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Chapter 1

It was lovely windy night in Konoha. The air was perfect to be inside a house and that was exactly what Naruto and Hinata were doing on that cold Friday night.

It was a typical night for them. They would get out of school and hang out with some friends and then they would both go to Naruto's house where Hinata would stay over for at least two days. Hinata parents didn't really mind. The two families had known each others for years, hence the early friendship between the kids.

Naruto's family already had a room just for Hinata, they were use to her coming every weekend, it was a relief to have more children around, since Naruto was a only child.

Although Naruto was friend with Hinata's older cousin Neji and Hinata's younger sister Hanabi, he only mech well with Hinata, it was like no one else understood the other, except them.

On this night, Naruto and Hinata sat on Naruto's floor, playing with Naruto's new Nintendo 64. Hinata was a fan of video games. She loved them to death. It was obvious to state that Hinata wasn't like other girls.

"Ok you two it's time for bed" Kushina Uzumaki said as she poked her head in to the room. Her red hair fell gracefully from her shoulder as her nice green eyes shined the most.

"One more game mom" Said the 12 year old Naruto. Who was already dressed with his Pokemon Pajamas.

"Now now kids. Don't you want to go to the beach tomorrow?" She asked.

"Yes!" Both kids hollered loudly making the woman giggle.

"Then you have to go to sleep now so we can be there bright and early" She said and both kids sigh. "Come on Hinata" She said waving at Hinata to come along.

Hinata smiled softly and quietly stood from the floor and walked over to where Kushina was, she wore a nice lilac stars pajamas.

"Why can't Hinata stay in the room with me, You let Sasuke stay in my room" Naruto said as he climb into bed.

"Because Hinata is a girl" Kushina said. "And 12 year old girl don't sleep in the same bed as 12 year old boys"

Naruto didn't answer back but rolled his eyes, making Kushina shake her head. She went over his bed and tuck him in giving him a kiss on his forehead before saying "Good night"

Kushina walked out of the room and turn off the lights and accompany Hinata to her room, even thought Hinata already knew her way to the room. Kushina tucked Hinata into bed and kissed her forehead. "Good night " Hinata said sweetly.

Kushina smiled and turned off the light before closing the door.

Hinata kept her eyes open, there was a thought in her mind that didn't let her sleep.

You see Hinata was a tomboy, she spent all of her time with Neji or with Naruto and she never minded, that is until recently.

Recently, she started to notice her best friend in a different way. In a way that made her heart beat faster and make her cheeks warmer whenever he's hand touched her. She did not just like him, she liked liked him but there was a problem. Naruto had notice someone else.

Her name was Sakura Haruno, she was girly. She's been in the same classroom and Naruto and Hinata since Kindergarten. Sakura was the kind of girls that wore lipstick every day. Sakura was the kind of her whose hair was never tangled. Sakura was skinny and very petite, she was all Hinata wasn't.

Hinata never cared for makeup, it was sticky and ewwwie. She preferred to sweat and be happy. Hinata never cared how her looked like, it was always a mess, even it was as short as she had it, and Hinata was not petite, she was chubby. She ate whatever she wanted, all kinds of candy and what not, she never cared until now.

Because until now, she didn't know guys liked skinny girls, and she wasn't skinny.

"Don't think about it!" She told herself whilst she closed her eyes. Little by little she fell asleep.

The next day they woke up extra early and went to the beach and for the first time Hinata felt subconscious. For the first time she refused to go into the water wearing only her bathing suit.

It was strange for sure, but it didn't stop them from having fun.

The whole day they spent swimming and playing until it was time to go home. The sun had already setted and Naruto and Hinata were sitting in the backyard, having some dinner in their own table.

"Hinata… what's wrong with you?" Naruto asked. His voice was soft and confuse.

"What do you mean?" She asked, as she stared directly into her food, avoiding Naruto's eyes.

"First of all, you won't look at me and you've been acting real strange lately" He said. He then laid his hand on hers making her look at him. "You can tell me anything" he said with a reassuring voice.

Hinata bit her lip hard, she wasn't really sure if she should tell him about this feelings, but emotions took over and she decide to take a shot.

"Well… there is something going on" She said shyly. "You see, I've come to notice that some things have change" She said.

"Change? What do you mean change?" He asked.

"Well…" She sigh loudly, closing her eyes and taking a moment right before anything happened, then she opened her eyes and looked at him straight in the eyes. "I like you Naruto. And I don't mean as my best friend, I really Like you" She confess.

Naruto stared at her in shock. He was out of words for once. He swallowed hard and drew his hand back. "Hinata… I… I'm sorry" He said. "But you're not my type and beside I'm in love with Sakura"

"But… but she doesn't even notice you" She said, her eyes began to water and her lips and hands started to tremble.

"I'm sorry Hinata, I just don't see you that way" He said.

Then there was silent between the two friends. They were just looking at the table, Hinata trying not cry and Naruto trying to get his best friend back.

"Hinata, your dad is here" Kushina suddenly popped out of the kitchen. Hinata quickly stood and walked as fast she could away from the table, praying that she could keep the tears in until she got to her room. "Hinata? Is everything alright?" Kushina asked as the 12 year female passed by her, hiding her face with her short bangs. Hinata didn't answer, she went directly into the living room where she had put her bag. She took her stuff without hesitation. She was about to leave when Kushina held her back. "Hinata, sweetie, is everything ok?" Kushina asked, as she faced the sad kid.

Hinata looked into Kushina's eyes and then looked passed. Leaning against the kitchen wall was Naruto, looking at. Hinata took a step back and shook her head. "I'm fine. Mrs. Uzumaki. Good bye" She said and hugged the woman, she then left the house without looking back.

On the ride back she tried to cry as softly as she could. She didn't want her father to worry, she then cleaned her tears as soon as she saw the front gates.

She didn't look anyone in the eyes, she just wanted to go to her room and cry but her father stopped her. "Not so fast Hinata, I have some news" Her father said, taking her hand and dragging her to the dinner table where her mother and baby sister were.

"So, now that we are all together. I have some news" Her father announced. "The office in Tokyo is not getting as many sells as we want and as I am the boss right now I have to be there to see what wrong and fix the problem"

"What?" Said Hinata mothers, as she held Hanabi, Hinata's sister in her arms. "How long will you be gone?" She asked.

"5 to 6 years" He said. "I can arrange for you to come back and forward because I know Hinata won't want to leave now, leaving her friend and all…"

"I don't mind" Hinata suddenly speak up earning surprise look from her parents.

"What?" Her mother asked.

"I want to leave" She said.

"Hinata… but what about your friends?" She asked which Hinata responded with a shrug.

"I just want to leave this place" She whispered, both they both heard her. She then stood from her chair and left table without saying another word. She went straight to her room and threw herself in the bed. She thought she would have cried but she didn't, just laid there feeling completely numb.

"Hinata" She heard her mother called after a small soft knock on her door. She watched as her mother opened her door and walked over to her bed and sat next to her. "Honey, what's going on?" She asked softly as she ran her fingers through Hinata's short hair, but Hinata didn't say anything , she just hid her face from her mother.

"You can tell me anything baby girl" She said. "Me and your father just want to understand why do you want to leave and leave everything. Leave Naruto and all your other friends"

There was silence and then Hinata sat up and look down at her hands as she played around with her white sheets.

"I like Naruto Mommy" She whispered. Her voice cracked a bit as the scene from early played in her head. She started to shake but tear would not come out.

"Oh that's wonderful darling" Her mother said cheerfully. "But if you like him, wouldn't you like to stay and be with him?"

"I told him I liked him" She continue.

"You did? And what did he say?" Her mother asked excitedly.

"He said I wasn't he's type" She said and then she began to cry. She cried hard and loud until there was no air in lungs. She felt like she was broken.

Her mother quickly wrapped her arms around her chubby body and hugged her tight. "I'm so sorry sweetie" She cooed softly as Hinata's sobs began to died.

"I want to leave mommy, I can't see him again" Hinata pleaded. Her mother sigh and kissed her forehead.

"Go take a bath. We'll talk later" She said. Hinata nodded and watched as her mother left the room.

In reality she didn't want to get up, she felt like she didn't have legs, but she jumped out of bed and into her bathroom. She got undress and into the warm water.

She tried not to think about him, or what happened but it seemed like her mind was ordering herself and every time she relieved that moment, the more she felt bad about herself.

After she got out of the shower she stood in front of the mirror and look at herself. As she her eyes scanned her body she started to feel sad again. She then grabbed a towel and covered herself. She did not want to cry no more.

She got dress and decide to go down to the living room. There she saw her parents, they were both speaking softly.

"Mom, dad" She said as she walked down the stairs. The two adults looked at her with sad eyes, like they could see the sadness inside her.

"Hey sweetie, did you take a bath?" her mother asked. Hinata answered with a short nod. Her mother smiled and motion her to come to where they were, which she did.

"So me and your father talk and we decide that we would all move to Tokyo" Her mother said. "You would leave with your father tomorrow at 5, so you'll have all day to do some packing. You will go there and accompany your father to find a new school for you. Me and Hana will join you on Friday" She said.

Hinata smile slightly and nodded once again. "Thank you" She whispered.

Her father grabbed her arm and pulled her into a tight hug. Hinata felt relived and even if she knew that everything was going to change, she felt that it was all for the greater good.