I'll Have You in the End

Elena woke up in the middle of the night she knew that something was going to happen she was sleeping in the living room with her friends Bonnie and Meredith. She was worried because Stefan was out of town and Damon was somewhere out there and also her diary was still missing and Bonnie and Meredith was trying to help her get it back from Caroline who had her diary somewhere. When she got up and went in the kitchen waiting to calm herself of all the nerves sometimes Elena wished she could be normal but apparently not. Damon made her worry each time they meet she is always so close to getting his grasp forgetting Stefan and falling into his web of darkness. His dark black straight hair. His black as midnight eyes that drawled you into him like a pool. How she wished he would leave her alone let her be with Stefan but the day she went into the graveyard she agreed to play his game she accepted the consequences and right now she is on the wire but she could not tell Stefan if she does he will kill Stefan and Damon would get her faster his 'Queen of the Shadows' or 'Princess of Darkness' she will not give in for Stefan sake and her own. As she sat down at the table she was getting a candle out and was looking for a lighter to light the candle when she heard in the dark that voice she had heard so many times "Allow me my queen."

Elena turned around "Damon what are you doing here how did you get in!"

The candle came on with the lighter and Damon smiled his crooked smile and his dark black eyes shine in the candle light he said "You invited me in my lovely Elena my queen of the shadows and how lovely do you look tonight if only that nightgown was black."

Elena was wearing a white frilly lacy nightgown with a sweater neck because it was still cold. She wore it because it was comfortable Damon thought it was an offering. Damon wore the same thing as always black: soft black boots, black jeans, black sweater, and leather jacket. Damon looked in Elena's eyes and held them and said "My beautiful queen of the shadows you beauty is all I see we are the same you are too good for my brother and one day we Shaw be together and Stefan..."

"I think you should leave Damon." She did not want to hear it anymore his voice did strange things to her made her feel oddly weak started to melt away and made her forget about Stefan. "You shouldn't be her please leave Damon...Please..." she reached for the candle meaning to end the conversation. But before she could Damon caught her hand took the candle and put it down and kissed her hand. Elena said "Don't..."

"Come with me Elena." Damon said looking into her eyes

"Damon please don't..." Elena whispered again the world swimming around her. Elena thought back when this happened at Bonnie house and she did not want it to get this far again.

"It's all right. You'll see once you give in." He pulled the nightgown sweater neck down his other hand supporting all of her weight his head bent kissing and sucking her neck near the puncture of fang marks where Stefan took some of her blood.

'NO." Suddenly Elena thought back to Stefan his love his eyes his everything how they fell in love and said "I told you to leave my house Damon and I mean it. You cannot trick me like the last time."

Damon said "No Elena I am not you had your chances. Oh Elena when you were at Caroline's house have you got what you lost back."

Elena said "Caroline took my diary and too answer your question. And I'm still trying to get it back not that it is none of your business."

Damon said "Is that the reason why you were running for your life when I saw you after like someone was trying to kill you."

Elena said "Why does it matter to you I just want my diary back there is information that is private and it does not concern you."

Damon said "undoubtedly to protect my worthless brother somehow."

Elena said "STEFAN ISN'T INVOLBED IN THIS AT ALL NOW LEAVE!" Elena took a step towards Damon pushing him to the door that was still open but of course had no effect.

Damon started to circle her and said "Strange he always seems to be involved when there is trouble but if you where mine I would never get you in trouble if only he was out of the picture."

Elena said sounding dangerous "If you hurt Stefan again I'll make you sorry, I'll find a way to make you really sorry I mean it."

Damon backed her against the wall and wrapped his arms around her once more, Elena didn't push him away because that didn't work before and one she couldn't he was stronger than she was and two she didn't want too. She wanted him to hold her. She wanted him to lover her. There that thought again Damon was using his power to make her forget Stefan slowly she forgot. Damon leaned his head down and gave her a small kiss, wrapped his hands under her shirt brushing all over Elena savored it Stefan would be pissed at what she was doing enough to go after Damon. Damon said under his breath my queen mine forever and said out loud "I'm going to have you in the end you know, easy...easy."

Damon said as Elena started to hyperventilate as she felt as if she couldn't breathe. Damon pulled one hand that was free pushing a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and said "By hook or by crook, as people say... and by the way I love that phrase, you will be mine by the next snow flies."

There that saying was once again he said that to her in the graveyard and she felt cold inside suddenly she wanted to tell Stefan maybe he could do something she wanted to be with Stefan and said "that is never going to happen I will always love Stefan."

Elena kept on playing what he said in her head did he mean the next snow fall or next winter and she got out of her thoughts as Damon laughed a short laugh and said "Will that may not happen look outside Elena."

Elena looked over outside as snowflakes fell on the ground and her breath halted in her mouth and said "Damon you have to leave please not now."

Damon bent his head down and whispered in her ear "Shush...shush...quiet Elena you'll wake your friends and your Aunt."

Damon kissed her again as she struggled to get away from him this time more deeply and savagely, he was heading towed her neck when she heard "Elena sissy is that you I heard your voice sissy."

Margaret her 4 year old sister with her blonde more lighter and shorter and blue eyes just like her came down with her stuffed bear and pink nightgown came down and had wide eyes at what she saw. Elena said "Margaret what are you doing up let me take you back to bed."

Elena struggled to get away from Damon when he smiled at the little girl kissing Elena's neck and said "Elena who is this lovely little girl?"

Elena said "Let me go so I can put my sister to bed she does not need to see this."

Damon let go and went to the little girl and took her in his arms and said "Why hello little girl aren't you cute my names Damon."

Her sister giggled so innocent didn't know what was going on at all. Elena said "Damon let her go she did not do anything this is between you and me."

Damon said "No I think she would make a cute little daughter for us don't you think you and me king and queen of the shadow and a little daughter by our side or just someone to be your friend."

Elena took Margaret form her and took her to her room and said "Margaret you saw nothing your sleeping in your warm bed this is a dream."

Elena tucked her in before she even closed the door she was thrown to the ground Damon once again on her neck and kissed her softly until she felt a sharp pain. Damon said "My beautiful queen of the shadows once you're turned you'll understand that I am better suited for each other then my weak baby brother I can waken things inside you that have been sleeping all your life. You're strong enough to live in the dark, to glory in it why not take that power. The dark suits you better and you will see it soon and when you wake up you will see it soon and when you wake up you will see that Stefan way of life is weak and we can hunt as partners feared and worshiped by the weaker souls you will see soon my Elena."

Elena was feeling weak as more blood was taken from her Damon was almost finished he shoved his wrist in her mouth and then he kissed her and said "Good night my sweet Elena see you in the morning."

Elena closed her eyes the world went black.

Here is a new story I love the Vampire Diaries books but not the ending. So I thought of my own Idea how to get Damon and elena together and this is what I came up with. Please review so I can get to the end.