Chapter 8

Naruto watched Hinata storm off, angrily and to anyone else she was just angry but Naruto knew better. He could see the hint of a blush on her cheek and he knew he was making his way back into her heart.

He couldnt' deny that after what happened, he felt alone. Hinata was the person he cared for most in this world and she was gone. He never thought he would see her again and he even tried to pushed back the feelings he just didn't understand until he had no other choice to come face to them.

At the end everything was obvious. He had always been in love with Hinata Hyuga and he had been to stubborn to even notice and he had a second change and he wasn't about to let it pass by. "I'll see you guys later" Naruto said, a small smile on his face, without even taking a glance back at his friends and ran after her.

"What was that about?" Sakura asked Ino, as they watched the blond ran inside.

"Beats me" Ino said with a shrug.

Back inside Naruto slow down his pace when he reached her. "Could you please leave me alone. You've caused me enough problems" she grumbled turning to one of the hallways as he followed her with no problem.

"I can't" he said placing his hands back on his pockets again. "Actually I can. I just don't want to" he said with a grin. Hinata let out a sigh and stopped making him stop as well. She turned around to face him, giving him her best glare.

"Look just leave me alone. I know why you're doing this and it's not going to work. I'm not the same girl you use to be friends with. I am not hopelessly pinning after you anymore" She growled. All the feelings of that night rushed back to her again. It was amazing how something that happened so long ago still bothered her.

"I know you're not and I don't actually believe that" he said with a small frown. "I'm the one who is pinning after you" he said. Hinata opened her mouth to speak but he didn't let her. He couldn't. "And I'm not doing this because I feel bad about what happened that night. I was kid. I didn't know what was I even talking about and I'm sorry I was too dense to not notice before but Hinata. I've liked you all this years. I've missed you and I thought I would never get rid of the emptiness that you left when you went away but now you're here and I will not give up until I can show you how real I am about this" he said, taking a step forward, taking her hands on his as he looked into her eyes. "I don't give up" he whispered. "You know that"

Hinata swallowed hard, nervousness setting in while her stomach jumped with joy. She silently wish her heart hadn't skipped a beat with his words but it did. In reality deep down Hinata knew she could never forget him. She would never be able to get rid of the feelings she had for him. She tried and tried but it always stayed. "I-It's to late" she stuttered, looking down at her feet.

Naruto shook his head and took another step closer. He let one hand slip from her and brought it up to her chin, making her look at him. "It's never too late Hinata. You'll see" he said with a small smile.

For a moment Hinata couldn've sworn he was about to lean down and kiss her but instead he stepped aback and walked away. She blinked a couple of times, her cheeks flaming with a blush as she turned around and walked away as well. His words circling her brain.

On the other side of the school another odd couple were left alone. Sasuke and Sakura had left them alone to make their way to their first class and now they were alone,something they had been avoiding since that summer.

"So... where have been?" Shikamaru asked, glacing at Ino, who was too busy looking at the floor to see his gaze but that never meant she couldn't feel it.

"Around" she lied. She had done everthing in her power to be away from him. Shikamaru and her had been friends since they were born. Their parenst had been friends since childhood and their families were close. They were practically family, except for the little itch they always had for each other. They had always ignored it. It was Shikamaru and Ino. They were so different. There was no way that could be but something change that summer and now it just wasnt the same.

"You've been avoiding me" Shikamaru said and Ino sigh.

"I have" she said. There was no point arguing with him. He was genius and he knew her better than anyone. "I can't stand to see you with her..." she said, pain slipping through he lips. She hated his girlfriend and she wanted to hate him even more for staying with her. fter what happened, she expected for them to be together and Shikamaru didn't do anything. He just kept going like nothing ever happened and that killed Ino on the inside.

"Ino I..." Shikamaru started to say but Ino didn't give him a chance. She didn't want to hear it. She was too afraid he would break her even more.

"Don't bother. I'm late for class" she lied and quicken her pace before she dissapier on a turn. Shikamaru stared at the path she had gone and continue walking. Someday she would have to listen and he was more than willing to wait for her.

And then there was the last odd couple. Sasuke and Sakura walked side by side in complete silence. It was always like that. Sasuke would always walk her to class, even though his was the other. "Thanks Sasuke" she said once they got to her classroom. She stood in front of him, his instence onyx eyes staring into her soul while the rest of the world just closed off.

She never knew what was about Sasuke that called her. It wasn't just that he was cool or mysterious but the fact that she could see something in his eyes, she just needed to know what it was.

"Hn" he hummed and turned around breaking the connection between them, like he always did and walked off. Sakura sigh, trying to control the dissapointment beating in her chest before she turned around herself and went in.

Everyone wished life was just a little bit more simple.