The Runaways

Jess & Leslie

Summary: Jess and Leslie are orphans, and then sent to a cruel foster home. Jess hates it here; he wishes that his parents were alive. But sadly, they died in a car crash. Leslie's parents died in a tragic accident.

Rated: T


Jess's POV

Another boring day. Wake up, do work, eat, and go to sleep. Repeat. It's stupid; it's like living the same day over and over. I got out of bed. My room was trashed, as usual. Derek would kill me if He saw my room. I started to fix my bed, but my dirty clothes were piled on there, so I had to move them first.

After cleaning my cleaning my room, I went down to barn. Leslie was already there. Leslie is 14 like me. She's not like other girls, she's three things, Kind, Smart, and annoying. When we first met, she was really quiet. Never talked until Derek forced her to talk by slapping her. Yup, that's what he does. He treats us like we're wild animals. But hey, that's life.