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Akihiko: Serious issues


Sunday Morning

Hiroki's POV

I couldn't have been more happy if I tried.

I was currently sitting in the front seat of Akihiko's car. He had scheduled a Sunday morning practice on Friday because he knew that the team would be going to the dance and needed a little conditioning to straighten back up. We were sitting in silence which was really amusing because Akihiko had a massive meltdown last night.


10:00 at night and the dance had ended. Akihiko had practically stormed out of there with his temper worse than mine. He was so peeved at what he had saw, he actually forgot about Aikawa and there was steam coming out of his ears and if looks could kill, Shuntaru Sei would have been an instantly dead man. On the way back to the car, is when his anger let loose.

"What the fuck is his problem?" he yelled that the people from the dance could hear him.

"What do you mean?" I asked antagonizing him. I knew what he meant, but I feel like he deserved everything he got.

"You know damn well what! He said he would come to the dance with me! ME DAMMIT! He has the nerve to go and kiss my outfielder. Damn I knew he was a little slut! I had no idea why the hell I asked him to go to the dance with me if he was just going to screw around on me!" We reached his car and that's when I lost it.

"He did come to the dance with you. But then the second you girlfriend comes up to you, you leave him like a piece of trash. He had every right to go and kiss Sei. You showed him that you couldn't give two damns about his feelings. He's not a slut, the only reason why he slept around was to find someone to make him happy and to forget about you!" His lavender eyes widened and just stared at me for who knows how long. Until he finally spoke.

"Why do you care so much about him?" His voice was soft, but firm and hard.

"Why do you treat him like he's scum on the bottom of your shoe?" I retaliated. He opened his mouth and then closed it immediately. He got into the driver's seat and unlocked the doors. The entire time Nowaki was watching, unsure of what to do. We just got in the car and stayed in silence as he drove which was just like when he arrived.

Except, this time without Misaki.

End Flashback

I'm still pissed at his ass, but he offered to drive me to practice and I didn't feel like walking in the cold so I agreed. In my opinion, he should have done it in the first place after talking all that shit about Misaki. He doesn't deserve it. Like I said before, shit happened and he gave up everything he could have had. Even Akihiko.

We finally arrived at the school and we did our typical go to locker room and through there, go to the field were everyone was waiting. When we got closer to the team, I could feel Akihiko give Sei a serious death glare, but only I noticed. As we dropped our bags and stood in front of everyone. Akihiko adjusted his baseball cap to wear you could barely see his eyes. It was obvious he was upset and he was going to start shit today.

"Alright, you know what we need to do. 2 laps, warm up, and get a partner to do your throwing progressions." His voice was slightly menacing and he went to go lead the jog when I pulled his arm to look at me.

"Look I know you pissed. But for the sake of the team, don't start anything today. It's not worth it." I whispered and he shook off my hand went to run. Somewhere inside of me, I knew this wasn't going to end well.

30 minutes later.

We were in the middle of pre-game practice when all hell broke loose. Takano Masamune, our 3rd base, had volunteered to be a runner as we practiced. When he got his bat and hit Akihiko's pitch, it went flying into left field along the foul line. Sei had taken two steps back, and darted forward and caught the ball a little to late, but still made it into his glove just fine. If it were me, I wouldn't care how perfect as long as I've caught it. I've tried outfield, my attention span slowly degraded (A/N: I should know. I played center outfielder and every time the ball came to me, I let it passed because I wasn't paying attention at that moment. Thankfully I became catcher which is a lot more stressful.) and didn't end well. Akihiko saw the play as Sei throws to 2nd base which goes to back to the pitcher. The play was fine, but didn't look good according to ass face.

"What the hell Shuntaru? You were late catching the ball." Sei looked like he was going to snap. Through out practice he as been called out even when he didn't do anything wrong and when everyone else was jacking around, Akihiko didn't say one word to them. So much for leadership. "Is your head still up in the clouds from last night." God damn.

"My head is just fine. And at least I caught the ball. You know I did make varsity for a reason. What is your problem today? Are you angry because I took your date and kissed him right in front of you?" He said antagonizing. He began to walk closer to Akihiko who stood there with a furious, but composed face. The rest of the team began to "ooooo" because they realized Akihiko, biggest homophobe in the school, took a guy to the dance.

"No. But you need to watch your mouth before next game, your benched." Sei shook his head and smiled.

"You know damn well you're angry about last night. I could hear you screaming that I kissed your date. But mind you, do you not remember what you did to him last night? Treated him like garbage as you go and dance with your prissy girlfriend. You don't deserve him." I would have intervened, but Akihiko needs to know what he did from another point of view.

"I don't deserve him? What's there to get? An easy lay. He's not even worth that."

"Than why the hell did you take him last night instead of going with your girlfriend? Why do you constantly torture him when he does nothing to you? Why do tell him you love him but you don't give two fucks about him?" Sei yelled and Akihiko walked up to him to get in his face.

"Don't you dare question my love for him. I have loved him longer and far more than you could ever imagine." He whispered, but clearly said it aloud so the whole team heard.

"No you don't. You love yanking his chain. You love having him fall into your little trap to where you get to smash and shatter his heart and that joy of seeing him cry. I love him. I listen and care about him. I hold him when you go and hurt him for the last time. He doesn't need you and he definitely doesn't need your pain." Akihiko's fist was very close to coming in contact with Sei's face until he said something that changed his mind. "Punch me. I dare you. If I go to coach and he sees a nasty bruise and I tell them it was you, than mister pitcher will be off the team." The young pitcher dropped his fist and backed away from his new enemy and faced the seriously stunned team.

"Practice dismissed. Remember practice right after school tomorrow. Go home." He began to walk off the field with Takano following right behind him.

I figured I'd be walking home after this. Which I did.

Akihiko's POV

3:00 p.m. At the mall.

I was still highly irritated about what happened earlier on the field. Thankfully a close friend, Takano, was there to talk some sense into me. I didn't feel like dealing with Hiroki's shit or him enjoying my anger because he decided to join club Misaki which was fine by me. But really it wasn't.

I had gone to the mall with Takano to do some relaxation and impulse buying to take my mind away from anything and everything. Reason I took him was because Takano was like my blood brother. We had practically the same likes and dislikes and views on almost everything. We met when he transferred back to Tokyo back in our first year of high school. He, is well gay, but I never payed much mind to him because he was dedicated to getting back together a lot love who happened to go to the same school. I admired that and wanted to do the same, but of course shit always got in the way.

When we arrived, we got a lot of stares and giggles from girls. Not only did my car attract attention, but mind that Takano is the 2nd hottest guy in school; after me of course. Girls were constantly laughing and drooling and I never paid any mind. Especially today.

Our first shop we stopped at was Gap because well, it was Gap. They tended to always have the style that I tended to wear like the dark jeans, simple, but hot shirts that would make anybody drool. I had bought two pairs of dark wash jeans, a green and blue plaid shirt and a gray top that said "LIKE A BOSS". We continued to walk through and buying random stuff and goof off.

"Dude, my parents are going to love their credit card bill." Takano said sarcastically. His mom was a lawyer and his dad was a doctor. I don't think that they'll be hurting, but he honestly couldn't care less. "I'm not like you were you get a $5,000 (512,200 yen) a month just to keep you busy." I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking

"I guess. I'm getting hungry, why don't we head to the food court." He nodded and we headed downstairs. On our way there, we happened to walk by Victoria Secrets and see a manikin with seriously lacy and stringy underwear. He couldn't resist making jokes.

"Oh snap. Now tell me you wouldn't mind Aikawa wearing these when you're undressing her. Talk about serious hetero boner." I shook my head once more and kept walking away from him. He saw I had taken off and went to follow. "Akihiko wait!" I stopped momentarily as I waited for him to catch up. "What is your problem?"

"Nothing. I just don't think it's that funny when I barely even have sex with her at all." His eyes got as huge as saucers. I didn't really believe that he didn't understand what I was saying.

"You. The "Usami Akihiko" is dating head cheerleader and you have every opportunity, even now, to bang her and you don't. Start talking. And while you're at it, get me caught up on this whole Takahashi situation from earlier. Please." I took the largest breath of my life and just stared at him.

"It would take a while for you to understand because I would have to tell you the entire story. I'll just say at first I got with Aikawa and then Misaki came in and just has always had my heart." Takano rolled his eyes and furrowed his brows in confusion and frustration.

"Dude more detail please." I shook my head and a loud groan escaped his mouth. "Fine, but if Takahashi has your heart, how come last night he was kissing Sei and you're still dating Aikawa? Why don't you just break up with her?" I was starting to get irritated again with all of these questions I couldn't overcome.

"Because of my dad. When we were 15, I nearly came out to be with him, but stuff happened. I love him more than anything. But because of my dad's expectations, I need to continue being daddy's good little boy. When I publicly insulted him and called him disgusting, that wasn't me, that was me trying to fulfill my dad's mindset. Why do you think I never judged you about you loving Onodera? Because I love someone who is a guy myself, but right now, I don't have to courage to tell my dad that I'm still in love with Misaki." We stayed quiet for a moment while he sunk in all the information. After a good five minutes and nodded and we still continued towards the food court. I was seriously craving a thick hamburger, but my appetite disappeared suddenly when I saw someone I knew that hated me.

I saw Misaki.

I could see him eating french fries and talking and laughing with Hiroki. My day couldn't have gone any worse. I ducked behind the entry way that came up about three and half feet and stayed silent. Takano began to look at me like I had lost my mind.

"What the hell are you doing down there?" He thankfully whispered, but still kinda loud.

"Hiding! Misaki is sitting right there. I don't know what to say to him after last night!" I angrily whispered and I felt as though I was going to piss myself if I heard him come over here.

But sadly, he spotted Takano.

Third Person POV

Misaki had planned to meet Hiroki at the food court at about 2:00. He had ordered himself a large plate of french fries because he didn't know how long it would be until Hiroki got there and he wanted to indulge for once. He waited about 10 minutes until his lunch buddy showed up.

"Hey. Took you long enough." Misaki said as he popped another fry into his mouth.

"Sorry. Between last night and practice this morning, I was tired." Hiroki replied and stuck a couple fries of his own into his mouth. He had actually fallen asleep when he came back home. He didn't really think he was tired, but then again, that night he stayed up until one just finishing last minuted homework he put aside. Plus the constant texts from Nowaki got in the way of studying. "So how have been?"

"Better this morning. I stayed up late last night and wrote a song about how I felt."

"You wrote a song?" Hiroki couldn't believe what he was hearing. Since when was Misaki a song writer.

"I started writing songs when I was 14-15 and Akihiko and I did when we would feel something special or whatever." Misaki handed Hiroki the paper that had the song on it. It was called "7 Things I Hate About You" (A/N: Yes by Miley Cyrus boys and girls. I know her song is just 7 things and that will change later) and it said:

The 7 things I hate about you

Your vain

Your games

Your insecure

You love me

You like her

You made me laugh

You made me cry

I don't know which side to buy.

Your friends they're jerks

When you act like them

Just to know it hurts

I wanna be with the one I know

But the 7th thing I hate the most that you do

You make me love you.

Hiroki was surprised because that song really represented what happened between Misaki and Akihiko. He was very pleased to what he read.

"This song is perfect. You know what would be even better, if you sung it at the festival coming up. That would show him that he really fucked up this time." Hiroki smirked and Misaki laughed as he continued to eat what was on his plate. He happened to glance up see Takano looking down and having a whispering argument with someone. He stood up and went over to talk to him.

"Hey Takano." His head jerked up to meet Misaki's face. He looked awkward, but still managed to look handsome. He still wondered how he had not managed to get Takano to sleep with him yet.

"Hey Takahashi. What's up?" His voice sounded a hint strange that Misaki noticed, but didn't press on about it.

"Oh nothing. Just hanging out with Hiroki." He glanced down at Takano's hands. "I see you've been shopping." Takano nodded. "Anyway, have you seen Akihiko? I saw him earlier and I need to talk to him."

"Uh, I haven't seen him. But if I do happen to catch him, I'll tell that you're looking for him." Misaki narrowed his eyes at Takano and saw that he was lying.

"I saw you two together. I know that he's here with you. If you could do me the favor and tell him to meet me by the fountain on the 2nd floor, that would be great." Misaki walked away before he could say anything else.

Akihiko sat up slowly and used his lavender eyes to look over the entrance and see if Misaki could see him and at that moment, they made eye contact that lasted only a second because Akihiko pulled away. As he stood up, he looked at Takano and slightly fidgeted.

"So, this issue fixed itself before I had to do anything." I walked a little and turned around with a smirk on my face. Takano raised an eyebrow and crossed his jacket clothed arms.

"And what makes you think that Misaki has forgiven you that easily for ditching him like that." Even the 3rd baseman thought that it was a little suspicious if Misaki were to forgive him so fast and they not even talk about it.

"Well my naive friend, we have been in some serious fights and they usually end up with a simple kiss or serious make out session or love making and the issue is resolved. It happens every time. I'll just lay one on him when we reach a quiet moment. It'll be fine." Takano shook his head as Akihiko still lived in his little fantasy that wouldn't end so well in reality.

10 Minutes Later

Akihiko had told Takano to go around the mall and wait at least 10 minutes, 15 at the very most and they would be okay. He began to approach Misaki as he reached the fountain that was almost a beautiful sight, had Misaki not been there to steal its glory.

"Hey." the pitcher whispered unintentionally, but truth be told, he was very uncertain to how this would turn out. The brunette looked up, not looking happy at all. He nodded to for him to sit next to Misaki which he slowly did. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"You know what." Those emerald eyes pierced lavenders and all the emotions that Misaki felt were sent to Akihiko. "I just wanted to say, that except for the project, I want absolutely nothing to do with you." The silver-haired player's eyes widened in the unexpected statement.

"Why, after nearly 10 years, would you say this?"

"Why?" Misaki raised his voice. "Because of what you do every time. You make me believe that you really have feelings for me, but all you do is take my heart and just throw it to the ground. You have never cared about me." That was when Akihiko began to get angry as well.

"No you have no idea what I feel for you. You are the reason I get up everyday. I have a reason to why I can be just an asshole to you and I can't tell you. But when I say I love you, I really do." he whispered that last sentence and pushed himself closer to Misaki, but his love held his hands up.

"Don't. I just wanted to tell you that. You know that every time we get involved with each other, it never ends good. It's best to just end it. We will still continue the project until its due, but I want no contact between us at all." Misaki got up off the ledge and began to walk away. Akihiko wasn't going to let Misaki say all that and let him have the last word. No we was going to say something he will regret and get off his chest.

"You know none of our arguments and past wouldn't have happened if you hadn't gone to that party and gotten pregnant." The pitcher yelled only loud enough for them to hear. He stopped in his tracks and looked at his ex like he wanted to tear his limbs apart.

"You told me that you would never hold that against me." His face was red with anger and embarrassment because he hadn't expected that situation to come up. "You said it was an accident and that it would mean nothing."

"Well I was wrong because look what it caused." He shook his head and practically ran away and I sat back down on the fountain.

What had I done?

Misaki's POV

9:30 p.m.

I had done more crying in the last week, than I had done in my life. It felt like every time I had unleashed a tear, it was because of stupid Usami Akihiko and there was no escaping it. I had talked to Hiroki about what happened, excluding the pregnancy part and he had agreed that what I said was right and that I need to take another step in life and leave the past behind. And that first step was falling for the right guy. Which was why I was in front of Sei's house looking very determined, but very reluctant to answer the door.

I had finally gotten the courage after about ten minutes and rung the door bell. In a moment, he had emerged from the house to the front door in a t-shirt and baggy shorts, obviously not expecting my presence. In my opinion, With his shaggy dark brown hair and sweet navy eyes, he looked adorable and utterly sexy.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" He looked happy to see me, but surprised.

"I came to talk to you about something pretty important." He nodded and stepped outside of his house so it was quiet between each other. "I broke it off with Akihiko today." Sei looked very shocked, and extremely pleased to hear this. "After last night, I can't keep doing this to myself and you. I figured since he shattered my heart so much, I thought maybe if I'm with you, you'll be able to fix the cracks and let me be able to love you wholeheartedly." He nodded and a big smile came onto his face.

"So what exactly are you saying?" His smirk came on his face and I rolled my eyes.

"I want to be your boyfriend. Also to be out and in public with you. Is that okay?" I heard chuckles from him and smile as big the earth came on to his face.

"It's more than okay. It's perfect." I smiled with him as he came closer and held me close to him. My eyes closed automatically as his lips descended on mine. From that moment on during the night, I was in pure bliss.

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