You can put a suggestion of which scene i should write from Christians POV in a review and will try to write that. Would be much help anyways to get some ideas.

I carry her into the bathroom and put her on the chair in front of the mirror while her head sinks to her chest. I fill water into my cupped hands and wash her face gently. I touch the edges of her small face with my index fingers. Oh how beautiful she is. She looks like a little angel. A pretty, drunk angel. I smile involuntarily. I grab her and carry her into the bedroom and lay her down on the bed. Then I undress her. First I undo the buttons of her blouse and then I take it off. For a moment, I stare at her breasts. Her beautiful and well formed breasts. Oh how I would love to undress her in my Play-room and when she's not comatose of course. I sigh. Oh this woman.

I undo the first button of her jeans and then the fly and gently take her jeans off. I look at her gorgeous body lying there only in underwear. Oh this woman needs better underwear, sexier underwear. Victoria's Secret – style. I cover her body with a blanket and put her head on the pillow. She looks so innocent. I wonder how much of experience she has with sex or maybe even with the sort of sex I like.

I lay down on the other side of the bed beside her. Oh Anastasia Steele. What do you do to me?! I stroke a strand of hair off her face. A strand of her wonderful, long, smooth, brown hair. I would love to put her hair in a braid and then again my thoughts are in the playroom with her. Oh how much I would have loved to spank the living shit out of her this evening. How could she be so stupid and get so drunk?! And this little fucker, who claims to be her friend. I should have taught him not to touch women who do not want to be touched. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't arrived by the right time.

I look at her beautiful, sleeping face again. Oh Anastasia why are you looking like the crack-whore?! Oh how I would love to see you whimper under my touch. What I could do to you. My thoughts drift away to the Playroom again. Oh shit. This must stop. She won't agree on my contract anyways. So calm the fuck down Christian Grey and stop having these fantasies. – I say to myself. Maybe I should talk to John about this. I never wanted any of my Subs that much. Actually I never made such an effort to get any of my Subs to sign the contract. I remember how she felt in my office and just wanted to finish that interview as quickly as possible, but with every passing minute of that interview I got more and more interested in that little, clumsy girl.

I should probably get some sleep anyways, so I roll myself on the other side, so I don't have to deal with the constant urge to look at her all the time. I prepare myself for my usual nightmare as I close my eyes and then fall asleep. But I don't have any nightmares. No mummy lying on the floor. No hunger. No darkness. No burning cigarettes on my skin. Only her. Anastasia.