ch 15: Return

When Issac awoke again, he was sitting in a clean white bed, in a clean white room. A single person sat inside the room, sleeping softly in the chair they had fallen asleep in. Issac was confused, what just happened? He sat up a little more, groaning in pain as a single person entered the room. "You should lay back down. Those injuries won't heal if you keep reopening them up." A woman in a white coat entered the room, putting a small folder in a slot on the door before closing it behind her. " I'm Dr. Yakumo." She held out a hand to him, letting him shake it before checking her clipboard.

"Seems you had a nasty fight with a drunk when you saw him attacking Miss Irosuka over there. Seems you had been talking to her, and offered to drive her home. She agreed and went out to your car while you paid the tab. When you got out of the bar, you saw one Graham Shepard trying to assault Ms. Irosuka, and you fought him off, at least until he pulled a knife and stabbed you, then ran." She said and looked up to him, adjusting her glasses and her hair. "You seem to have gotten off lucky. I'll have Nurse Hakurei make sure you are well enough to go." She said and turned, her purple scrubs seeming to blend with her white coat.

It wasn't long before Issac was being helped out of the Gensokyo memorial hospital by the woman he had 'saved.' "I feel like I've been in a dream for a few days..." He put a hand to his head. "Was it a good dream? Was I in it?" The woman asked. "Yeah, Yeah you were." He smiled and looked to her, watching as she leaned over, lightly kissing his lips. "Thank you for saving me." She smiled, then hugged him, kissing him again.

"So, how long before he figures out none of this was a dream?" Nurse Hakurei said as her clothing shifted back to the shrine maiden outfit, and the hospital faded. "Oh, I think he will find out when he marries the Tengu. They make such a cute couple." Yukari said, taking off the glasses. "Let us hope they are together for many long, happy years. Tea?"