The Runaway's

Chapter 7

Rated: T

The next morning Leslie woke up first she pulled away from Jess, who was still sleeping. She went into her room. Leslie opened her drawers to see a pink shirt. She smiled. Her grandma gave it to her when she was 12. She changed her clothes and went downstairs. Derek was looking out the window in the living room. She saw he was holding a bottle of beer. Derek gave her goofy smile.

''Helllooo girl''. Derek said in a sing song voice.

'' Hi''. Leslie said quietly.

He walked over and put his hand on her cheek. Leslie backed away.

''Don't be afraid''. He said.

But Leslie was. He grabbed her arm roughly, and pulled her to him.

''Let me go''. Leslie said.

'' No''. He said.

Then he leaned down to kiss her, but she slapped him.

''You're drunk ''. Leslie said.

''No, I'm not''. He said.

''Yes, you are''. Leslie said trying to get away.

She spit in his eye. He loosens his grip and she ran away. Derek was frustrated. He quickly wiped the spit from his eye, and ran after her.

Leslie ran upstairs, into Jess's room and slammed the door. Jess was nowhere to be found.

''Jess''. Leslie cried.

Jess came outside, confused.

''What's going on''. Jess asked. Leslie ran into his arms.

'' It's Derek, he's drunk and tried to … ''Leslie said.

'' Tried to what? Jess asked.

'' To touch me''. Leslie said softly.

''That's it'. He's dead'' Jess coldly.

Jess grabbed all his things into a bag.

''What are you doing''? Leslie asked.

''Packing my things''. Jess said.

''Are we running away''. Leslie asked.

Jess nodded.

Then all of a sudden they heard banging on the door. Jess quickly went under the bed and pulled out an object. Leslie gasped. It was a gun.

''We're ending this ''.Jess said as the door open.

Derek was shocked, he didn't know they had a gun. He stepped back.

''You don't have to do this''. Derek said.

'' Yes, I do, you've treated us like we're nothing''. Jess said.

Jess looked at Leslie, who was terrified.

'' Get behind me''. Jess said boldly.

Leslie quietly got behind him.

You're doing this for her. Derek said and laughed.

''She's not worth it, she's bull shit''. Derek said . Jess was beyond pissed. He aimed the gun.

'' Don't''. Derek said.

'' This is pay back for treated us like crap''.. and Jess pulled the trigger.

To be continued …..