Hey, everyone! Those of you who follow me and my stories, I think you'll like this short story. Labyrinth, of course. It came to me before band practice this afternoon, so I jotted it down. I thought: well, what was Jareth thinking and doing before Sarah made her fateful wish? So this is what I came up with.

Thank you, all my lovely followers, here's my present to you!

Mortals," The man hissed, eyes slits, "Mortals are the bane upon nature. Upon my very existence!" His fist hit the arm of the chair he was perched on. Throwing one leg over the arm of the trashed furniture, his eyes locked on the creature tumbling before him.

"And goblins," He sneered, "are no better." The decrepit creatures erupted in raucous laughter. "And more the fool for it!" His voice roared above their joviality, only inciting their humor.

There was a tremble in the air, finally silencing the goblins. All sat or stood straight and still, listening, as their King was, to the shiver of magik in the atmosphere.

The man conjured a baseball sized crystal, and, as he peered within, there rose a whisper among the goblins.

"It's her!"

"Is she going to say it?"

"Say what?"

"Silence!" The man waved a hand, quieting them all with the motion. His gaze never left the crystal before him. His mismatched eyes flickered for a moment; his aquiline nose twitched when his lips fought a momentary smile. After a few more moments, he no longer bothered to fight the grin twisting his lips. Throwing the ball directly up into the air, the king of the goblins stood, watching it until it disappeared at the crest of the toss.

His grin turned feral, and he spoke smoothly, calmly for the first time. "And so, the show begins." His eyes turned, gleaming, to the goblins before him. "Go." A small group leapt into the air, disappearing like the crystal had.

Soon after, more left the throne room, leaving their king with the last few. As if on cue, a baby appeared in the pit of pillows centered in the room, screaming his frustrations to the world. The remaining goblins took their places, comforting and caring for the child.

Seeing his plan in place, the man left in a cloud of glitter, only to appear as an owl in flight. Causing the balcony doors of the mortal abode to fly open, he reappeared to the girl, already bedecked in glistening black armour.

"You're him, aren't you? You're the Goblin King!"