Minecraft VR Final Chapter: After VR.

As the world disintegrated around us, Wolf howled. I couldn't blame him either, despite everything; this was his home after all. Now that I thought about it though, this was kind of my home too, I had lived here for months, and fought to keep it around, and now it was all going to disappear, and all that time was wasted. Damn, a full year and a half's efforts wasted, all I really needed to do was win, the rest of it was unnecessary, but that wasn't exactly true either, because of how much I built, I managed to find new friends, maybe that was what was important after all.

"Damn kid, you did what you wanted, you kicked that director guy's ass, and you're still not satisfied" Wolf spoke up

"Look who's talking" I responded "you sure you're gonna be okay cooped up all this time in my head?"

"No, but I've got no choice in the matter now, so I guess I'm stuck with you."

I got off my bed in the real world, and got ready to go outside free for once. I put on a white t-shirt, and a blue jacket. I wore Blue jeans as well. I was going to have to go shopping soon; this outfit has a definite need of an update. Maybe I should ask Kira if she knew a good place, heck, even Alex would probably have better sense with something like that then me.

Today I wasn't going anywhere in particular, so I ended up wandering around a fair bit, even though it wasn't exactly safe where I was at, there wasn't very much many people could do to me anymore. I still had to be careful though, just because I wasn't in VR anymore didn't mean I was safe, and I had a fair bit of enemies even before the VR incidents, where I'm pretty sure I made several hundred more people hate my guts.

Just then Kira walked up beside me, followed By Liam. It wasn't much of a surprise Alex didn't show, I got the feeling he wasn't used to everyone congratulating him for helping out us, especially because his gems, the duality gems, had two parts to them, the Destroyer, and The Creator. Neither of them was very good in this world either, and I bet their arguing would make living hard for Alex for a while, but I bet he would end up making it.

As we kept walking, a special issue of the local newspaper was lying on a bench. The main article in it was about VR, and about how a certain group of four people beat the creator single-handedly, and were nowhere to be found for questioning. Figures, I thought, they were looking for a group of kids based off people's recollections of us, and so many stories were made even while we were in VR that I knew we would be safe for a while.

Of course though, someday it would all catch up to us, and we would be forced to testify before a court to get this director guy imprisoned, and I somehow doubted that he would really get what he needed anyways, so I didn't see the point in going. But hey, now that the four of us were around, maybe it would all work out decently, and our lives wouldn't be all that different. Suddenly a harsh voice echoed through my mind, and broke my concentration.

"Hey, you're that cheater guy my kid bro told me about, the guy who stole from everyone, and took all the glory for himself, why don't you and your little friends here pay up."

The guy was something like 6 foot 5, built like a football player, but he held himself in such a ridiculous stance it was clear he had never been in an actual fight, and his little tough guy act was about the best he could do to intimidate me.

I stood up, and let wolfs mind and mine meld together like we did to ignite my armor in VR. Kira and Liam did the same thing.

"Fine, I will pay you, now then, what do you want us to pay you back in"

"Never mind money, I'm gonna show you three punks just how tough a real fight is"

The guy charged at me, his fist rose to try to hit me in the head, and his other arm ready to choke me if I dodged to the left. Instead of letting either of those two hit me, I rolled to the left of his fist, coming up behind him, and stuck my leg out, letting his momentum carry him face first into the concrete. Next he decided that Liam was the weakest target, and charged at him. As he swung his fists, Liam used his arms to bat aside the attacks like they were paper. Lastly, he decided that he was going to try to attack Kira. I tried to hold in my laughter as the guy charged, then looked surprised when she vanished. He didn't seem to get that she had moved behind him, but he sure felt the pain as her fist hit his spine, rendering him temporarily immobile.

We kept walking, and then I remembered what I was going to ask Kira

"You know any good places to get a change of clothes around here, these old things won't work all that well for me anymore."

"Yeah, I know one good place that does special orders without asking questions, you'll want that design that was on the armor you used after all, and I was thinking of going there anyways, so we might as well get going."

"oh yeah guys, after we do that, there's somewhere else I want to check out, somewhere my mom mentioned we should go if we ever got the chance to check it out today, something about another VR game, this one's going to be made with a lot of the same data as Minecraft VR from what I heard."

"Well then Liam, if we are going to get there too today, we better get going, by the way, what's the name of this supposed game anyhow"

"It's called Gemblade VR" Liam answered, and by the sounds of it, he was going to play even if we didn't do so.

"Yeah, it is, I heard about it too, but you know, a three party team might not be enough from what I heard." It was Alex

"So then, what about Four?" I asked him "let's get going, from the sounds of it, we have a lot to do today."

-End Of Minecraft VR-