Chapter Eleven

I felt a strange, powerful force go throughout my body as I was lifted up. Amon was a bender and he was bloodbending me! I felt both awe and rage, I wanted to scream out and call him out on his hypocrisy but I knew that would only worsen things. He must of reacted in a moment of rage because I could tell he was regretting the demonstration of his ability. "Amon, I-I'm sorry." I said weakly. I wanted him to release his grip, the feeling in my body was awful.

I was soon slammed back into a wall. For awhile he looked at me with frightening anger, my own expression twisted from the extreme discomfort my body felt and fearful. When I saw his features soften and his body lose tension I was both relieved and surprised. He released his powerful grip and I fell carelessly to the floor on my knees. "I'm sorry," I said softly as he moved toward me. "That came out wrong, I just want you to know that you can trust me completely." I wanted to say something about his talent, but that would be foolish to do when he had just calmed down.

"It's all right I know I overreacted," he said as he held out his hand. I smiled lightly and took it. It was good we could try to let go of such a moment so quickly, wasn't it? When I was on my feet I immediately hugged him tightly. "You can sure bring out the worse in me," he uttered. I pulled back and looked up at him with a scowl. I saw that he was smiling playfully, so my frustration quickly faded away.

"Well you do the same for me," I declared proudly. Although my voice lacked seriousness, I knew that my statement was actually the truth. It was the same case for him but somewhat worse. If people found out about our relationship, I would be seen as a victim, no matter how much I screamed that I wasn't while he would be seen as the predator.

He played with my hair and I felt butterflies in my chest and stomach. "You'll probably grow to be an amazing and strong woman," he said, "I promise I won't do anything to prevent that."

I smiled, I knew he wouldn't.


When he was about to leave, I had trouble letting go. We stood on the porch with my arms tightly around him. It was very hard for me to hold back tears. "Can you at least give me a hint about where you're going?" I mumbled. I knew he wouldn't want to tell me everything, he always had to be the mysterious one. Asking for a simple hint should show him that I wasn't prying or anything.

"I help people get answers, Korra." he replied.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?" I asked pulling back so I could look up at him.

"You said you wanted a hint and that's precisely what I gave you," he told me.

I sighed, his "hint" only succeeded in filling my mind with even more questions. I didn't say anything more about it though, I at least wanted a pleasant good-bye. Who knew how long he would be gone. "I'll miss you." I stated softly.

"I'll miss you, too." he said, placing his hand on my shoulder. "I'll try to be back as soon as I can."

"Promise?" I asked hopefully.

He nodded, "yes." With that he leaned down and kissed me, his lips lingered against mine for quite awhile. I didn't want him to pull away I felt the need to latch onto him and never let go.

"I'll have to get going now." he whispered and slowly pulled away.

I nodded sadly, my eyes glazed. "Bye Noatak." I said as he began to walk away. I was a little surprised that he didn't call me out on addressing him by his true moniker. My eyes were on him as he reached the car, once inside he waved to me. I returned the smile and kept waving until he drove off, I only turned away once he was completely out of view.

I help people get answers... I repeated to myself as I walked back into the house.


"What sort of answers would you need?" I asked when I approached Tarrlok in the living room.

"Excuse me?" he said, frowning.

"Your brother says he helps get answers," I explained with my eyes narrowing, "what exactly does that mean? Is he a spy or something?"

Tarrlok looked at me for a few moments as if I had said something completely outlandish. I was about to say something further but then he laughed. "No, it's definitely not that. Of course you would come to the most childish conclusion."

I sat down next to him on the old couch that had a hideous floral pattern and looked at him with sad eyes. Perhaps being a child could help me, maybe I could awaken more of his sympathy. "Why are you being so hateful towards me, Tarrlok?" I said with sadness in my voice. "Don't you like me any more?"

His expression darkened, "The more I think about this whole relationship the angrier I get. What could possibly make you so damn special that my brother would risk gaining the title of pedophile?"

"I guess I don't really know..." I answered, "what do you think?" It couldn't be because I was a bender, since he could of just taken my abilities and went on his way. I was of course left with air but he doesn't even know about that. It had to be that he truly loved me and nothing more, I wondered if Tarrlok could understand that.

Tarrlok shrugged and then stood up from the couch, "I don't know I really don't." he cupped my chin a bit forcefully and made look at him, his eyes intense. "Just understand that there is no turning back for you."


It didn't take long for me to start feeling loneliness along with a dreadful empty feeling. I was laying on the bed just gazing at the ceiling, wishing Amon was next to me. I felt this way even with Tarrlok walking around. His footsteps seemed to sound on and on for hours, I wondered why he was so restless.

I can't just lay here and do nothing! I thought angrily to myself and got up from the bed. I stormed down the hallway where I found Tarrlok about to step into another room. "I think I'm going to go outside and look around." I told him. "It seems like we're in the middle of nowhere!"

"You can go outside and play your little games," he replied in a mocking tone, "But you can't leave the yard or anything."

"What?! Why?!" I cried.

"Because if anything happens to you I wouldn't hear the end of it."

"What could happen from just going for a walk? I can't be stuck here all day Tarrlok!" I was practically whining. I know that my choice to leave called for many sacrifices but I still needed at least some contact with the outside world. Especially when Amon wasn't here.

"You'll get out eventually." Tarrlok said, I could tell he was slightly amused. "Whenever I feel like going anywhere, I'll consider bringing you along."

I looked at him for a few moments but didn't say anything, I shook my head and then turned away. "Don't be so..." Tarrlok began to say but I didn't listen to the rest I just kept walking until I was back in the bedroom where I could slam the door behind me.

I sat down on the side of the bed, a tear running down my cheek. I started to wonder about my mother and Tahno, if they missed me. When it came to my mother I doubted she missed me at all although I was sure Tahno did. Either way they were things of the past and I had to let them go, no point in feeding my sorrow. So instead I thought of my present and future, Amon.


That night I decided to run a nice hot bath. I made sure to lock the bathroom door, the last thing I wanted was Tarrlok walking in on me. I stripped out of my clothes and lowered myself into the tub, the water was very relaxing.

Smiling to myself, I started to wonder if Amon was thinking about me. He probably was, I told myself unless he was distracted by something else, something very important. I could picture him very clearly, it was hard for me to decide whether I liked him masked or unmasked more.

Without really thinking, I moved my hand under the water and between my thighs. My heart began to race as I slowly pressed my hand against my sex. I was beginning to tremble a little. Why was I so nervous about touching my own body! I didn't have to feel guilty! I quickly told myself.

I rubbed myself slowly for awhile but then my revelation came. It wasn't his touch my body would miss when he was was starting to feel like I didn't feel complete without him around now. I knew that seemed completely stupid and pathetic, was I becoming like my mother? No, I just couldn't be. There would always be that small part of me that was forever self-deprecating but for once I felt more certainty. I truly believed then I could take anything life had to offer.