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-Hiroki POV-

"Aahh!" Akihiko groaned

"What's your problem?" I groaned as we were walking down the street to school.

" It's6am. Hell I don't even get up till 7!" he yelled as he yawned for the nth teen time this morning. I just continued to walk and try to ignore him.

"Well, it's not my fault we have morning practice. If you weren't captain, then I would skip." I found out that captain can kick you off the team if the coach doesn't get to you first.

"So would I. But," he pulled out a piece of paper that was folded and wrinkled up and handed it to me. "My dad said he'd buy this if we win today." My eyes widen when I saw the foreign red sports car.

"You're lucky that you and your dad have a good relationship. Mine is just the quiet type, but try to get into your business when something comes up." I said as he shrugged and entered the school.

As we entered the locker room, we saw that we were the only ones in there as we set down our sports bags and looked around.

"Are we early or something." I whispered and he shrugged.

"Either way, I'm off the hook." I started putting on my practice shirt and take out a pair of sweats.

"You know, sometimes I think you abuse your title of captain." I muttered and saw he was finished getting dressed and pulled on his ball cap.

"I do. Not going to deny it." Once I put my cap, we grabbed our duffel bags and I trudged out onto the field and saw that the whole varsity team was already there. "I guess we're late." Akihiko whispered and I sighed. I tossed my bad next to one of my teammates and went next to Akihiko.

I found after tryouts, I'm like the understudy for the captain. So if the silver haired, lazy ass decides not to show, I'm in charge. I still can see why they chose him over me: everyone loves him. He's that person that will make a decision and everyone will follow it. Me on the other had will make a decision that some go with, but others want to be an ass about it and do what they want. If it were up to me, I say a lot more conditioning would make me happy. Thankfully, Akihiko treats me more as a co captain.

"Alright, let's warm up our arms 50 perfect passes and catches. Once done, wait for everyone to finish to start warm up." My best friend said like a true leader. I went to get my glove and baseball from my bag and walked to Akihiko for out passes.

Once we finished, we jogged around the field twice and started stretching. We went over any last minute things we were going to do before the game tonight. We broke and all headed back into the locker room to take showers because of school. I never did like morning practice and more than likely never will.

As I took off my practice clothes, I saw Akihiko texting while smiling.

"Texting Aikawa?" I said as I checked my phone and smiled when I saw a text from Nowaki.

"Morning Sunshine!"

Sometime in the last year of middle school, I found out about Akihiko's view on gays and well...he's a complete homophobe. I cried to myself knowing that he'll never love me. The day I was at the park crying, I met Nowaki and started following me around like a lost puppy. I finally agree to go out with him, and I surprisingly started to like him and we started taking things to the next level, but the only problem was we had to keep it really exclusive so the homo hater won't find out.

He started to look over my shoulder to see who texted me. I shoved him away and he went in the shower and I followed slowly as I grabbed my soap an a rag.

After about 20 minutes, I was finished getting dressed with my black dress pants, white button, and black and green diagonal striped tie. The silver-headed pitcher was almost out the room with his school bag, when I caught him before he ditched


We walked down the hallway without saying a word and then here comes Ms. Peppy.

"Hey hon." She came over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Hey babe." He said against her lips. "Still look amazing in uniform I see." Akihiko puts an arm around her and I rolled my eyes and walked away. On my way, I saw Nowaki down the hall talking to some kid with papers out. I watched and made eye contact with me and his smile widened and came over to me.

"Hey Hiro-san." I nodded and gestured to the janitors closet close to us. The giant walk ahead of me while I backed into the room while looking around to make sure nobody was watching us.

I felt his arms around my torso and kisses on my neck.

"I missed you so much Hiro-san." he whispered and his hands started traveling down my pants.

"Woah! Slow down. I just took a shower, pervert." I look at him and he just smiled.

"Still. We haven't seen each other in days and since we're in different classes." I looked down and he just hugged me so my back was against his chest."

"But you are coming to my game tonight, aren't you?" I whispered with high hopes he would come tonight.

"Course I am! I wouldn't miss it for the world." I smiled inwardly. We heard the bell and he gave me a kiss on the lips and said goodbye. I waited for a minute before leaving. I walked quickly and sat in my seat next to Akihiko.

"Wow. Your late. I never thought if see the day." I rolled my eyes and waited for the teacher.

"Whatever. I thought I'd leave you alone with your perfect life." I mutter quietly and the pitcher looked at me confused.

"I do not have a perfect life." he stated sternly as if he didn't know what I was talking about.

"Don't pretend. You're rich, popular, captain of the varsity baseball team, your girlfriend is head cheerleader and you have an amazing relationship with with your family. Anything you want to add?" I asked sarcastically. He looked thoughtful for a moment and nodded.

"Your right. I have good life." I waited for the teacher to come in which took about 20 minutes. Once he did, we learned, took notes, watch Akihiko text his girlfriend the whole time and before we knew it, it was game time.

I hit the locker room an got into uniform. I had my black hard hat on, white pants, green and black jersey, and lastly, black field shoes (forgot what they're called. Even though my brother plays :/). I felt professional and ready to win. Although, the teams been freaking out since the players we go against have won three straight games in a row. I wasn't ready to let win a fourth.

I felt a couple pats on my back; turned around to see Akihiko give me a reassuring nod. We all got in a big group while my best friend was on the side with everyone's yes on him.

"Alright guys. We're going to go out and try our hardest and not let them win there fourth game in a row. They may be better, but we're going to show them that we can destroy them like they did there last few wins." he said in a stern voice, like a true leader. " Do you want add anything Hiroki?" they looked at me and I shook my head. "Okay, hands in" we all put out our hands in.


As we ran out into the field through the cheerleader tunnel, I looked to see all the people in the stands cheering and of course I can see my giant boyfriend standing up cheering. I smiled and ran to first base and saw the leader of this team, taking deep breaths and getting ready to pitch.

I stood and looked around and saw the guys on the other team look bigger and a lot meaner than us. Shooting a glare at one of the guys looking at me, he smirked and winked at me. I blushed for a quick moment and got my mind back into the game. I was definitely not going to let those jerks win.

-Later in the game-

It was the bottom of the 7th inning and the currently we were winning 5-4, but third and second base were loaded. Our opponents looked extremely pissed and the next batter up was the cocky bastard who winked at me. I gave a sweaty glare and he smirked at me.

Akihiko was sweaty and tired and looked like he was nervous because he the rest of the game was depending on him. He took a huge deep breath, and threw the ball right past the hitter. He was surprised, but that didn't seem to faze him. The silver-headed pitcher threw another another and the batter swung and missed the ball. The audience held there breaths, the runners were on there toes, I swore Akihiko took the biggest breath of his life and pitched the ball and to everything seemed to go in slow motion as we all watched the batter, miss the ball just barely and go right into the catcher's hand.

Everyone was quiet until, the crowd roared, My best friend stood still and the whole team, including me, ran up to him and huddle around him. He was pulled out of shock and looked at me.

"Did we win?" he whispered an I hit him in the head.

"No shit! We won. You won he game for us!" I yelled excitedly and soon came by Aikawa ran up to him and gave him a huge kiss on the lips and everyone did a huge "ooooooooowww" an he hugged her while they kissed. I was just too excited to care and saw that the batter looked at me and held up his hand and motioned "call me" I shook my head and walked away to to the locker room first.

I got my stuff out my locker and started to head out of the locker room when,

"Hey, aren't you coming? There's going to be a party." he said and I smiled.

"I'll drop by later." He didn't say anything but he reluctantly nodded. He grabbed his bag and have me one last wave.

"Wait!" I yelled and he turned around. "Great game." he smiled and kept. I waited a minute to make sure he's gone and I went back onto the field and saw Nowaki waiting for me.

"Hey. You won!" I nodded and walked up to him. "I heard there was going to be an after party. Why aren't you going?" he asked concerned and I looked down.

"Because the more I hang around him, the more I feel like I'm lying to him." I whispered and Nowaki looked slightly angry and saddened.

"You can't help the fact that you're gay or that he's a homophobic jock. You are amazing Hiro-san. You even won today!" he said enthusiastically and u looked down again.

"But it's not like I caught the winning ball. Akihiko through it." I stated sadly and he put an arm around me.

"Yeah, but who was the cutest first base out there?" my boyfriend asked and I shrugged. "You were!"

"...baka." Nowaki kissed to top of my head an we started to walk away from the field.

Though this whole time, someone was watching us. More specifically,


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