Mind the Gap.

A touhou fan fiction.

Ch 1: Down the Rabbit hole.

The night wasn't very dark, the street was clear, except for one single car that speed down the black asphalt. "Ugh, it's almost 2 in the morning. How does he expect me to get some sleep and be back at work at 8 Am?" The one driving in the car said, his eyes barely open as he slowed to a stop in the driveway of his apartment. He walked up the steps to room 125 and yawned, pulling out his keyring. It took him a few moments to find the right key, a moment to wake himself up enough to put the key in the lock and turn it, then stumble into the door, pushing it shut with his keys still inside the lock.

"Oh man I could use a good night's sleep." The man said, then walked the familiar path to his bed. He stumbled a little when his foot caught something, nearly tripping, but catching himself on something solid before he lost his balance completely. A few more steps, and he fell over, landing on something and going out like a light. "My bed feels like...leaves." The young man mumbled before falling into unconsciousness.

With a sigh, a familiar shrine maiden put down her rake. Leaves were starting to gather at the shrine and if nothing else, she had to get them out of the path. She had put them off to the end of the day, and this was about as late as she could put it off. Looking down the path, she gave herself a little smile, and stood to go make some tea. She stepped to the sliding screen door in the front of the shrine, and turned back, something catching her attention. A soft whisper, and the sound of crunching leaves. Her face distorted into some sort of mix of shock and anger as she rushed down the path.

Reimu nearly had a aneurism right there, once she laid eyes on the one who had fallen into the leaves. "Not another one!" She held her head as she looked down to the young man. She sighed loudly, then started to look over him as she decided whether to kill him now and prevent what ever 'incident' he would undoubtedly end up causing.

The young man was dressed simply. A white shirt stained with black and slightly at the end of the sleeves. Blue jeans cover his legs, well worn and singed in places. Black shoes that looked something like boots were covering his feet. Light brown hair covered his head, not much longer than a few inches, and messy with leaves. He looked to be sleeping, even with a rock jabbing him in the side. He didn't look dangerous, but some of the most dangerous beings in Gensokyo looked like they were harmless. Despite The intense desire to kill him, Remiu grabbed one of his arms, pulling him to the shrine to let him sleep inside. She would be having a talk with Yukari about this later.