So, I'm starting a chain of short - and by short, I mean really short - brain blobs. Most of them are written when I'm supposed to be sleeping but can't. This is the result. Wah.

My updating will be real choppy. I may update day after day, I may update after a week, it all just depends. School's started, and they're loading us with homework. I can't take it. More wahs.

So, here's the first chapter! I know the idea's weird. My nightly brain blobs are just weird in general.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist.


Chapter One: Gritty

If Rin were a texture, he'd be gritty.

At first, he's rough and uncomfortable to be around. He's either too this, or too that, and it rubs her the wrong way. He's always happy, like how raw, dry sand is always gritty. Gritty, gritty, gritty.

But as time wears on, she begins to notice how he leaves an impression. Not just on her, but on everyone he meets. He brings a new excitement everywhere he goes. He sort of smooths away people's troubles and makes sure that they're happy, even if they feel uncomfortable around him.

He's like an exfoliate for the soul. He makes you realize just how much simpler life could be, even with a heavy burden to carry. He makes you see things in a whole different light. He smooths you out and gives you a little something to be happy about.

If Rin were a texture, he'd be gritty.