Hey Mon,

Good kisser? That's new for me. Hey, I'm not complaining.

Joey is a baby. Even more than me, when I'm ill. But he is quite unwell, so I do need to look after him, he did it for me, to be fair. But he just told me that tomorrow night, his mom is coming over to see him. So I don't need to be there. So maybe we could go to "Chez nous" and you can listen to my pitiful try at a French accent. Is that okay with you? Let me know.

Bitten by a tarantula, huh? Well what actually happened was Joey text me, simply just saying "Help me," so I figured something was up. When I got home it took me a while to find him because he was on the floor. I just gave him some drugs and put him to bed. I am guessing his mom will probably take him to the hospital/doctors.

Your parents sound nice. Mine are totally different. Don't get me started.

Oh god, Ross. I talked to him a couple of nights ago actually, which was awkward because it was almost straight after we kissed. So he was saying

"Have you heard from my sister Monica lately?" And I just had to nod and distract him. Sorry; I'm not so good in uncomfortable situations.

It's cool that your friends like me. Joey says you seem like a nice girl. So that's good so far.

We both owe somebody something? Aww, man. I don't owe Joey, I have been looking after him.

Joey and Rachel meeting does sound cool. I'll let him know, and they can go somewhere when he's better.

This is not good, I just started sneezing. This, by the way, was what Joey's illness started off with. Which would be awesome, both of us ill and no-one to take care of us.

I have kind of always wanted to visit France. Paris in particular.


P.S I love you. (See what I did there?)