Chapter one- Minecraft VR!

After 10 years of the game Minecraft being released, a VR (virtual reality) version was announced, the rules were simple. To clear the game, you have to defeat the Armored Ender Dragon. Before this however, the game is to be released as a beta test, this story follows the character known as (player) amongst the other testers

Today was the start of the Beta test, each of the Beta testers was given a bonus chest, and a unique 1 time only ability to help clear the game. There was no world creation here; each player was assigned to one of 8 worlds. I sat down on my computer and booted up my rooms VR software

When I emerged in the game, I was greeted by the sight of a tree, and the games GUI which looked about the same as the old computer one, saved for the fact that it followed me around, and could be turned off. I looked around and stopped quickly, I was on top of a tree, and the ground was nowhere close to me, I opened the inventory which was accessed by touching a backpack that had been created, there was nothing to help me there.

As a test, I tapped the tree a few times. The block had a small crack in it by this time so I figured that was how you harvested blocks in VR mode. After I found this out, I proceeded to destroy the entire tree I was on.

When I finally reached the bottom of the trunk, I was at 28 units of wood, which was useless for pretty much anything right now, I opened my inventory again, and clicked on the wood, where two options came up, split, and craft I split the wood into two piles first, giving me a good chunk to use later, next, I crafted the second pile into planks, equalling up to 56 planks using craft, I continued on to create a crafting table, and 8 sticks, leaving me with 48 planks remaining, next up, I looked around, and found a place with stone. I tapped the table, and the command Place appeared, I activated it, and put the table beside the stone. In order to craft on a table, I tapped it, and scrolled down a menu pop up till I reached pickaxe, using up 2 sticks and three units of wood to craft it. Next up I opened the inventory, and tapped the pickaxe, equipping it.

To mine, I discovered, you tap the block needed with the tool you want to use, proceeding in this manner, I got 14 pieces of stone, back at the crafting table, I got rid of 8 stone for a furnace, the used up a good deal of my wood in order to make charcoal while I was waiting, a chicken came around. I had to chase the thing around for a while but eventually it was taken care of, and I got my chicken meat, as well as the usual feathers, and an egg. After quite some time, the charcoal was done, so I made chicken, and used the rest of it to make torches for the night

As soon as I was finished setting the torches, the world changed to night, and the sounds of bones creaking filled the air.

-end of chapter one-