So, a new story from me you say? Indeed. However, there's a twist. Is it about Danny and Lindsay? Maybe, maybe not…What's that I hear? 'Laura, you've said yourself that it is - in the character tag.' hmm, correct... or is it to throw you off? Is it about the team? Hmm, that is the question. Is it even set in New York? Who knows?! For the record, I am being purposefully cryptic. As we progress further into the story, I will make necessary amendments, but for now, and for once, I'm not giving you guys everything all at once. Muhahah! I really hope this chapter spikes your interest and you come back for the next chapter to see what on earth I'm talking about (no, I haven't lost my marbles… there is a method to this madness, trust me.) I will tell you that I'm very excited about this story and I've been working on it for about a solid week and have a few tricks up my sleeve. I don't think it's been done before so hopefully you guys enjoy what I have in store.

That's enough cryptic-ness from myself for now. Have a look at this prologue. Let me know what you think. Can anyone warrant a guess as to what I might have been planning? I'll be interested to see what you think.

I've waited a long time; yeah the sleight of my hand is now a quick-pull trigger.

-Pumped up Kicks, Foster the People.

It was far too busy. Not yet. Definitely too busy. Far too many people to see and put their two cents in when it came down to it. No, it needed to be closer to closing time. That would be when there were fewer people, less chaos. It would be easier to finish the job then too. It was just waiting until then now though. Glancing to the clock on the dashboard, he exhaled heavily. He had at least three hours to kill. Kill, interesting choice of wording, he thought to himself, considering that by the end of the night that would be exactly what he had done. Kill.

He had definitely picked the right place; it was full of buzz both inside and out. People were filling the small establishment every time someone else left. It was like everyone had taken it upon themselves to perfectly time their exit and entrances with one another. It was quite funny really; when he had decided it needed to be done, he'd put a pin into the map and had taken it from there. It didn't really matter where and who he took as his victims, he just wanted to make a scene. Make his presence known… and then disappear as quickly as he had arrived.

A group of three giggling girls entering the building had him rolling his eyes. Those little girls would have most likely been the girls that had rejected him back in high school… all that usual crap. Girls shouldn't be allowed to giggle. He thought angrily. If he could get them then all the better. But really, it didn't matter in the end. He just wanted to take someone. Destroy someone's life. That's all he wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. And he wasn't leaving until he'd done the job. The little town had given him the chills. It was almost too perfect to be real. It didn't make sense and he couldn't understand why someone would want to live in such a place. It didn't appeal to him in the slightest; everyone pretending they knew everyone and giving a crap? He'd gladly take the anonymity of a city life any day. Nobody asked questions in the city, not to mention people didn't give a shit. Everyone cared about themselves and it was the best way for it. Not having to explain shit to complete strangers was one of the reasons why he loved being in the city.

His plan, after he had carried out the main reason behind why he'd dragged himself to the sticks, was to hightail it out of here. He already had his new plates in the back; underneath the his equipment funnily enough. He'd change them on a lonely little road, toss everything he no longer needed to the side and carry on his merry way with no one being any wiser. The one horse town would surely have all of its man power of saving whoever he had decided to shoot and as a result, he'd be free to get a head start. That head start would mean that they had no chance of finding him. And that was the beautiful thing about where he had chosen to do it. He was completely unknown. He was a faceless stranger that nobody would even know about until it was too late.

More fool them. Hah!

He was ripped from his thoughts by a little knocking noise that sounded on the glass. Hesitantly he rolled the window down and offered the girl a stern look. "Can I help you?"

"Are you lost?" she smiled.

"Do I look lost?"

"Not exactly," she shook her head. "But you don't often see people sat in cars from Detroit here. Can I help you with anything?"

"No" he forced a smile. "No, I'm right where I need to be. Thank you though…" Nosey little bitch! He thought to himself; his face probably said it too.

Despite the looks he was shooting her, the girl smiled. "You know if you were thinking about going in, get the apple pie. It's to die for."

"Thanks, I'll have to remember that." He paused for a moment before twisting his lips together. "Say, what's your name?"

"Lydia," She smiled. "You have a good night."

"Thanks for your help, Lydia. You too."

The girl offered him a bright smile before scurrying off towards the diner. Interesting that she'd stopped to 'help' him. Maybe if someone had helped him months ago, he wouldn't have to do what he was about to do… as it was, her help was just too late. And little did Lydia know that if she stuck around long enough, the apple pie might just be worth dying for.

Cliffhanger! Told you I wasn't giving it up easily ;) Have I got your interest yet? Let me know! :) Thanks for reading.