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I woke up at least, I was assuming midnight. I was sitting up against the wall. I couldn't sleep. Leslie was lying on my chest, sleeping peacefully. I stroked her hair causing her to cuddled up against me. I wished we could have a normal life for once instead of being like this all the time.

''Jess''. Les muttered into my chest.

''Shh''. I whispered.

''Can we talk''? She asked.

''About''? She looked up at me. ''This must be serious''. I thought.

''What if someone arrests us''?

I shrugged, ''I don't know, what if''?

''Jess, I'm serious''. Her eyes getting darker.

''What if they separate us. We wouldn't see each other, the-''

I cupped her face in hands, ''we're going to be fine. I promise''.

Her voice quivered, ''How are you so sure''?

I leaned down, kissed her nose, then her lips. She quickly responded, her hands on my chest. Leslie gently pushed me down on to the floor. I smiled as she ran her fingers my hair. She pulled away after a few minutes.

''Does that answer your question''? I asked. She rolled her eyes.

''But seriously. We're going to be fine''.

She didn't answer; put gave me soft kisses on my fingers. She nuzzled her face into my neck.

''I love you''.

''You too''. I whispered into her hair. A few minutes later I faded into the blackness.

When I came too, Leslie was gone. ''She must have went for a walk''. The first hour, I wasn't nervous, the second hour, I was literately was pulling my hair out. Where the hell is she is? Why didn't she leave a note-

Then a voice, Jess, I'm back.

I pretty much tackled her with a hug.

''Where have you been''. I screamed at her.

She held out a wrapped gift.

''What's this''. I asked.

''Happy Birthday''. She squeaked. I face palmed, how could I forget my own birthday.

I rapidly opened the gift, I squealed to find a baseball cap.

I kissed the top of her head, ''thank you''.

''You're welcome'', she raised an eyebrow. ''Why were you freaking out;;?

I didn't know where you were. I have every right to freak out. I can't lose you..

''Aww''. Leslie smiled, and hugged me.

''Don't do that again, please''. I begged.

''I won't, I'm sorry''. She kissed my forehead.

''Thanks for the present''. I said. She nodded.

''Jess, can I tell you something''?

''Sure, what's up''. I ask. Leslie rubs her arm nervously.

''What did you do''. I ask coldly.

''I shot someone''. She said not looking me in the eyes.

''You what''; ''what were you thinking-''

''I panicked, okay''. I was scared.

''What happened''.

''Well, I went to the store to buy you a present. The cashier must have noticed me, and recognized mefrom TV. I freaked out. Then I squeezed the trigger''.

''Leslie, why did you even take the gun with you''?

''For protection''.

We were silent for a few minutes.

''You're not hurt, are you''? I asked.

''Only alittle''.

I walked over to her and lightly brushed some of hair out of her face, there was a medium size scar on her forehead.

I put a bandage on her head.

''You're still made at me''. I nodded.

She sighed, ''Jess, we need to leave''.

''What!; why''?

''I think they followed me''.

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