation that occurred earlier. "I was just trying to find my little girl. I saw a girl walking down the hall and asked her if she knew where my daughter was. Sure, the grip on her shoulder was a little rough and I don't look like the cleanest man on earth, but she didn't need to scream." The man began to burst into tears. "After that, all sorts of people began to chase after me!"

Yuma, who was also in tears, went over to console the sobbing man. "That's so sad!" In the end, Yuma ended up crying with the man.

The rest of the Host Club was done with this story. Honestly, the guy didn't need to tell them his whole life story. It's not like they were ever going to see him again. They didn't even know his name.

"Excuse me, Mr. Editor and Chief," Ryoga spoke. "You wouldn't happen to be searching for Heartland Public Highschool?"

The man stopped sobbing and looked up. "Yeah, that's the school."

"That's what I thought. I'm afraid you have the wrong school. This is Heartland Academy, a private institution. Your daughter doesn't go to school here."

Editor and Chief's face burst into shock. This whole he had had the wrong school. It was as if this was a gigantic waste of time.

"That's sad. You don't even know what school your daughter goes to," IV said.

"I'm pretty sure she left you because you paid no attention to her, not about the debt," III told him.

"Wow, nice work Shark-chan! I'm impressed you figured it out!" Haruto commented.

"Well it was pretty simple. There's no way that such a small time doctor could ever afford to send his daughter to such an elite academy," Ryoga said.

Kotori growled. She managed to get into the school even though she came from a middle class family. These damn rich people, she thought.

"Shark," Yuma spoke. "I want you to find a map of all the public schools in this area. I would like to help this man find his daughter."

"Yuma, there's only one public school in this area," Ryoga told him. Yuma fell over. "I'll get a map to the school anyway."

The Host Club explained everything to security and managed to find the school Editor and Chief's daughter attended. While the Host Club helped him, Kotori continued with her physical examine in peace.

"You know Boss, even though he may find his daughter, it won't mean she'll want to speak to him," IV commented.

"Well, he'll just have to see what goes on next in his life," Yuma said.

Kotori looked up at Yuma. Sometimes, he was an absolute idiot. However, it was times like these when Yuma shined. He always cared for other and tried to help them, even if they were complete strangers. It was almost like he played a card game with them and he then became their friend through dueling. Wouldn't it be easy if all problems could just be solved with a children's card game?

"Excuse me," the real doctor spoke. "I couldn't help but overhear your speech from earlier. You boys are really a Host Club, right?"

Yuma nodded. "That's right!"

"Could I have a picture? It's for my boss's daughter. The girl has been wondering what a Host Club looks like."

"Sure, that's fine!"

The Host Club gathered around Yuma and smiled for the camera. The doctor thanked the boys and Kotori once the photo was finished and headed out.

"Shark, couldn't your sister just have asked for a photo of the Host Club or have just stopped by?" Yuma asked.

"Actually, that doctor no longer works for our company. She trained with us, but she's now the personal doctor to the future heir to Kaiba Corp." Shark said.

"Wait, so the daughter of Kaiba Seto is now going to have a picture of us?" IV asked with an impressed voice.

"That's so cool! We have a famous fan now!" Haruto cheered.

"I suppose we do," Ryoga said.


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