Whispers among the forgotten

A/N: Rated T for some violence and suggestive sexual themes(In later chapters). However, I might change the rating later if I feel it's needed. Obviously AU and such. Told from Korra's POV.

Chapter One

They were fighting. Yes, they had fought many times before but this time it was different. Dad's voice held more rage. Mom could usually hold her ground against him, but on this night she was filled with fear. All I could hear from her were whimpers and pleas. I couldn't just sit and continue listening from my bedroom. If Mom wasn't going to protect herself tonight then I would. My face turned into a scowl and I puffed out my chest a bit. Since I was only eleven years old then I probably didn't look all that intimidating.

I walked down the little stairway and to the kitchen. Mom was leaning against the counter, trembling as Dad held a knife to her. The anger on his face was frightening. He'd never done anything this bad before, what was wrong with him? "Dad stop!" I hollered boldly. My voice surprised both of them because they jumped and turned their eyes towards me.

"Korra go back to your room right now" Dad snapped.

I glared at him, "No, not until you stop hurting Mom" I looked to her and she was looking to the floor tiles, as if she was trying to disappear. When did she become so weak?

"Put the knife down Dad" I said as I looked to the weapon.

"I'm the adult here, you don't tell me what to do!"

I held out my hand and fire formed just above my palm, "I've been practicing my bending, I could kill you if I wanted to. I'm stronger than you!"

"I told you not to bend ever!" he snarled, "Do you want the world to know you're a freak?!"

"I don't care, It's a part of me" I shot back.

Dad dropped the knife to the floor and then kicked it away. "I'm leaving" he said darkly and started walking towards the front door.

"No!" Mom cried out and ran after him, "You can't just leave your life is here" She grabbed hold of his arm but he shoved her away. She sobbed loudly, pleading for him to stay. It was pathetic but Dad was the one who took care of the money and such. Life would be hard without him but a big part of me wanted him gone anyway.

"I won't be threatened" he yelled and opened the door. Mom fell to the floor, sobbing helplessly. So Dad was really scared of me? That made me feel kind of good.

"Well then go! We don't need you" I told him. Mom gasped when I said this. I felt sorry for her but in the end me doing this was for her own good. He scowled at me angrily and I did the same right back at him. Without another word he then walked out and slammed the door behind him. For a moment a triumphant smile came across my face but then my mother started screaming. She screamed for her beloved husband like a madwoman. Before she could even move towards the door, I walked to her and put my arms tightly around her.

"Mom stop. Let him go" I said, trying to calm her. She sobbed, the tears flowing down her cheeks

"Korra no you just don't understand" she cried, "How could you do this to us?"

I tried to assure her we would be alright. Mom would have to accept that he was gone and we'd never see him again.


It had been several months since Dad had left. He didn't even stop by to get his things, he just left completely leaving his old life behind. We asked around town to see if anyone had seen him, a few people had but only briefly on the day he left. Mom resented me and she rarely even spoke to me. She was able to get a secretary job to provide for us. It wasn't as much as Dad had made from his job but it was enough to make a decent living.

It was summer and I often spent my times outside. I tried to avoid spending time in the house with my mother, her negativity could really get to me. I had Tahno to hang out with who was about the same age as me, he lived down the street. He was arrogant and often claimed he could beat me at everything so we often clashed. Still we were friends.

The two of us were sitting on a blanket in the front yard with the food I had made, which was just two peanut butter sandwiches We enjoyed having little picnics. Today we were curious about the house next door to mine, because men from a moving truck were carrying furniture and boxes into it.

"What if freaks move in next to you Korra?" Tahno sneered and then took a bite of his sandwich. The house was a fairly big size with gray siding and black shudders. As far as I could remember, it has always been uninhabited.

I rolled my eyes, "Probably just going to be some old lady or something"

He laughed and then pinched my shoulder. "Ow!" I cried and frowned at him, "What the heck did you do that for?" I then slugged him on his shoulder. He sat down the rest of his sandwich and grinned at me.

"Let's play a game" Tahno said as he stood up, "Try and catch me Korra" With that he started running around the yard. I sighed but smiled and then lifted myself up, then ran after him. He was pretty fast but I was determined.

"Slowpoke!" he chanted, as he ran through the yard. I frowned and moved my legs even faster. I was close enough to him and I pounced, tackling him to the ground. I flipped him on his back and started wiggling my fingers along his sides.

"Korra! Cut it out!" he cried through his laughter. I snickered and kept on tickling him, it was hilarious hearing his high pitched laughter and face turning red. Smiling, I glanced up and saw a dark blue car park in front of the moving truck. That's when I stopped.

Tahno sat up to see what I was looking at and we both watched curiously. A man got out of the driver's side. He was wearing a red and white mask, his dark hair could be seen from the back, flattened down by the strap of the mask. The mask was odd but he was also wearing a bulky brown jacket and pants when it was pretty hot outside. "Told you freaks would be moving in" Tahno muttered. I elbowed him and continued watching the masked man. He moved to the passenger side and opened the door, he carefully helped out another man. This man had long hair tied back in a ponytail and wore similar bulky clothes. He seemed very weak as he clung to the masked man for support.

"Oh look a masked freak and an invalid. Told you, freaks" Tahno said and I elbowed him once again.

"You're so insensitive" I told him, "I'm going to talk to them so they know they'll have at least one friend here" Tahno grunted and I frowned at him, "It's probably better if you stay here or maybe go home"

"Fine with me" he said with a shrug. I stuck my tongue out at him and then walked over to the house next door.

It was a struggle for the masked man to get the other man in the house. I approached them with a friendly smile. "Hi" I said and there heads turned to me. "Guess we're neighbors now. My name's Korra"

"Hello, call me Amon and this is my brother Tarrlok" the masked man said. Through the slits of his mask his eyes were clearly observing me. The man called Tarrlok smiled at me weakly.

"So where you guys from?" I asked.

"It looks like the movers are almost done, why don't we go inside?" Amon said.

"Sure" I said, beaming. I was happy they were quick to accept me as a friend. I walked slowly with the two men as they made their way into the house. I wondered what was wrong with Tarrlok and why Amon wore a mask but it was good not to ask such things upfront. It took us awhile to get to the front door but we did. Before going inside I looked over at my yard to see if Tahno was still there. He was and for some reason he was grinning. I rolled my eyes and then walked into the house behind the two men.